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League of Legends is a video game that has become incredibly popular in recent years, and it has been the basis for many different betting opportunities. It’s a game with teams and opponents developed in 2009 by Riot Games.

Suppose you're unfamiliar with this type of game; it involves two teams facing off against each other on a map where they fight over control points. They kill enemy players and monsters until one team reaches its goal. The result can be determined through victory after a number of rounds or by winning all three parts within one round.

It would be best if you also understood the basics of the game before betting in League of Legends. Basically, there are five members per team; four players who control champions are chosen from a roster available during drafts before the matches start. Another player who controls a single 'jungler' makes up for the five-player per team requirement. Nowadays, many people enjoy streaming this immersive game, and has League of Legends betting opportunities open for everyone. That said, to help you make better betting decisions, consider these expert tips as a guide.

1. Watch Live Games

The first tip in betting on any game is to be a spectator. Watching a League of Legends (LoL) game is the best way to familiarize yourself with the fundamental goals of the game and the characteristics of every player. It's the same tip for betting on eSports like CS:GO, LoL and Cyber Live Arena. You'll be able to see how players play in different roles while showcasing their strengths and weaknesses. You'll also get an idea of which team compositions work best for them and against them. You can even see how they adapt their playstyle based on what's happening in the game.

2. Understand Their Win rate

It would help if you looked at a team's win rate to better understand how strong the team is. Win rates are the percentage of games a team has won compared to how many they've lost. For example, if your team has won 75% of their games and lost 25%, they have a 75%-win rate. While win rates can be affected by luck and opponents, it's still instrumental in keeping track of them because they'll give you an idea about who's performing well and who isn't. This is a significant determinant before deciding to bet on a team.

3. Positions Of Players In The Team

The position of a player in the team is an essential consideration for betting. The role of a player in the game, its value to his team and game plan will determine how well he performs. For example, if you're betting on Team A to win against Team B, you should consider whether the champion will be strong enough to carry out their strategies.

A good example is when you have two teams with solid laners. However, one of them happens to have better junglers, who can help control side lanes near dragon pit or Baron pit during some parts of gameplays. Of course, this makes it easier for their laners to farm gold and experience points required to level up without compromising the junglers' edge. This will give the team the upper hand over the other team.

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4. Team Experience

Experience is a massive factor in League of Legends, so you should consider it when choosing which teams to put your bet on. The more experienced a team is, the higher its chances of winning. You could also follow predictions for a better win rate, but you should watch out for teams with years of experience.

5. Champion Pools

A player’s champion pool refers to the set of champions they're known to play. If a player has many champions in their pool, they're more likely to be effective in any game because they’ve had more experience with multiple champions. To bet in the League of Legends, you should be mindful of players' champion pools because they change over time based on what they feel comfortable playing and what they've had success with in the past.

When viewing match histories, you should note of how many total games have been played by each person to know how much experience each one has accumulated with their current pool of champions.

6. Player Stats

You can track players' stats by looking at their on-the-fly stats and seeing how well they are doing. Moreover, you can also check out their bio page if you want to know more about the player. To further understand their stats, you should know that the winrate is the percentage of games a player has won. While the KDA ratio is the average number of kills, deaths, assists, and steals per game for a specific player.

A creep score, which you'll also see, refers to how many minions a particular champ has killed in battle. If your champion has 0 ccs, they probably aren't trying very hard during the fights because it is a must to kill creeps to earn gold/experience points while in gameplay. Knowing your creep score is crucial because it shows in your player’s stats.

7. Assess Team's Early Game/mid Game/late Game

The three stages of League of Legends are the early, mid-game, and late game. The early game is the first 15 minutes of a match. Here, teams are more likely to take risks and play aggressively. You can expect a lot of kills during this part of the game because players will often group up together and fight over objectives like a dragon or Baron Nashor. This stage ends when an inhibitor falls.

The Mid Game is the second 15 minutes of a match where teams start playing defensively until they’re ready for another big push towards victory in their favor. At this point, your team should have enough gold for some core items like sightstone or boots if you haven’t already bought them earlier on in your lane phase.

However, the late game is when your team gets the fourth or sixth item. You can say they're unstoppable at this point, although a single mistake may ruin the game. Understanding how these three stages develop can help you make informed decisions on who’s team to bet on.


There are many tips to bet on League of Legends, such as watching live games and understanding the team experience. The information mentioned in this article are just starting points for you to make your own betting decisions. There is no magic formula to guarantee winnings, but a well-informed bettor can drastically improve the chances of making money on LoL.

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