How often do we Gamble in Online Casinos?

Around 17% of people gamble online more than once a week. Men are 81% more likely than women to become at-risk or problem online gamblers.

gamble in online casinos

The allure of online casinos and sports betting platforms has captivated a global audience, leading to a fascinating shift in gambling habits. Through a detailed analysis by TGM, we uncover the extent to which sports betting has become a staple in the lives of many, particularly in Africa, where a notable percentage of the population places bets with remarkable regularity.

Comparatively, we explore the online casino scene in Brazil, to present a contrasting view of gambling frequency. The differences in gambling frequency between African and Brazilian bettors highlight the diverse nature of online gambling across cultures, shedding light on patterns of regular and occasional gambling behaviours.

In recent research by TGM, sports betting has woven itself into the fabric of daily and weekly routines for a significant portion of the population:
  • Daily Bettors: 10% of Africans engage in sports betting every day, reflecting a dedicated segment deeply integrated with the betting culture.
  • Weekly Engagement: A combined 42% of the population participates in betting activities at least once a week, underscoring a strong, regular connection with sports betting.
  • Occasional and Infrequent Bettors: Moving to less frequent betting, 19% bet a few times a month, and a total of 25% bet once a month or less, highlighting a casual relationship with betting among a quarter of the population.

If we look at similar data from to add perspective, Brazil's online casino scene exhibits a different pattern of participation among its online gamblers.
  • Daily Gamblers: 8% of Brazilians partake in online gambling activities daily, slightly less than the daily betting frequency observed in Africa.
  • Regular but Varied Engagement: A broader spread of engagement is seen with 16% gambling once a week and 23% a few times a month, suggesting a regular but less concentrated pattern compared to Africa's weekly betting habits.
  • Predominantly Occasional Gamblers: The most notable difference comes from the 38% of Brazilians who gamble only a few times a year, indicating a predominantly occasional engagement with gambling activities.

Regarding the most popular casino games, we look at KTO, a prominent casino online in Brazil, which provides insight into their most played games. The ranking of the most favoured game types starts with slots, followed by crash games, then roulette, bingo, and finally, game shows.

In Africa, the integration of sports betting into daily and weekly routines underscores a strong cultural affinity for gambling, with a significant portion of the population engaging in such activities with remarkable regularity. This contrasts with Brazil's online gambling scene, where a more varied pattern of participation is observed, indicating a broader distribution of gambling frequency among the population.

Ultimately, the allure of online casinos and sports betting platforms is a phenomenon that transcends geographical boundaries, yet is uniquely experienced by different cultures around the world. The findings from TGM and enrich our understanding of this global pastime, offering a glimpse into the future of gambling in an increasingly connected world.

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