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Out of Favour Casino Games Set to Make a Comeback

Casinos have been popular with the masses ever since they came into existence and indeed so too have some of the original games.

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Caption: Playing Ginger the chicken at noughts and crosses is definitely one of the weirdest casino games around

Casinos have been popular with the masses ever since they came into existence and indeed so too have some of the original games. Roulette, poker and blackjack have never fallen out of favour since their advent, but some other games haven't received quite the same amount of love. We're here to remember some of the games that have been a little less popular over recent years, but that we think are set to make a roaring comeback.


Few games that are played with dice alone could ever even dream of being as brilliant as Craps. This game needs just two dice to be played, as well as at least two players. They can play either against each other, or with one as the bank. The game begins with what is known as a come out roll. Whatever the dice land on determines how the game commences. One of the things that daunts people about this game is that learning how to play craps does take a little time. However, once you've got it, it really is surprisingly simple. The terminology is another element than alienates some players, but again, it is simple to pick up. Whoever throws the dice is known as 'the shooter', rolling 'craps' refers to rolling a 2, 3 or 12, and there are a whole host of different bets you can place. Apparently it's possible to learn how to play craps in three minutes, that could be a fun challenge.

The Chicken Challenge

If you're looking for a way to make money then The Chicken Challenge is definitely not it. This casino game is so obscure that it is played in only one casino in the world, The Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City. This casino allows one person at a time to play noughts and crosses against the in-house chicken, Ginger. To play, you need to introduce yourself to Ginger the chicken, make your starting move and Ginger will do the rest. Ginger pecks at a button in her cage, selecting where her nought or cross will go. It is totally ridiculous, but if you win then prizes have been known to go as high as $10,000.


Another game that is played with only dice is Sic-Bo, but unlike Craps it is played with three dice, instead of just two. In this game, just as with craps, you roll the dice onto a table. Before the dice are rolled though, players must bet on the outcome of the roll. They do this by placing chips into a box. There are different variations in what is paid out depending on how specifically you guessed the outcome. For example, betting that the outcome will be an even number will pay out at far lower odds than betting that the outcome will be an exact figure. It's possible to bet on combinations of numbers, the sum of the dice, individual dice and really, anything you like. This game is much more popular in Asian countries, but thanks to its simplicity it wouldn't be a surprise to see it gain in popularity in the Western world in the coming years.

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