How to win money in soccer betting

Soccer Betting is a big Industry where people win money and lose money also. So How to win money in soccer betting?

How to win money in soccer betting
How to Win money in Soccer betting? This is very difficult question since betting is not always go as you think. We will guide you to Win sport betting in three easy steps to follow. These are 1) Research every gave you will bet on 2) Profit is always profit no matter how much profit you did 3) Win is not always possible.
As we said research is very important for soccer Betting so if we can get a lot of information about both teams, the better for more win percentage - before placing a bet. This information must contain statistics, recent form, head to head information, and team news. This will show an estimated outcome Win percentage.
Secondly profit is always profit, either Win big money or small money. Some bookmakers look only for big money bet slip which obviously is more dangerous with low Win percentage. So best bet Win strategy is to focus on high winning bet (after researching) and select those low to medium risk and place a mega accumulator bet (ACCA bet slip). Last thing but not least is to know that Winning is not always possible even when there is high percentage of Win for a bet slip. Betting is sometimes very difficult.

Bet on Draws

Tip 1 - Defending vs Attacking

Before you bet on an "X", you need to be able to identify the teams potentially most likely to draw. Usually the teams that draw the most have these 2 particular characteristics:
  • Good defending - If both teams that face each other have impeccable defenses, it is foreseeable to expect a rather static, balanced game with few goals
  • Don't attack much - Look for teams that make few shots on goal over the course of the 90 minutes, or that tend to miss often under the net.

If the attackers are unable to materialize the chances they manage to create, the game is likely to stay on the same pace and a draw will occur.

Tip 2 - Check Fixtures

It is important to look at the fixtures. Choose matches between teams that are very close to each other. Not having a clear favorite, nor a clear underdog, it will be more likely that the teams are equal and that they end the match with a tied result.

Tip 3 - Both teams Need Points?

If a tie can be beneficial for both of you, score this match! Consider this hypothesis especially in the final season , when, for example, a draw could keep the gap from the relegation zone unchanged for both teams.

The same thing is true in the event that a draw would favor both teams to qualify for a particular competition ( Uefa or Champions League for example ).

Tip 4 - Statistics & Tips

Statistics and match predictions are the greatest ally of a conscious bettor! Yes, I know it's boring to be there looking at rankings, numbers and data, but if you want to bet on a winning way you have to look at the statistics . But what are the statistics to observe before betting on an X?

Draw Predictions are found using a form based algorithm and probability calcualtions. These aren't Draw result tips, they are the likelihood of the match ending in a draw based on previous results.

Here are the main ones:
  • look for teams that have not drawn in a while and will face a team that is close in the standings. It could be the right occasion for a dry X;
  • Find the leagues with the highest percentage of draws
  • Find out which are the teams of those leagues that tend to draw more often like thse stats
  • Stats show according to current data, 1 out of 4 Serie A matches ends in a draw?

Bet on Jackpots

To win big money there are two options which are either bet on high odds predictions or else bet on jackpot predictions which can reach millions. Sites Like Betika, Mozzart and M-bet offer great prizes which one can win. This will not be easy since you need to get 17games correct but there is always small chance that this will happen. The ticket cost 99 cash which is quite low to that sum of money.

betika jackpot has the highest prizes compared to Mozzart jackpot and m-bet jackpot. Winners like Iravonga Jiveri got it right when he won Sh15 million.

Follow Best Tipsters

All tips on the Feedinco Tipsters Community are shown on tips page to registered users. Users can filter the list of all picks by football leagues and there are also options to filter betting tips by start time and odds interval for people who are looking for immediate tips or tips of a certain value for that day.

Tipsters Community is unique because individual tips for football betting on the site are rated for each tipsters. This makes it easier to identify a tipster who is an expert in football betting rather than relying on overall generic statistics. The easy 3 layer score (rookie, intermediate and professional punter) also makes it easy to tell at a glance how good a tip is, rather than wading through difficult to decipher statistics like hit rate, yield and virtual balance.

Registered users interested in sports betting can even follow individual tipsters to have their own selected list of preferred picks on their home page. Simply visit a tipster’s profile page and click the follow button to get their betting tips for sports betting on your home page as they are posted.

Following tipsters in Community
As you can see in the picture above, it is very easy to follow Punters / tipsters so that you can see their bets daily.

The Tipsters Community also post a blog every day on telegram and facebook with their selected tip of the day for users. Staff select what they think are the best tips posted for sports betting on the website and share daily why they think they win.

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