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Ethereum Gamblingasdasda

submitted 26th March

What is Ethereum? How can ethereum be used in gambling?

Top 3 Hottest Female Soccer Playersasdasda

submitted 27th May

Who are the Top 3 Hottest female football players in the World? Sydney Leroux, Shelina Zadorsky and Alex Morgan makes it to the top 3 hottest female soccer players with a very young age.

Betfair API GitHub Code Samplesasdasda

submitted 28th March

How to connect to a Betfair API? using Json request to get latest horse betting Odds and much more.

Asian Handicap Explained - Simple explanation on pictureasdasda

submitted 15th May

Always tried to understand what is Asian Handicap in Betting, this article is a dummy guide to understand Asian Handicap in betting.

How to make money Gambling Online & Sports Betting | Matched bettingasdasda

submitted 15th July

Can betting be a source of income & what technique to use to make money from Gambling Online and also make money from Sports Betting? Also how to make money matched betting and bet on no risk matched betting

Does Football Players shave their legs? Should they?asdasda

submitted 2nd July

Do all Women and Men football players have their legs? and should they shave their legs as part of the game?

World Cup - Qatar 2022 Host stadiumasdasda

submitted 31st March

what are the host stadiums for the World Cup - Qatar 2022?

What is the Future of Betting and IGaming?asdasda

submitted 7th March

Will the betting industry and IGaming will change in the Future? What will be the new structure for the betting industry?

Top 3 Richest Footballer in the world in 2019 - Richest football playerasdasda

submitted 15th July

Who is the Richest Footballer in the world in 2019 and have the most money as a football player, both earing and already earned sportsman?

How to bet on Football matchesasdasda

submitted 10th April

What are Football Odds? What are the best betting sites that have the best Odds? and how to choose the best bets for the Football matches. These question are all asked when starting betting on Football matches.

What to bet for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Summer Games - Betting Guide

What to bet for the Tokyo Olympics 2020? Which country will have the most Medal counts?

by Admin

Posted on 6th March

Intro for What to bet for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Summer Games - Betting Guide: What to bet for the Tokyo Olympics 2020? Which country will have the most Medal counts?
Olympic in 2020 will be held in Tokyo, Japan. Opening date: 24, July - 2020 and Closing date: 9, August - 2020. This will be the second time for Tokyo to host the Summer Olympics; the first time they hosted was back in 1964 Summer Olympics. In total there will be 33 sports in the 2020 Olympic program with the addition of softball, karate, skateboarding, sport climbing, baseball, and surfing. The final weekend of the games will feature gold medals in volleyball, basketball, water polo, modern pentathlon, field hockey, handball, sailing, gymnastics, football, diving, mountain biking, canoe sprint, boxing, archery, track and field and men's marathon.
The bookmakers will submit the Summer Olympic betting odds for each of the individual events and offer betting options for gold, silver, and bronze medals for individual competitors in specific events.
Certain bookmakers will always submit an Over and Under betting for gold medals especially for the United States Gold medal Count. Apart from under and over bets, there are always the Bet on Count of Medals for each Country and bets on those Countries who will get the most medals. Make sure that you think early about the odds since Tokyo 2020 summer Olympics will soon be here.

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