Best Boxing Betting Strategies

Boxing ranks as one of the most lucrative sports in the world. Discover the best boxing betting strategies for increased payouts.

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boxing fight

Betting on boxing is not totally different from other sports. They all follow similar processes. You need to understand the sport, know the favorites and note the odds provided by bookies.

There are certain differences that if applied will place you steps ahead of other punters. We have provided below, the best strategies and tips which give you an edge when placing your bets.

Moneyline Betting on Underdogs

Top sportsbooks offer this market on almost all games where a winner will emerge. If you are a newbie on the lookout for the best operators to wager at, you can read up on how to choose the best betting sites.

Moneyline betting is the easiest way of placing a bet on the sport. All you have to do is a wager on the athlete you think has a better chance of coming out the winner of the fight.

Most times, when there is a clash between a favorite and an underdog, there are reduced odds on the favored boxer. If the consensus of the fight points to a possible victory by the underdog, a Moneyline wager on him rewards you with huge payouts.

Parlay Betting on Favorites

Unlike Moneyline, Parlay is a more complex form of betting. It involves placing one bet on multiple events occurring. And for you to win it, all the predictions you wagered on must be correct. If one fails to happen, you lose the bet.

Using this option is perfect when you wish to enhance your possibilities of winning. Instead of staking separate bets on the events, all you have to do is stake a single parlay including each event. While it is one of the most profitable options, experts advise against it.

Exceptions include when you are familiar with boxing and confident about the events being wagered on. It’s definitely risky but comes with high returns when you win it all.

Understanding the odds is crucial to successful wagering. Fortunately, there are sites that explain the implied probability in sports betting to give you an edge. The platform also recommends bookies that offer the best boxing odds and events, as well as juicy bonuses available, such as welcome bonuses and free bets.

Wager on the Method of Victory

Placing this bet is simply a prediction on how the boxing match will be won. Fights are usually decided based on a knockout, technical knockout (TKO), disqualification, points decision, technical decision, draw, or technical draw.

When placing methods of victory bets, it is important to note the history of a boxer’s previous fights. Has he been winning with knockouts, decision wins or does he land heavy punches which end in TKOs?

A knockout win is one that happens when a boxer knocks his opponent out, the referee then counts to ten and the opponent fails to stand. In a situation where the referee is of the view that either boxer is unable to carry on, he can also stop the fight. Such occurrence is referred to as a technical knockout.

A decision win is awarded by judges and is based on points won after all the rounds. It is a common way of concluding a fight where two athletes display equal levels of control without one having an obvious edge over the other. A fight can also conclude as a technical draw where the rounds are over and the judges find it difficult to separate both fighters.

Betting on Rounds

Your job here is to predict who will win the rounds. In boxing, each round lasts for three minutes and by the end of each, the judges note their scores. By the conclusion of all 12 rounds, the athlete who scored the most points is declared the winner. Many bookies let sports bettors wager on an even or odd number of rounds to be won. You can also check out what is over/under in betting for a more niched bet.

Final Words

While the wagers above are helpful strategies for boxing, it is important to research each fighter before you invest your money.

Records tell you their previous opponents and the outcomes of the fights. You also get to know their skills and weak points. All these factors are necessary in placing bets that win you good money.

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