Tien Len Mien Nam - Classy Card Game, Bet and Reward

Tiến lên Miền Nam is a very popular online betting game. Let's follow the content of the following article to know why it has such great appeal.

Tiến lên Miền Nam
Tien Len is loved by gamers because it is highly entertaining

Southern Tien Len - Super entertainment product that has caused fever for decades. The sport attracts countless users to participate because of its simple rules, high entertainment value and many great reward values. The article below will show you how to participate in this game at Jun88 and reveal some big winning experiences.

Some preliminary features about the game Tien Len in the South

Talking about famous folk card games in Vietnam, we cannot help but mention Southern Tien Len. The game was introduced to our country in the 19th century, until now it is still an indispensable "dish" during holidays and meetings. The game has a fairly simple way of playing, anyone can participate.

What's interesting about Southern Tien Len at Jun88?

Among the units currently providing Southern Tien Len, Jun88 is the most attractive location. The platform owns a strong community of gamers with millions of visits every day. Is there anything outstanding about the playground that so many customers love?

Super attractive odds

If you are looking for a playground that can help you earn extra income, Jun88 will be the perfect choice. The platform offers many side bets with nine green payout odds. Make sure everyone who participates has the opportunity to make a profit.

Trendy 3D graphics, extremely flattering

Southern Tien Len here is designed with extremely modern and sharp 3D graphics. Helps players get a feeling of authenticity and closeness. Not only that, each table will have its own sound system, stimulating the fun and curiosity of members. In addition, the game is also equipped with many unique features such as automatic betting, history review,... extremely modern.

Deposit and withdrawal transactions are lightning fast

Coming to Jun88, you don't need to worry about delayed withdrawals or lost rewards. Because the unit has an extremely fast transaction processing system. In just 2 to 3 minutes, winnings can be transferred to your account immediately. Make sure all your experiences are not interrupted or your mood drops.

Basic rules of Southern Tien Len card game

Tien Len Mien Nam online, the rules of the game are similar to the traditional form. Each hand will be dealt 13 cards by the dealer with the highest order being 2 and the lowest order being 3. The suits are arranged spades - clubs - diamonds - hearts. The round starts counterclockwise with the person holding the three spades going first.

Accordingly, the next player must play a card of greater value than the previous player. Whoever gets rid of all the cards in their hand first wins and receives a bonus. However, you need to pay attention to the cases of playing cards and going blank to benefit yourself.

The prize exchange card game TLMN is played with the familiar 52-card deck of Western cards
The prize exchange card game TLMN is played with the familiar 52-card deck of Western cards

Instructions on how to play Tien Len at Jun88

Besides, the process of participating in the Tien Len card game on the platform is quite simple, anyone can do it. However, to be successful at once, please follow these steps correctly:
  • Step 1: Quickly log in or register an account through the platform's reputable links.
  • Step 2: Make a deposit by selecting the desired method and entering a reasonable amount according to regulations
  • Step 3: Return to the website main screen, click on Card games, select your favorite lobby.
  • Step 4: Select the game Tien Len Mien Nam and place a bet now to receive a reward.

Some tips for playing Tien Len in the South to easily win money

As stated, Tien Len is not simply a game of chance. It is also a place for players to test their minds. Therefore, to reap a lot of bonuses, you need to have a lot of experience and tactics. Below are some good tips to help you stay undefeated on the stage.

Read your opponent through their body expressions

If you want to know whether your opponent's cards are strong or weak, whether they are confident or afraid, you just need to look at the behaviors on their body. Raised eyebrows, biting lips, and constantly moving eyes indicate that the opponent has a lot of trash cards, is afraid and waiting for the right opportunity. This way, you can gain the upper hand and defeat players quickly.

Observe and clearly remember the cards shown

This is a way to play Tien Len in the South that many people use. It will help you determine whether the remaining cards in your opponent's hand are strong or weak, junk or pair,... From there, a reasonable playing strategy will appear that can win.

Some tips to help you play Tien Len well from the experts
Some tips to help you play Tien Len well from the experts

Bet on the route

For new recruits, the tip to play safely and protect your capital well is to bet along the route. That means each game bets a small amount of money, gradually increasing after gaining a lot of profit and experience. At the same time, you need to know when to stop to avoid losses.


If you are looking for an intellectual subject that brings huge profits, Southern Tien Len is at trang chủ jun88 will be the perfect choice. The game has an extremely modern and eye-catching 3D design. Ensuring all your experiences will be fully optimized from physical to mental.

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