Flat betting systems in sports | Strategy Description and Concept

Millions of people in the world are enthusiasts of sports betting. Most of the betting sites, such as betway, have enabled most people to place a wager on various bets on their websites.

Flat betting systems in sports


Flat betting systems in sports

Millions of people in the world are enthusiasts of sports betting. Most of the betting sites, such as betway, have enabled most people to place a wager on various bets on their websites. The flat betting system is gaining popularity and is used by thousands around the world.

But what exactly is flat betting?

Flat betting means betting on the same amount on every game. In this strategy, there are different approaches, but most of the experienced bettors only risk one to five percent of their bankroll per bet, no matter how confident they are. So, if you have shillings two thousand for a day, try to stick to twenty shillings single bets whenever possible.

Many bettors would argue that flat betting is the way to go. Being disciplined and consistent with your bet size will help you manage your streaks, whether good or bad, that comes with sports betting. When you are on a losing streak, the style will help you not to lose your money. When you are on a winning streak, it will return a definite amount on your investments.

The flat betting system also means placing your wager on a single game. Betting on a series of games is not recommended with this strategy, though you can do it under strict management. That means punters who are looking for ways to succeed with betway sports betting will have abetter chance wagering on single bets. That’s because flat betting will maintain discipline when it comes to winning or losing.

Fortunately, Betway offers it’s punters a hefty welcome bonus to wager on a plethora of sports and casino games. This bonus comes in handy when testing out a new betting strategy. That includes when trying to get a grip on the flat betting system. As of today, flat betting is one of the most beneficial betting strategies, and it stands out for its relative ease of use. There are various types of flat betting systems, which include; static, academic or expert, chaotic, and aggressive. Now let us discuss the methods one by one.

flat betting systems

Static flat betting

This strategy is the safest form of flat betting. In this type of bet, the amount you stake is equal to one percent of the initial bankroll. That means if you have $1000, then you will bet your wager at $50 each time regardless of the fluctuations in your bank.

Academic or expert flat betting

In the case of an academic flat, the amount staked on betway varies from one percent to three percent of the initial bank amount. That depends on confidence levels on the outcome of the game. The academic flat is the most popular with gamblers who are conversant with games of a particular country or some specific sports and can make accurate predictions on them. You can always revise your stake amount to one percent in case of a losing streak. That will save you from unnecessary bank losses.

Aggressive flat betting

Aggressive flat betting is regarded as a risky bet. The initial stake placed by is two to three percent of the bank throughout the game, regardless of the immediate results. That means if a series of losses overtake you, you will have to stick to your choice and not lower your bet percentage.

Chaotic flat betting

Chaotic flat betting, as the name suggests, is the riskiest form of betting. Bettors place 10-20% of the initial bank when leading to massive loss of funds. For some, this might be the safest because of the enormous returns.

Final words

Flat betting stands as a straightforward and effective method for managing bankroll and minimizing risk. Its suitability for novices and risk-averse gamblers makes it a valuable tool for responsible betting practices. By adhering to sound betting principles and avoiding emotional decision-making, flat betting can contribute to a more balanced and enjoyable gambling experience.

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