How does the MLS compare to other soccer leagues around the world?

Soccer is known throughout the rest of the world, how does it compared to the MLS?

Soocer stadium

Soccer, or football as it is known throughout the rest of the world, is one of the most popular sports to currently be played and enjoyed, although it is not one that happens to be amongst the favorites within America.

The MLS is a sports league that has managed to increase in reputation and stature in recent years, although there is no doubt that it continues to remain someway behind many of the other competitive leagues that are being competed in around the planet.

Soccer has experienced an increase in popularity in the US

Soccer as a sport, though, has experienced an increase throughout the US in recent years, and this can be seen by the broadcast deals that have been struck by operators, whilst some of the country’s best players to represent the USMNT have made moves to leagues based outside of America, such as in Europe’s biggest competitions.

Additionally, to further support the fact that there is a growing interest in the country in the sport, there are a number of other companies and industries that have looked to exploit it. An example would be the iGaming industry as many states have decided to relax the previous restrictions that had once been in place, thus allowing operators such as Unibet to enter the market in various areas. An experienced European operator, Unibet is able to provide a number of exclusive Virginia sportsbook promos for residents in the state that can now be used in conjunction with soccer.

Of course, the fact that the game is not as popular within its own country compared to other activities such as American Football, basketball, baseball, and even ice hockey to an extent, will not have helped its position in regard to how it ranks amongst the world’s soccer leagues, whilst the standard of playing is perhaps slightly behind other nations, although this could be due to the lack of popularity that it has within the country.

Where does the MLS rank?

According to some, the MLS is ranked as the tenth-best soccer league in the world, with a variety of different metrics having been used as a point of emphasis to highlight their reasoning for its position.

Europe dominates that list, though, with it being rather easy to argue that the seven biggest league competitions all come from the region, whilst the other three come from the Americas when looking at the top 10.

For instance, the English Premier League is widely considered the best league in the world, with Spain’s La Liga, Germany’s Bundesliga, Italy’s Serie A, France’s Ligue 1, Portugal’s Primera Liga, and The Netherlands Eredivisie ranking in the top seven before being followed by leagues such as Brazil’s Serie A, Mexico’s Liga MX and then the USA’s MLS.

Why are Europe’s leagues ranked higher than the MLS?

There are a number of different reasons that could provide an answer as to why European soccer leagues are considered far superior and better than America’s MLS. Let’s explore a few of them:A different level of competitionOne reason could be that the level of competition is of a different standard in Europe compared to what is experienced in America. Again, this could easily be related to the fact that many Americans have passions for other sports, whilst Europeans will typically favor soccer over many of the other sports that are available.

With this in mind, Europeans with soccer as their passion will perhaps look to try and do all they can to make it and become a professional, thus seeing their natural ability be of a better and higher standard of those in America, as the game is more competitive at every single level from grassroots through to professional.

The format is different

American leagues, regardless of what sport is being contested, do not feature any regulations or even promotions, which could perhaps have an impact on the popularity of the sport.

European leagues have a system in place that means each season will feature a number of different teams in the league, thus keeping things a little more interesting, whereas the MLS - despite the fact that there have been a couple of new expansion teams in recent years - has remained the same.

The prospect of promotion or relegation can provide fans and competitors with added emotions and experiences that simply cannot be replicated when playing in the MLS, which would be a problem for many.

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