Online sports betting strategy: How to increase the odds of winning

Many are convinced that winning at online sports betting is only possible for a few experts or that it is only luck . This is only partially true.

sports betting strategy increase the odds of winning

Many are convinced that winning at online sports betting is only possible for a few sports bettors or that it is only luck . This is only partially true . In fact, we are more than the idea that there are betting methods and systems to increase the chances of winning, thus improving the execution of predictions and punctually managing a profit, even a minimum one, by betting on the right games with the right sports betting strategy.

The sports bettor who wants to win must study hard and not leave it to luck. He must be interested in statistics, he must read a lot and learn the data that are published and that relate to the state of form of a team and the seasonal trend, the number of goals scored at home or away, in the league and in international tournaments, if the goals are scored in the first or second half and many other important information that can help direct the bettor towards a prediction that is as close as possible to reality. This applies to many sports like football, eSports betting, Tennis, amateur snooker, nfl betting, collage football, an much more sports

In addition to the study of the variables that can affect a sporting event that is intended to be included in the virtual card, the bettor must take into account the fact that nowadays there are also different methods and strategies studied at the table that can help the luck. In this guide we have chosen to indicate to the reader some methods and systems that are very simple to use and that can be adopted even by beginners . Therefore, we will deal with the basic strategies that allow you to go through the cash register, the corner kick system and finally the first-half draw method.

Football betting systems, the basic strategies for switching to the cashier

Before going on to talk about the systems that can help the bettor to try to win , we believe it is right to dwell and dedicate a paragraph to the basic strategies considered essential in order to take a winning attitude. In order for the betting methods and systems adopted to bear fruit, it is of fundamental importance to be able to manage wisely both the available time resource and the funds contained in one's bankroll .

The latter, in our opinion, is an extremely relevant concept, as it indicates the volume of resources made available by the player and which he believes to bring into play with the awareness that he will have to bear the operational risk of suffering losses. So it is important that there is a propensity on the part of the bettor to use only resources that he can do without, as they are intended for recreation, not subtracting them from primary needs. By making individual bets, in the short term it happens that some episodes that are certainly not positive can overshadow the player's skills. But in the medium to long term, the skilled punter will be able to assert his skills, knowing how to handle the negative situations that may occur in cold blood.

The first thing to do, therefore, before starting to place your bets is to first establish the volume of funds that you intend to use to bet . In general, the most experienced bettors always advise to play, for each bet, only an amount between 1% and 5% of their bankroll.

Bankroll management

In this way, the hypothesis that a series of non-winning bets may compromise the achievement of one's set objectives is avoided. You need to know how to control yourself and have good self-discipline, so that your bankroll can be managed properly. The successful player is the one who acts in a constant, rational and lucid way . These behavioral components are the ones that in the medium - long term almost always make the difference. We can get ax example of this Norwegian odds portal which offers different bookmakers and free bets to choose from.

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A good basic strategy in the field of online sports betting, borrowed from the world of horse racing, is to significantly reduce the number of sports events on which to place your bets . An excellent expedient is to be able to find medium-high odds that correspond to events to be included in a bet placed in single mode. Before the odds can collapse, therefore , the bettor must try to place single bets on those football matches , for example, which still have an acceptable odds.

Mathematical methods for online betting: how to use them

Not many people know that mathematical methods are also used to get the better of sports betting. One of these is commonly called the surebet method . In order to use this betting method, a multiple number of bookmakers must be considered . The technique consists in the possibility of making the most of the different odds proposed by the various bookmakers on certain sporting events.

Let's assume that you play for each single bet € 5. You can get a certain profit if the result of the following sum is less than € 5: € 5 / odds 1+ € 5 / odds X + € 5 / odds 2. At the moment this it is the only world that allows the bettor to obtain a mathematically certain win.

In order to obtain the maximum performance of this mathematical method, it is necessary to keep the bookmakers' quotas under constant control and immediately seize the opportunity to make the most of the most advantageous .

Clearly the bettor, in order to use this betting method, must create different accounts within the platforms for online betting available on the market. Obviously, we always recommend choosing those that display the AAMS site on the main page of their website , as they are the 100% safest sites among those currently available on the net.

Online sports betting methods, the corner kick system

A technique that is in the medium to long term can produce good economic results is that which involves betting on live corner kicks. Obviously, for a success of this system, attention must be paid to the statistical data concerning the teams on which you intend to bet and it is necessary to follow the football match you intend to insert in your own virtual schedule .

In some cases you could even create a sure bet, making your own live bet, trying to speculate on the differences in odds. Usually, under / over corner kicks are made available by operators on online sports betting sites , but not all bookmakers give the possibility to bet in live version. One of the operators that allows you to resort to the strategy of corner kicks , for example, is Bet365 , a leading brand at an international level in the online sports betting sector that allows its customers to bet on every match with particular this type of also bet in real time.

The operator usually tends to change the line taking into account the corner kicks that have been shot during a certain time interval: if no corners are given the line tends to go down, otherwise it goes up.

Online sports betting, the method of the first half draw

Another method we want to talk to you about, to conclude, is that which takes into consideration the possibility that a tie may occur during the first half of a football match . This betting method corresponds to a doubling progression .

This is a good opportunity to win, if you consider that the first half tie, in a football game where there is a lot of balance, is on average paid with a share of at least 2.00 . This system provides for placing a bet on the X of the first half in the matches that are indicated by the statistics as those in which it is more likely that this result will come out during the first part of the match.

But how can you bet using this method ? In order to make the most of the potential of this method, the bettor must only view the statistical data published on the sites which provide information on the trends of the teams during the season and which are engaged in the respective national leagues or tournaments. UEFA international ( Europe and Champions League, so to speak ). Once identified the teams that, in several events, end the first half with a tie result , the bettor can try to bet using the doubling technique, considering the X events of the first half with odds at least equal to 2.00.


what is the best sports betting strategy?

The best sports betting strategy is when betting with low odds and also using accumulator bets for higher odds.

Whats the best strategy for betting on sports?

When betting in sports it is lways suggested that high odds are very prone to loose it. So we always suggest betting on sure tips for high chance of winning.

What are the online betting strategy?

Online betting strategies are guides on how to bet on sports events like football, eSports betting, Tennis. Follow this article to get the best advantages and also increase your betting winnings.

How useful are betting tips on sports betting?

Our Sports betting tips which include football, eSports betting, Tennis have all types of betting types like double chance, fulltime , over under bets and BTTS and GG/NG. For this we recomend to check our hot tips for you to win big!

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