What it takes to become a Professional eSports player from an Average player?

Whether it was Sensible Soccer, FIFA or Mario Cart, the sensations experienced during a victory were incomparable.

What it takes to become a Professional eSports player from an Average player

Few things in the world manage to awaken a sense of nostalgia as videogames are capable of doing it. In fact, many remember the times when, sitting in their own room or with friends, they played with the latest consoles released, bragging about their progress with one game rather than another.

Whether it was Sensible Soccer, or FIFA, the sensations experienced during a victory were incomparable. But did it ever occur to you that such a pastime could become a billionaire sports betting industry?

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Unstoppable growth

Video games have come a long way in the past twenty years, the world of eSports has particularly attracted a level of interest and has reached an unprecedented profile. If we consider the data provided by Newzoo's market research, 2019 should represent an important milestone for this sector: in fact, it is expected to exceed one billion dollars for the first time.

It is, therefore, a very lucrative phenomenon whose number of fans is growing. According to buisnessinsider, around 330 million people around the world now attend eSport events and it is expected that by 2020 70 million people will watch the final of a specific event in this sector and also the related betting sector sports is growing.

No such attention had ever been recorded. In addition, many famous people are investing in the sport: Drake has become co-owner of 100 Thieves and even personalities who are not particularly related to the industry, like Roberto Carlos, are approaching eSports.

Drake now co-owns a professional e-sports
Drake now co-owns a professional e-sports organization

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In the last period, there has also been important progress on the front of the more "traditional" sports teams: Manchester City and West Ham have signed contracts with eSport champions to be represented at FIFA events. All this has meant that many betting sites now also offer odds for eSport competitions, in addition to the bets available for classic sports betting, such as football, tennis or NBA.

A not inconsiderable stake

In addition to enthusiasm and interest, another aspect of eSports that has seen an exponential growth are the prizes to be won. Gamers competing in major events now compete to win substantial cash prizes that can truly change them for life. This means that only la crème de la crème has the opportunity to change its lifestyle.

For example, last year's total prize pool of The International, the Dota 2 tournament, was $ 25 million: the winning team, OG, therefore took home the sum of $ 11.2 million. Additionally, the 2019 League of Legends World Championship was giving away $ 6.4 million, while the Fortnite Fall Skirmish Series offered $ 4 million. Let's say it is something more than just bragging with friends and even live betting on events is really exciting!

That said, it's no surprise that eSports are considered very seriously today. The main competitions could be a lot of fun for fans, but behind the scenes, the best players have to work hard to stay on top.

Put stereotypes aside - Over the years, the gaming industry has clearly attracted well-defined stereotypes. The common image of a gamer, according to most, is of a not very healthy person, therefore not a sportsman or someone who goes out a lot. However, if we talk about eSport, that idea could not be further from the truth.

Nowadays the prestige that surrounds eSports means that the best players have to commit themselves to stay in shape in order to present themselves at the best in the various competitions. In essence, behind professional gaming lies a much more substantial preparation than simple intelligence and the various hours spent playing the video game in question. The time spent in front of the screen is clearly important, but the other activities are no different.

In fact, competing at the eSport level may not require particular physical effort, but it is certainly mentally tiring. And that's why it is important to sleep regularly and play sports to help memory, mood and ensure adequate mental health of the players. But there is more, nutrition is another key factor for this type of sportsman and this means that those who compete at high levels consult a nutritionist or dietician.

Elite Performance - But what is the approach taken by the main eSports teams in this regard? During an interview with the Guardian newspaper late last year, Carl Hagberg Flink of the Fnatic team revealed that eSport organizations offer support to players to make sure they are always in top form.

In addition to offering players access to the gym and physiotherapy services, he said the team reviews player performance during training sessions, ensures that gamers do the appropriate exercises to prevent injuries and provides cooks special. He also added that it does not rule out that in the future eSport teams will not be too dissimilar from the setup of football clubs.

In terms of the routines adopted by the players, Filip "SmX" Liljestrom, part of the Fnatic team and new team manager of the Apex EU team, shared his training regime last year. The Swede has revealed that, during certain weeks, he goes to the gym every day alternating the use of machines for training the muscles of the arms and legs on the treadmill.

As health and fitness are gaining momentum in the esports community, it is not surprising that products specially formulated for athletes in this industry are increasingly common. Runtime GG is an example of a company dedicated to the production of products created specifically for eSports. The company's CEO, Alexander Zavoloka has in fact explained how the products in the range are designed to balance blood glucose levels in order to promote concentration during the game, an essential aspect for eSports professionals.

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Becoming a Star

What we have discussed thus gives us an idea of how the role of health and nutrition has completely changed in the sphere of video games. Although the idea of playing video games to keep yourself may seem like a teenage dream, this concept has become a reality for the most gifted players.

It is also clear that innate qualities will only lead to a certain level, but what matters in today's eSports world is maintaining a high and consistent level of performance. The next time someone turns their eyes saying that eSports are not a real sport, perhaps it will be appropriate to remind them of what these athletes undergo to stay in the game.

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