League of Legends Betting Tips & Predictions | lol Betting picks for Today & Tomorrow

Feedinco offers League of Legends betting picks and predictions for Today & Tomorrow. With our LoL expert tipsters we analyse all match predictions for all Lol Tournaments

lol betting picks are given for free on our League of Legends page with the best predictions and tips for you to choose between eSports Bookmakers. We also give the best Odds for you to bet on.

LoL Tips for Today

League of Legends Betting Tips & Predictions | lol Betting picks

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LoL Tips for Tomorrow

League of Legends Betting Tips & Predictions | lol Betting picks for &

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League of Legends Betting Tips & Predictions | lol Betting picks for Today & Tomorrow

We offer League of Legends Predictions and League of Legends Betting tips and all major ESports game Tips for Today and tomorrow. These best ESports predictions today are free to use with bet365 ESports betting. All these ESports Tips & ESports predictions [fulltime result tips] are for free.

There are teams that have now become mythical in the field of eSports, such as Barcelona or Juventus in football. We are talking about names like Misfits , pro-gamers from the United Kingdom, with excellent performances in the European Challenger Championship and an LCS qualification. Or G2Esports , founded in Madrid, with participation in the Dreamhack Masters , the Global Esports Cup and the ESL Expo . Not to mention the Spanish Giants and the British Fnatic , one of the heavyweights of the eSports sector.

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league of legends betting picks

lol betting picks

lol betting tips

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league of legends betting tips

Upcoming Tournaments

TitlePrice PoolStartEndMatches
LFLLFL - Playoffs-26/10/2020 18:00:0026/10/2020 23:00:001

Among the video games that we can consider in the eSports category, League of Legends (abbreviated as "LOL") stands out , one of the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena ) most loved by gamers. It is a real time strategy game where players are divided into two teams.

Each team is made up of 3 or 5 champions , and the game starts on opposite sides of the map, near the Nexus , a sort of "operational base". What is the purpose of the game? Win by knocking down the opposing teams Nexus , or have the enemy team retreat.

What is League of Legends?

League of Legends (LoL) is a game of the genre MOBA (acronym for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), in which two teams composed of up to five players face each other. The goal is to destroy the other team's "Nexus", a structure located in the heart of the enemy territory. Each League of Legends player chooses his own "champion", who has his own fighting skills and weaknesses.

The matches start on a generated map, where the two teams are positioned at opposite corners. The team that manages to destroy the opponents' Nexus wins. However, to achieve this, teams must destroy not only their opponents, but also dangerous creatures lurking on the map.

The League of Legends map is made up of three main lanes, called "lanes". Each lane houses a number of enemy towers which must be destroyed as it advances towards the Nexus. It is up to the teams to decide which lane to walk, which towers to attack, and when to turn their attention to the enemies instead.

A League of Legends match is made up of various games, most of which are played best of three or five, and teams alternate sides of the map.

When defeating enemy threats, players receive gold, which they can use to purchase better weapons and defenses. In this way they become stronger and more difficult to kill, increasing their team's chances of winning the match.

How to play League of Legends as a professional eSport

League of Legends is played primarily in a large league system. In this it differs from other major eSports such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, for which tournaments are scheduled.

Another important tournament is the Mid-Season Invitational, which sees the participation of the best players in the world in a fantastic show of this eSport. Recently, the Mid-Season Interval has been held in multiple cities, in order to extend the event to an even greater number of spectators.

The money available in League of Legends now allows many of the best players to compete professionally. The prize to be won every year for the victory in the World Championship amounts to over € 2 million and many teams are sponsored.

Korea dominated the podium in the early years of the World Championship. However, China has also shown great talent in the League of Legends, along with the USA and Europe. League of Legends is a global game and major leagues have been held in various countries, including Brazil, Vietnam and Sweden.

How to bet on League of Legends

Betting on League of Legends can be really fun and an alternative way to understand the game. This is because you can follow all the action and find out who is winning through the in-play betting odds, to better understand what is going on!

Over the past few years, League of Legends has become a popular eSport to focus on and the reasons are different. First of all, the games are high speed and action packed and it is therefore interesting to watch them and place in-play bets. The games can be followed easily online, as each league has its own Twitch channel which broadcasts all the games. League of Legends is an analytical game and consequently the perfect sport for lol expert tipsters who like to prepare their bets.

The most popular bets are those on the winner of each specific match. In this case, you simply bet on the winner of the game, then you can sit back and enjoy the action. For example, you can bet on the victory of the Flash Wolves against the Hong Kong Attitude at a stake of 2.10. If the Flash Wolves win the game, you win the bet.

You can also bet on the team that will win a certain game. Since most League of Legends matches are played in the best of three or five games. It's a great way to wager more closely on League of Legends, rather than placing a match bet, which can take over an hour to be determined.

Handicap betting is also a key component of League of Legends betting tips. The reason is that many eSports betting fans know that the match will be unequal. For example, let's imagine that the SuperMassives play against the Galakticos in the TCL. With a share of 1.12, the SuperMassives are the favorites to win the match. The odds are so low that they are not very interesting.

As a result, you use a handicap bet to rebalance the odds. In this case, you could bet on winning the SuperMassive with a handicap of -1.5. The odds could rise to 1.70, but this means that the SuperMassive must win the match 2-0 at the best of three in order for your bet to win.

You can also bet on the number of kills of a round with LoL match prediction. For example, you could bet that LNG Esports will first hit 10 kills of champions in a match against the Rogue Warriors. Alternatively, you can bet that the total number of kills of champions by a team will be greater than 23.5 in a match.

There are many different types of bets in League of Legends thanks to which you can bet on the event you prefer.

In-play betting on League of Legends

In-play betting on League of Legends represents a growing phenomenon, supported by the possibility of following League of Legends matches live and placing their bets at the same time. Many fans follow certain teams and watch their matches via direct online streaming. Some also wish to bet during matches, not just before the start.

Just like sports betting, you can place in-play bets on League of Legends at any time during matches. The odds naturally vary based on how the match proceeds and if a major kill occurs towards the end of the game, they could be completely reversed!

Make sure to take a look at in-play betting when considering how to bet on League of Legends. Odds provide an excellent indication of a team's progress, so you can learn more about LoL betting picks by looking at the odds.


How to find the best league of legends predictions? ⤵

To find the best league of legends predictions and league of legends betting tips, feedinco offers all the league of legends games, league of legends tournaments with many teams and league of legends contenders. We also cover the longest games which can happen in multiplayer online battle arena (MoBa). Also we offer all eSports Betting tips and eSports predictions.

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