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Football is not only the best known and most practiced sport in the world. Football has entered the cinema through the biographies of the great champions, from Pele to Maradona to George Best, but also with stories of great teams.

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Football is not only the best known and most practiced sport in the world. Football is also often a business, a media phenomenon but also a sociological one, the opium of the people, entertainment, entertainment and, sometimes, pure art. A magnet for cinema, always looking for stories and characters for the big screen. Great directors have dealt with football, such as Wim Wenders, John Huston and even one like Ken Loach, usually attentive to other topics and other scenarios. Football has entered the cinema through the biographies of the great champions, from Pele to Maradona to George Best, but also with stories of great teams.

The 10 best football movies to watch in history

In short, the list of the 10 most beautiful football films in history simply wants to be an overview of how cinema has explored the sport of football, without any claim to be definitive.

Pele (2016)

Biopic on one of the greatest talents who have painted football on fields all over the world, Pelé focuses mainly on the early years of Edson Arantes do Nascimento, on his first kicks to the ball, indeed to the mango, a substitute for that leather ball that his father couldn't buy it. And it is to his father, whom he sees destroyed and heartbroken by the defeat of his Brazil at the Rio World Cup in 1950, the little ⤑Pelé promises that one day he will lead the green-golds to victory again. A US production shot in 2016 by the Zimbalist brothers.

Maradona - La mano de Dios (2007)

Released in 2007, the film traces the entire career of one of the greatest football talents of every era, from the first kicks to the ball to self-destruction, a weak point, perhaps, of history especially for those who loved and still love the genius of the Pibe de gold. Director Marco Risi - who used three different actors to play Diego at various stages of his life, Gonzalo Alarcon and Abel Ayala in his youth and Marco Leonardi in his high school - knows cinema and it shows. With great skill he manages to take the viewer by the hand, making him go through the triumphs and vicissitudes of ⤑Maradona, in total empathy with the character, great and controversial. The combination of “Je so 'pazzo” with some Neapolitan scenes is thrilling. A really well made film, a great tribute to a great artist, of the ball.

Best (2000)

How can you not love George Best ? Probably the best European footballer at the turn of the sixties and seventies, Ballon d'Or 1968, Georgie dispensed his genius on the pitch and threw his life outside, where that same genius became a nightmare. The film, shot in 1999 by Mary McGuckian, perfectly captures the two sides of the personality of Best, a pure talent of Matt Busby's #Manchester United and a pop icon of his time, so much so that he is called the fifth Beatle. Excellent is the interpretation of John Lynch, a brilliant, sore and goofy George Best, just like his most famous phrase:

I spent a lot of money on alcohol, women and beautiful cars. The rest I threw away.

Escape to Victory (1981)

A great director, John Huston, and a stellar cast for one of the most famous films on football , where the ball is a pretext for a challenge, the only possible one in those conditions, between the Nazis and their prisoners of various nationalities in occupied France. forties, as well as the diversion to prepare for an epic escape. For the screenplay of the football scenes, the director, Oscar winner for "Asphalt Jungle", has entrusted, and can be seen, to ⤑Pelé, among the interpreters along with other great footballers such as Bobby Moore, Osvaldo Ardiles, Paul van Himst and Kazimierz Deyna. In the cast also Michael Caine, Max von Sydow and Sylvester Stallone. Beautiful football scenes, tension, romance, drama, a pinch of rhetoric and our heroes making their dreams come true.

The Damn United (2009)

Brian Clough, who was this? Its name is inextricably linked to two English teams with a glorious past, ⤑Derby County and Nottingham Forest, who under the leadership of Clough lived their Golden Age. Brian led the Derby to the first title in its history in 1972 and led Forest for 18 years, bringing 13 trophies to the club's wall, including a First Division, the ancestor of the Premier League , and two consecutive Champions Cups (1979 and 1980). Nottingham Forest is still the only team in history to have won more European Cups than national championships. Tom Hooper's film - four Oscars with The King's Speech - however, focuses on Clough's brief spell at Leeds Unitedwhere, disliked by the players, Brian had a hard life, also due to his volcanic and at times arrogant character and his previous utterances against a club that he himself has never loved. A kind of Mourinho ante litteram, whose adventure at the "cursed United" lasted only 44 long days.

Bend it Like Beckham (2002)

Dedicated to those who think that football is a male-only sport. The film, shot in 2002 by Gurinder Chadha, blends Bollywood and European cinema, narrating the football passion of Jess, a young English girl from an Indian family. It is the family that hinders Jess's passion, forced to cultivate her passion in secret. But Bollywood has the upper hand and Sognando Beckham, a real coming-of-age film novel, will have a happy ending.

Looking for Eric (2009)

Ken Loach has always been the director of the working class, the poor and the outcasts (Raining stones, Carla's song, The part of the angels). With My Friend Eric he gives himself a different film in which he finds an extraordinary balance between drama and comedy, masterfully inserting a light touch without mitigating his rigorous style. Perhaps also facilitated by an unsuspected passion for football , so profound that it made him say in the press conference to present the film:

I don't go to the matches to write anthropology treatises but to see my team win.

Here too the protagonist is a character on the fringes of society who creates a dreamlike and osmotic relationship with his myth Eric ⤑Cantona, thus finding the strength to make his life better.

Goal! (2005)

The film is the first of a trilogy shot in the last decade in record time, which has the merit of showing the path of a young footballer from his amateur beginnings in the suburbs to the #Champions League and the World Cup, without being a biopic. The plot is a bit thin, but the football scenes are successful, where those built digitally - and it shows - are well mixed with images of real games shot specifically by director Danny Cannon.

Hooligans (2005)

The world of football seen from the side of the wildest fans, the hooligans, in fact, the Londoners of #West Ham, in Lexi Alexander's 2005 film. Aspiring journalist, Matt is unjustly expelled from Harvard and decides to go to London where he lives. sister. Here he comes into contact with the most extreme fringes of the Hammers cheering and, after some hesitation, he enters the pack and embraces its philosophy. Football, therefore, in the film is just a pretext for a kind of football Fight Club which, however, works very well. The protagonist is Elijah Wood, the Frodo of the Lord of the rings.

Shaolin Soccer (2001)

Bruce Lee in a comic version applied to football: a former player stumbles upon a student of shaolin kung fu and puts together a team that mixes martial arts and football. Action movie with good comic effects, Shaolin Soccer, which comes from Hong Kong, has a major flaw in the Italian version: the dubbing has translated the voices of some characters using different local languages, so it happens to hear perhaps a dialogue between Chinese who are spoken in Bari or Piedmontese.

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