The Best Books for Sportsmen

What inspires a sportsman to improve results in Olympics or any Championship?

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What inspires a sportsman to improve his results? Being an inspiration for sports drama directors? Becoming an idol for 22Bet Nigeria fans? Taking part in the Olympic Games? Of course, these things are great motivators. But one more thing that inspires athletes is books about successful sportsmen. These are the most popular of them.

Power Speed Endurance, Brian McKenzie

Thanks to Brian Mackenzie's book, you will learn to run positively. In addition, you will encounter chapters on cycling and swimming, you will learn the theory and practice of functional training, as well as the theory of crossfit. And most importantly, you'll learn about biohacking, you'll be able to familiarize yourself with ready-made programs and create your own.

The World’s Toughest Endurance Challenges, Richard Hoad, Paul Moore

What are the human possibilities? Truly limitless. The book will make you believe in your own strength and inspire you to new achievements. You will learn about the 50 toughest races in which ordinary people take part. All stories are accompanied by photos that reflect the preparation, feelings and observations of the athletes.

Born to Run, Christopher McDougle

This book is for those who love running with all their heart or are just about to love it. And if you are also thinking about taking part in ultramarathons, then you should read this book all the more.

Fans of running will find much useful for themselves, and all those who still justify their laziness phrases like "Running is strange and unproductive!", "I bought the best running shoes for $ 300, and still my heels and tendons hurt," will understand the uselessness and inconsistency of these excuses.

Drop Dead Healthy, A.J. Jacobs

We all know how much contrived hysteria hovers around health: unproven statements like "broiler chickens give you cancer" are stamped into people's minds, and everyone is talking about it, positioning it as the truth.

If, like a true athlete, you care about your health but don't believe the many unconfirmed rumors that only fuel hysteria, then you should read A.J. Jacobs' book.

A.J. Jacobs is the senior editor of Esquire magazine. He decided to spend one year becoming the healthiest person in the world. Each month he paid close attention to one of his body parts or one organ and, with the help of competent experts, received advice on how to become even healthier.

A Life Without Limits, Chrissy Wellington, Michael Aylwin

Chrissy Wellington is a truly strong and tough person: she was able to win the hardest Ironman event four times.

Chrissy's book can be considered partly biographical. The author tells of her life, beginning with the experiences and doubts that one encounters on one's journey through life. About how she worked in the civil service and how it did not bring her any satisfaction, did not allow her to develop as a person. It wasn't until she was 30 that professional triathlon came into her life, in which she achieved significant results and stunning victories.

Besides the fact that the author shares his personal experiences and observations, the book has a lot of tips that will be useful to professionals and amateurs alike.

"I'm Here to Win," Chris McCormack

The author of the book can be called an outstanding man among the "pantheon of gods" of modern triathlon.

Here's a quick rundown of Chris' professional accomplishments. He has won 76% of his career triathlon events (that's over 200, counting since 1993). He has been on the podium in 88% of competitions. At the time of writing, has won 12 Ironman races (a one-day race that includes a 4K swim, a 180K bike race and a 42K marathon). Four times he completed the Ironman distance faster than 8 hours, and on two different types of courses. Twice won the main Ironman in Hawaii (2007 and 2010).

In the book, Chris talks about how the sport began and "where it's going today" from a professional's perspective. I'm Here to Win is also filled with tips from a professional triathlete about physical and mental preparation and nutrition regimen. Chris also talks about how to cope with pain and shares his attitude toward doping and banned drugs.

Daniel's Running Formula, Jack Daniels

The book will be enjoyed by all runners who are tired of the abstraction of lengthy words and crave specifics. The book is filled with charts, graphs, and formulas. You will find in Jack Daniels' work comprehensive information about running, VDOT tables, and training schedules that will be useful to professional athletes and amateurs alike.

Running With Lydiard, Arthur Lydiard, Garth Gilmore

"Running with Lydiard" can rightly be called the definitive guide to wellness jogging. Thousands of people have run their marathons with this book under their arm (and many of them were at an ad

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