What is Teer Game? gambling with bows and arrows in India

What is Teer Game and Its History? Know How The Teer Game Evolved And The Basic Concept Behind The Teer Game in India.

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Sikkim, Meghalaya and Goa are the only Indian states apart from the union territory of Daman and Diu to regulate gambling in the country. While Sikkim was the first-ever entrant, Meghalaya only passed the bill to regulate gambling last year. Way before that though, there was only one form of gambling that the state government had authorized and it is still responsible for lakhs of rupees flowing around the capital city of Meghalaya, Shillong.

What hooked the people of this small northeast hill station was a game of archery that they call ‘Teer’ (Arrow) with a slight twist based on the interpretation of the dreams of the bettors in question. Confusing, right? At first, it was for us too.But before dwelling on how dreams have anything to do with betting, let’s understand how this traditional gambling game entrenched deep in Meghalaya culture and folklore works.

Teer - a game of luck and dreams

Teer is very popular game but no one knows the actual history of teer game. People only know this game started in the early years of the 20th century by people of Meghalaya.

It is said that in the 20th century when the English army attacked Meghalaya people, during this fight people captured arrows from them and started a different kind of games with the help of these arrows.

After a few years, people become expert archers and started different games at the local level. Meanwhile, as people were passionate about it. So it started on a professional level in Different cities of Meghalaya. Punters can try teir luck by finding the meghalaya teer common number.

How Teer game is played?

Some 20 or so archers gather in a semi-circle to engage in a two-round battle consisting of five minutes. Their objective is to hit a bundle of straws which is about 50 meters away from them. The archers fire somewhere between 300 to 1000 arrows each round and by the end of the rounds, Teer officials proceed to count the shillong night teer hit number of arrows that have hit the straw.

As for the punters, their role sees them betting on how many arrows will hit the target. All they have to do is to pick a number between 0-99 that represents the final two digits of the number of arrows that have struck the target. For example, say 350 arrows have hit the bundle, then everyone who chose 50 will get a payout.

There are five types of bets that can be categorized as: single (0 to 9), house (10 to 19, 20 to 29 and so on), ending (last digit), and pair (11, 22, 33, 44). The last category is betting on the exact numbers in both rounds on a single day. It’s also worth mentioning that if someone correctly predicts the number in both rounds, it is called a fourcast, where the winning amount that the gambler wins is much higher.

how teer game is played

How Indian Punters choose numbers?

People literally dream them. It is great to believe in people of Shillong that dreams play an essential role in numbers of Teer.

There are different numbers which interpret the dream.

For example, if you see a man in the dream its number 6 and you see a woman, it’s number 5.

And if a man and woman are fighting in the dream its number 13. So people here in Shillong love to dream away and play away.

Well, there are many other ways also working for choosing numbers. People predict numbers with the help of old results. Few people have also defined the secret mathematical Teer formula to predict numbers.

The last two digits of the target hit are considered the winning number. People from all around Shillong buy tickets from 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM. Finding the teer ticket counter is a breeze since they are scattered on every corner. As you enter Shillong, you will be amazed by the strange shops for tickets in every busy street of Shillong that take your bet. Not only in Shillong but also bhutan teer is very famous

shillong teer

Khanapara Ticket Sale with Timings

On 23 March 2018, to regulate the sale of arrow shooting games and tier tickets, the Assam Legislative Assembly passed a bill referred to as the Assam Regulation of the Game of Arrow Shooting and Sale of Tier Tickets. There are several authorized Khanapara Teer counters in Meghalaya and they sell tickets at the counters from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm every day except Sundays.

The number of arrows used to hit the target should not be less than 30 and not more than 50. In each cycle 50 archers shoot not less than 300 and not more than 1000 arrows. For example, if the first round takes 750 arrows the score would be 50, the last score. When the game begins, the focus is on the ticket holders, as they must correctly guess the number of arrows that will hit the target.

Also, a very interesting idea that dreams have to do with the selection of numbers to play. There are different symbols associated with the tier game, which stand for different things. Even the followers of this game suggest that the best bets here are those who match their dreams with numbers.

While People of Meghalaya can play this game only if they can buy tickets from government-licensed counters.

Is teer betting legal?

Teer betting was legalized in 1982 after the state government analyzed that it could be a significant source of income. In the state it is controlled under the Meghalaya Amusements and Betting Tax (Amendment) Act 1982. But despite this, we advise you that the greed of more profit in less time and that too without working hard can be harmful for your life. That's why take this type of step thoughtfully.

On September 27, 2018, the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly passed the Meghalaya Regulation of the Game of Arrow Shooting and the sale of teer tickets Bill, 2018 to regulate the game of arrow shooting and the sale of teer tickets.
  • The number of arrows should not be less than thirty and not more than fifty
  • The total number of arrows used in each round of shooting should be between seven hundred and two thousand.
  • The size of the target should be between 61 cm to 102 cm in height and 66 cm to 127 cm in circumference.
  • The distance of the target from the shooters shall not be less than 15.21 meters and not more than 30.48 meters
  • The time period within which all the shooters must complete the shooting of one round shall not exceed five minutes.


Is teer legal in India?

It is legal in some particular states like Meghalaya, Asam, Bhutan.

How much can you win by betting on Shillong Teer? Can you also become a millionaire?

The result of the first round of Shillong Teer betting is announced at 3:45 pm and the result of the second round is announced at 4:45 pm. In the first round you can win Rs.80 for every Rs.1 and in the second round you can win Rs.60 for every Rs.1. If you predict the correct number in both the first and second round then it is called 'fourcast'. The amount won in this is very high, in this every 1 rupee gets 4000 rupees.

When to buy Teer betting tickets?

There are a large number of authorized Teer Betting counters in the state. Tier Satta tickets are sold every morning from 10am to 3.45pm. Betting is done by guessing the numbers between 0 to 99 numbers. And then at 3.345 pm the archery session starts where the archers shoot arrows at the target.

How is betting in Shillong Teer?

The Shillong Teer betting guidelines are very simple. The player of this betting game has to guess the last two digits of all the arrow targets he hits. For example, if 1453 arrows hit the target, then the winning betting number will be the last two digits of 1453 ie 53.

Where to see Shillong Teer result?

Online websites are available to see Shillong Teer result. You can enter these websites through the search engine. For this, search “shillong teer” in the search engine and you can see the result in these websites by clicking on the link from the upcoming search results.

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