4 Must Have Poker Tools for Beginners

Best tools for Beginners playing poker.

poker tools

Poker continues to soar in popularity with major sites having thousands of players online at any one time. Many punters try to crossover from sports betting and find variants like Texas Hold’em challenging. While the intricacies of games like Texas Hold'em might seem daunting at first glance, mastering the fundamentals with the help of tools designed specifically for kartupoker can significantly improve your online poker experience. The obstacles at the poker table could be lessened if they knew the tools available that can accelerate a punter’s learning and help their chances online. Fortunately for you, we are going to share four must have tools to help you when trying online poker.

Texas Hold’em Cheat Sheet

Most hobbies have a cheat sheet guide to help you improve these days and poker is no different. A poker cheat sheet will detail the key elements of poker including; hand rankings, basic odds and hand selection tips. These guides are awesome as they can save you a lot of time learning the most important concepts. Best of all, the major poker training sites give them away to readers for free. We recommend using Texas Hold’em Questions poker cheat sheet, it’s downloadable in PDF format meaning you can print or keep it close by when playing online poker.

Poker HUD

A poker heads up display is a necessity in the modern game. A Hud displays the key statistics of other players at your table, including how many hands they play and how active they are. The Hud is a touchy subject online as some major poker sites are starting to clamp down on their usage. The reason is simple, it widens the gap between winner and loser. However, as long as they are permitted, one needs to invest in them. If you don’t, you are at a disadvantage to the other players who are using them to hone their poker strategy. After all, they can see your stats and you can’t see theirs. If you don’t want to use a Hud, we recommend you stick to playing on sites that ban them e.g., Unibet.

Hand Charts

Knowing which to hands to play and where from is one of the hardest parts of poker to grasp. Memory can sometimes fail us so it’s helpful to have charts nearby to help. Poker hand charts are developed by poker coaches to help players know the most profitable hands to play and from which seat. Obviously, hand charts can vary based on the style you want to employ but the underlying concept is to ask yourself “is this hand profitable in this position?”, by asking the question you will be one step ahead of inferior opponents who are playing specific hands regardless of position and table composition.

Bankroll Management App/Spreadsheet

The final necessary tool for aspiring winning players is software or spreadsheets to track winnings. One can only measure performance with results and data. It doesn’t take much to track how you’re doing, a few columns; buy in, amount won or lost, date and duration is sufficient to start a basic spreadsheet. Sensible bankroll management is about playing in games you can afford to play in. It’s about taking a long-term view and ensuring you have cash to play future sessions. There are loads of apps that help you track your performances so there’s no excuse not to. The key to any data analysis is to ensure you are accurate. There’s no point to it if you are entering false information so be honest and you will see how you’re doing and more importantly, compare current results against old results.

There you have it, four must have poker tools for beginners. We’re confident if you take advantage of these tools, you will certainly be a better poker player and have an improved chance of winning at the poker table.

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