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What are Under and Over Bets?

Under and Over bets are very tricky since you need to predict which teams score a lot of goals as Total Goals.

by Admin

Posted on 4th March

What are Under and Over Bets?
Intro for What are Under and Over Bets?: Under and Over bets are very tricky since you need to predict which teams score a lot of goals as Total Goals.
Betting on over and under bets in matches is very popular since the over and under have on average similar odds. The odds are about 1.2 - 1.3 on average for the O/U 1.5 goals and 1.3 - 1.7 for the O/U 2.5 goals. There are only two outgoing results so the chance to win is higher than in moneyline picks. If you are planning to bet on Over and under bets it is best to place an accumulator bet (multi bet) which can increase the odds lot more (since they will be multiplied together). Many betting players love to bet on O/U 2.5 goals since football fans tend and love to see many goals in a soccer game.
As seen in the above picture (the example is of an ever and under bet 2.5 goals match). This description give you the amount of goals needed to win an over bet and the amount of goals needed to win an under bet.
So we take another example of 3.5 goals. To win a Over 3.5 goals bet, we need the match to finish with 4 goals or more (total goals), if less we loose. If we bet for an under 3.5 goals, we need the total goals of 3 or less.

In the world of football betting, Under and Over are two terms used to identify the sum of goals during a game. They indicate whether there will be more or less than 2.5 goals in a match. The sum will be greater (over) or smaller (under) than the indicated number.

Types of under / over bets :
Over / Under 0.5 (0-0 is considered under and all other results are over);Over / Under 1.5 (in the case of 0 or 1 goal it is under, with 2 or more goals it is over);Over / Under 2.5 (in the case of 0, 1 or 2 goals it is under, with 3 or more goals it is over);Over / Under 3.5 (in the case of 0,1,2 or 3 goals it is under, with 4 or more goals it is over).There are also other variations of the under / over that consider only the first half or only the second half. Others instead allow you to bet only on the home team or on the away team.

How to bet on under / over
Based on the team's performance in the last week is undoubtedly a fact that must be taken into consideration. But this alone is very reductive. A club may also have scored many goals in the last games played but it is not enough to determine a team's strength. In fact, most bettors are very conditioned by the results of the last games and instinctively bet without following a logic, analyze well before placing the bet.

It is very important to distinguish a home team from an away team. Very often, regardless of motivation, there are teams that have a tendency to score more goals at home while others that have a tendency to score more goals away. It is clear that this aspect can also be decisive.

over under bets

Assess the situation

Evaluating an under / over bet considering only the average of the goals scored can be useless. Football is an unpredictable sport and a different result can blow everything up. Let's take an example: suppose that in the last 15 matches Juventus have scored an average of 3 goals per game. It would be intuitive to bet on an under / over of 2.5 . However, if two of these games ended with a high number of goals, for example 4-2 and 5-1 (12 goals in total), the average would no longer match. In fact in the other 13 matches the average would be 2.53. To avoid unpleasant surprises it would be better to evaluate the individual games and check how many times a team has gone under or over a certain number of goals.

Stopping to evaluate the number of goals and final results is not enough, it is important to go to the bottom and study for example the physical conditions of the players and then develop an analysis that can generate a better overall indication of the team's potential and in the end place your under / over .

It may also be relevant to dwell on the matches played in recent seasons.

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