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World Cup - Qatar 2022 Host stadium

submitted 31st March

what are the host stadiums for the World Cup - Qatar 2022?

Top 3 Richest Footballer in the world in 2019 - Richest football player

submitted 15th July

Who is the Richest Footballer in the world in 2019 and have the most money as a football player, both earning and already earned sportsman?

3 Tips That Will Make You A Better Poker Player

submitted 26th March

Whether you are a complete beginner, or already have some experience, there is always a space for improvements.

Top eSports Games to bet on | Popular esports Games

submitted 16th April

The following esports games are the titles found on many betting sites for you to bet on. Don't forget to follow our esports predictions and esports betting tips.

Online Poker Strategy

submitted 6th April

How to calculate your odds of winning a hand? take a look to this online poker strategy!

Virtual Sports Betting Guide - Football, tennis, horse racing, Casino

submitted 19th April

In recent years, virtual sports have become very popular thanks to increasingly popular video games such as Football Manager, Fifa and PES. Along with the growth of these video games, the introduction of virtual betting has also arrived.

Understanding Betting Odds

submitted 10th May

To fully understand betting odds, you must know what a bookmaker is, what types of bets are there and type of Odds to fully understand gambling.

Overwatch esports betting guide for beginners

submitted 6th May

Simple guide to betting on eSports Overwatch sporting events. All betting strategies and tips to bet on Overwatch, which tournament and which games to bet on?

How to win sports betting?

submitted 30th March

What are the chances of winning sports betting and what types of strategies?

Combo bets: what they are and how to play them

submitted 29th April

In the betting world there is a type of odds that is catching on to become the favorite game of Italians: we are talking about combo bets . But what are combo bets? In this guide we will explain it to you and give you tips on how to play them.

Surebet - Are they really worth?

Surebets always win, but are they worth the hassle to bet on them?

by Admin

Posted on 1st March

Surebet - Are they really worth?
Intro for Surebet - Are they really worth?: Surebets always win, but are they worth the hassle to bet on them?
Surebets are bets that software see the differences from betting site to betting site. This difference will result in always 100% winning. In this way you can benefit from the odds variation and place your bets safely and without a risk. To do so you have to react quickly because the odds may change every second.
By experience, we can say that the maximum odd we found was of 1.09 which are rare cases. So for $100 you win 9 dollars. Is it Worth it the hassle of finding the best and bet on them.
Basically, you can for sure make some money with sure bets. But since the earnings per game are (very) low it will take you a good bit of time to increase your account drastically. But worth mentioning is that sure bets can be very useful to clear bonuses. Many bookies offer bonuses where you get some percentage of your deposit once you placed bets of a certain amount. But hence you can/should play sure bets with high stakes these bonuses can be cleared within no time and above all with no risk.

Sure bets - Opinion

When does Sure Bets happen? The first occasion is when the Bookmakers can’t keep track of one another’s bets odds value. Consequently, there is a difference between their odds - This is when Sure bets are available.
The Second occasion when Sure Bets happen is when Bookmaker mistakes that lead to wrong odds calculation.
Difference between Sure Bets, Arbitrage and Matched betting?
All these gambling terms are referring to the Same thing and tactics for 100% gambling profit. You gamble of two different scenarios (same game) while always winning with a profit gain.


Where to find sure predictions

We have good news and bad news for you: the bad news is that safe bets , like any other promise of fast and guaranteed earnings, are a false myth. There is no certainty in the world of betting and often the very reliable sure predictions fail, leading many inexperienced bettors to lose all their bankroll .

The good news is that there are several methods that could guarantee you a continuous profit and a constant profit in the long run, minimizing the risk of losing your capital, without having to resort to hypothetical safe bets.

Winning a bet slip is never a matter of mere luck, at the basis of success there is always a constant study and application of techniques that increase your chances of going to the cash. Getting around the most common beginner mistakes is a good way to win bets.

Don't just follow your instincts

Often the inexperienced bettor plays the slip exclusively on the impressions, on the alleged "sixth sense", without studying the events on which it is decided to bet.

Any novice bettor, in similar situations, would be guided by instinct letting emotions take over. Don't get caught up in anxiety or haste: place your bets using reasoning and documenting the state of form of the two teams that are about to face each other.

The sure predictions do not exist but the coupons with high probability of success instead do and are the result of a careful analysis of the matches and past performances of the individual teams.

Manage your budget rationally

It is very important to learn how to manage your budget correctly and decide from time to time how much to invest on individual bets before betting your money. To understand how much to bet on a sporting event it is necessary to know how to calculate the probability of an event starting from the odds established by the bookmaker.

To win bets it is important to invest a low percentage of your bankroll, no more than 5% for two or three events at most. A greater number of coupons played, exponentially increases the failure statistics.

The trick is to play a few events at low odds, so if you had to run into losing bets, you would still win while keeping your profit .

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