Famous Football Rivalries and Their History

El Clásico is one the most famous rivalry in europe. Everyone knows that El Clásico is the derby between Barcelona and Real Madrid

el clasico derby
El Clásico - Barcelona vs Real Madrid

Which players do you think have the top football rivalries? Some say Ronaldo and Messi, but there are plenty of other popular rivalries.

Websites such as top 20 betting sites would not be popular if famous rivalries in football did not exist. Football has the most exasperating, intriguing, and entertaining rivalries in the history of sports rivalry. People have even coined a term like “derby” for the rivalry between football clubs.

There is rivalry wherever there is competition. “Who is the best?” – is the focus of such rivalries. Though for non-football fans, all this might look childish and ridiculous, for loyal and passionate football fans, football rivalries add to the spirit of sportsmanship. Listed below are a few of such famous football rivalries and their history:

Barcelona vs. Real Madrid

Popularly called El Clásico, this derby is arguably the most well-known rivalry in the history of football. The rivalry was not born in the first match between Barcelona and Real Madrid in 1902 when Barcelona won. The derby originated from political tension. Real Madrid, which represents Spanish nationalism, clashes with the ideology of Catalan nationalism, which is embodied by Barcelona.

Chelsea vs. Liverpool

This derby is not an old one but the rivalry runs deep in Champions League and cup competitions. In the 2005 semi-finals, Milan Luis Garcia's "goal" defeated Liverpool. Then Liverpool sent Chelsea home in the semi-finals of the 2005-06 Football Association Challenge Cup. Liverpool defeated them again in the next session.

In the 2008 semi-finals of the Champions League, Chelsea sought revenge by dealing the final blow to Liverpool. Thus, the rivalry saga continues. Keep your snacks and beverages ready to be entertained.

Boca Juniors vs River Plate

Known as the Superclásico, this football rivalry is the biggest Argentine derby. The derby originated from class differences as the clubs have feuded to win the title of the best club in Bueno Aires. While the Boca Juniors stands as the club of the people or general public, the River Plate fans mainly originate from the upper class.

In 2015, a fan of Boca Juniors reportedly attacked some players from River Plate with pepper spray. Click here to read more. Talk about holding grudges!

Corinthians vs Palmeiras

The biggest football rivalry in Brazil, the Paulista derby began in 1917. Corinthians, unbeaten in 25 matches, lost 3-0 to the relatively new Palmeiras. This was an unforgettable moment for Corinthians because of its long undefeated streak of 25 matches before losing to Palmeiras.

Since then, Palmeiras has bagged many trophies against Corinthians and the Paulista derby stays alive. Crushing defeat or pride is another matter of debate.

Red Star Belgrade vs Partizan Belgrade

Known as the Eternal Derby, this fierce and combative rivalry is famous throughout Europe. The rivalry originated among passionate fans and supporters and not the players. This has resulted in the most spectacular tifo and pyro (smoke torch) shows as the football rivals try to outshine one another. Visiting an Eternal Derby show just for the spectacle of this crazy rivalry is worth it.

Final Words

Football rivalries should be fun as long as it is for entertainment and the spirit of competition. Seeking extreme measures like physical violence and abusive language goes against the spirit of true sportsmanship. Click here to read more.

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