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Tricks for live betting strategy | Make money on live football bets

Every self-respecting bettor must let himself be guided by his passion, thus trying to modify the possible bet according to the progress of the race and his feelings.

Tricks for live betting strategy Make money on live football bets

SummaryEvery self-respecting bettor must let himself be guided by his passion, thus trying to modify the possible bet according to the progress of the race and his feelings. Betting, in the end, is a bit like participating intrinsically in the current race. What better way, then, than to use one's passion for sport to make the right bets by leveraging the atmosphere of the game in real time?

This applies to the biggest football tournaments, Formula 1 races or real-time tennis matches that are followed through the main betting or online streaming sites. No wonder, therefore, if the great fans of the most important sports in the world are regulars of live betting dedicated to their respective disciplines: each event has different study and development characteristics, which obliges those who like to bet to have to take into account a series of dynamics according to the sport they intend to focus on.

So let's see what are the methods and factors to consider to make the best live bets.

How to place live bets

In the current context, it is possible to have a really large and constantly updated live betting schedule. In addition to the best techniques to be successful in this field, i.e. those that plan to be fully informed about the trends of athletes and teams taken into consideration, it is important to know all the types of bets contemplated by live events.

Taking as a reference point the bets on football, the most popular sport ever, we offer below the options of live bets, that is the bets that can be placed at the current event.
  • 1x2 : This is the most classic episode. The player must choose whether he will win a particular team or whether the match will end in a draw.
  • Correct score : the name says it all! It is played when you intend to earn more by guessing the exact result of the game in question.
  • Under / Over : you bet on a total number of goals that is less than or greater than 2.5 per game. This is a pretty good alternative when you don't want to risk with the precise result of the meeting itself.
  • Goal / No Goal : is carried out by focusing on the creation or not of one or more networks. It is one of the riskiest bets: if the bettor bets on the "No Goal", the outcome of the bet may change in a single moment.
  • Total Goals : this is a bet on the exact number of total goals that will be scored by both teams during the event.
  • First half / Second half : in this case, you aim for a result at the end of the first 45 'and you can confirm or modify the same at the end of the second half.

In general, it is clear that it will be essential, for those who want to bet, to draw up an adequate personal strategy to follow in the medium-long term so that they can leverage their knowledge but also on the trends of a team often called into question.

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Live Last Minute Betting

One of the most used methods to make the best use of online betting , according to experts, is certainly the "last minute" technique. As the name itself explains, this strategy in fact involves waiting for the final beats of a game, given that at the end of the game the odds are always higher as there is little race time left.

For example, betting on the next goal or on the Over or the Under, always obviously depending on how the game is going, is therefore an automatic exercise of instinct and ability to understand what is about to happen. Moreover, as it happens during real matches, it is in the final moments that a result takes on more or less importance.

Tricks for live betting


One of the strategies for live betting, especially in relation to football, consists in knowing how to exploit the highlights of the game, either at the beginning or at the end, as mentioned above.

• One of the most classic tricks is undoubtedly that of changing the bet during the match in progress when, for example, one of the two teams loses a player for expulsion or for injury. This increases the odds of winning for the other team and consequently decreases their odds compared to what was published before the match. This reduces both the risks and at the same time increases the odds on which you decide to bet in real time.

• The second technique is instead aimed at increasing the reliability of live bets and minimizing the random factor. In this case you can bet on one of the most convenient bets, namely that of the total threshold of goals scored to be overcome in the match played.

On a statistical level, in fact, it is easier to guess the goal sum than the result of the match in question, which thus increases the chances of guessing more predictions, although the amount is less than the classic 1x2 bet. In this way, however, the global bet will be more reliable and the bettor will have more chances to win in case of a multiple bet system.

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Other sports

It should be remembered that the indications mentioned above refer mainly to football because in this sport a goal is an infrequent event and, in addition to giving life to a series of records , it tends to change the progress of a match in a much more clear and determinant.

In sports such as basketball or volleyball, where the scores are different, often much higher and the game action is decidedly more intense, the speech is clearly different. The same happens for live betting on Formula 1 and MotoGP events: in this case, the surprises in the context of a game in real time are mainly represented by overtaking or fast laps, which is why those who aim at it must be very careful also at the times recorded during the race in progress.

As far as tennis is concerned, on the other hand, it is very important to know the state of form of each player at the time of the match in question, in addition of course to the surface on which the game or tournament to be played is played.

In general, to bet effectively and profitably on live events, it is necessary not only to know the background of the competitions per se well, but, and perhaps above all, to be able to keep calm and cold-blooded to make bets in a concrete way and without ever exaggerate.

It is in fact useless to let yourself be enticed by too obvious results, especially at the beginning of the chosen event. Better to wait for developments and try to be resolved at the right time, thus using the amount made available for the desired bet in a more concrete way.

Dynamics of the various sports

Whether for football or for other popular sports like tennis and eSports online betting available continuously offers a huge variety of bets. However, those who want to begin to enter the world of live betting with criteria must be aware of a dynamic that is always valid, namely that of the state of form of the sportsmen involved, especially as regards those sports where human effort is fundamental, such as for example, football, basketball and tennis, among the most loved ever.

If we speak instead of Formula 1 and MotoGP, or the sports where the engines are the masters, then the dynamics to be taken into account are different: the team, the athletic training team, but also the funding received to improve the bike or the the car in question become key factors.

While, as regards team sports, in which it is not a single individual, but often a team of sportsmen and women, each with their own different characteristics and personalities, it must be said that the forecasts may undergo variations of the last minute because of the injuries of the best players, who are often essential for their team, not to mention the penalties, as well as the expulsions in football and basketball after the fifth foul, which deprive the teams of some of their best players and they can thus alter the course of the meeting.

In this context of quick and quick thinking, football is the most random sport ever, as shown by great and historic games such as the 1999 Champions League final between Manchester United and Bayern Munich, won 2-1 by the British comeback with two goals in the final game. For reasons like these, betting and odds for football are often an exercise dedicated to the great experts of the dynamics of the sport.

Ultimately, be it soccer, Formula 1 or tennis, fans of live betting must not only know the dynamics of each sport or league in question, but mainly focus on their instinct and their passion for making live bets, thinking well before making the episode but also letting yourself be dragged by the intuition of the moment.

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