Jimmy Daytona Explains Betting Tips to Feedinco

Not sure how betting tips and predictions work? Jimmy Daytona is on the house to explain it and share the best predictions platform with you.

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How Sports Betting Tips and Predictions Work: An Feedinco Guide

When you start betting for the first time, you must search for betting prediction and tips websites. And if you were lucky, you may have found success from those tips. But did you ever think about what those tips mean and where they come from?

We’ve invited Mr. Jimmy Daytona to Feedinco to find a sustainable answer to this question. He also brings the golden betting tips for sports imaginable in the UK. Throughout this post, Jimmy will uncover the secrets behind how the recommendations are curated.

Feedinco Asks Jimmy Daytona: What Are Betting Tips?

Generally, when we say tips, we mean helpful advice. But in the context of sports betting, they have a different meaning to most people. So, what are betting tips?

A betting tip is “advice that a professional bettor gives to other bettors regarding placing a bet”. Usually, people who provide these tips are known as tipsters in the community. Experienced tipsters often are on par with the analysts at online bookmakers.

The tipsters at BetZillion have decades of industry experience, allowing them to create the most accurate predictions. From here on out, Jimmy is getting into how the tips are generated. However, we don’t recommend you try to test your tips. It takes years to gather industry knowledge to create somewhat accurate predictions.

Jimmy Daytona Explains How Sports Betting Predictions Are Made

In this section, Jimmy promises to review the aspects that result in precise somewhat predictions in online sports betting in the UK.

Background Research

It will help if you research anything you want to do in life first. It goes from something as simple as cooking to online gambling. And when you get to something as complicated as predicting the outcome of sports events, you must start from scratch.

It might seem like the meticulous details are not crucial for betting on the surface. You need to know everything about whatever sport you want to predict the outcome. If it’s football, you need to know football inside out. If it’s tennis, you need to know it from set to game.

But when you’re trying to predict the outcome of the sport, the fundamentals come into play. And that’s where all the BetZillion tipsters start. Yes, you read that right. Although all the tipsters are well-versed in sports, they keep researching to keep up to date with the industry especially with betting without licens.

Current Status

Once the background research is done, it’s time to become relevant to the industry's current status. For example, if you’re trying to predict outcomes for English Premier League matches, you need to get up to date with what’s happening in the English Premier League.

You must review the points table, team formations, team managers, player status, injuries, etc.

It is crucial because even the tournament results from the previous year could be invalidated due to the events in between. That is why all successful tipsters take the latest data to map out the next moves.

Speaking of the following activities brings us to generating accurate UK sports betting tips.


sports news

News is part of the research aspect of betting predictions. But it’s such an important aspect that it asks for a separate section.

Any recent news of player transfers, injuries, manager employment, line-up changes, or anything involving the players will impact the prediction significantly. You may even have to discard all previous analyses and start from the ground up.

Jimmy says these things are daily in the BetZillion bullpen because news is always coming.

The tipsters have to deal with a lot of information, as BetZillion covers all sorts of sports, including

If you’re planning on becoming a tipster or trying to predict future outcomes for your gains, you should subscribe to reliable news sources. It doesn’t have to be paid. But there is room for further research to identify the most credible news sources.

At the same time, you need to consider the delay in the publication. The sooner you get the news, the faster you can get to the analysis. Jimmy suggests watching multiple news outlets simultaneously, at least for the initial duration. After a few weeks, you should be able to narrow down the number of outlets.

Head-to-Head Records

All aspects of sports betting predictions we discussed are from a macro point of view. You must consider the previous head-to-head records, as in match-to-match, when you get into the micro view.

For example, if you plan to predict the outcome of a football match between Manchester United vs Liverpool, you need to look at least the last 10 to 20 games. You can also include the team line-ups to get more accurate results.

The Odds Projected by Betting Sites

As online sports betting is legal in the UK and there are many betting sites, you can access odds from all different worlds. Odds make sports betting happen, and you must factor them in for accurate predictions.

Essentially, the analysts at online bookmakers follow a similar approach as the one we discussed in this post. Of course, they have more resources than most punters. But if your predictions align with the odds, you’re going in the right direction.

Keep in mind that looking at the odds is usually the last step. Doing it too early can influence your analysis.

Jimmy Daytona’s Final Tips to Feedinco Readers

Before putting the wraps on this post, Mr. Daytona would like to share some tips to help you find the right tips at the right time.
  1. Only follow reliable tipsters, BetZillion, for example.
  2. Never rely on tips entirely, do your research.
  3. Predictions can always go wrong; that’s why they’re “predictions.” Have the mentality to sustain the loss.

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