How to Bet and Win on Tennis: Betting Guide and Strategy of a Professional

The tennis betting market has always been the most favorable betting ground for professional bettor . In my experience as a betting tipster I have met many betting exchange experts who have made tennis their main source of profits. This will be a tennis betting guide for profit.

Bet and Win on Tennis guide


Tennis betting Guide

Tennis is played all over the world - and all year round. Almost every week new tournaments are started. Therefore, many tennis matches are also played over the course of a year. The advantage of this is that you thus also have a wealth of good opportunities to bet on tennis, whatever you prefer to stick to the bigger tennis tournament or not.

The big tournaments such as the WTA & ATP Tour, which are characterized by legendary players such as Federer, Djokovic, Nadal, Murray and Williams, are today among some of the biggest sporting events. As a result, the general popularity of tennis has also increased over the years, which has also been felt by bookmakers.

Today, there are many bookmakers who have chosen to focus a lot on tennis. This means that you can find a large number of game types that you can bet on. However, some bookmakers have more games and markets to choose from than others. In addition, it should also be mentioned that there is a difference in the level of odds among the many bookmakers, which you should be aware of..

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Feedinco Tennis Tips

At Feedinco, you get access to a large number of good Tennis tips. These Tennis tips are prepared by our experts who have a great knowledge in tennis as well as other sports. In addition, they base all their tips on relevant data and thorough analysis. This means that these are good game suggestions that you can take advantage of.

Since these are odds tips prepared by experts, there are good conditions for them to go home. It helps to increase your success rate and thus also the overall ROI you experience by engaging in betting. In this connection, it should be emphasized that, of course, there can be no guarantee that the stain will be hit every time.

If you have a desire to bet on tennis and make money from it, then it is a good idea to accept tips that come from experts. This ensures that it is not just pure guesswork, but that it is a game chosen with an analytical approach and by someone who has both a great knowledge of tennis as well as good experience.

Winning Tennis Bets: The Truth

Making profits with tennis bets is something that requires a lot of practical sense and a good reading of the emotions on the court. Nobody ever talks about psychology in the world of tennis betting, not like football and unlike esports betting. Many pseudo professionals, charlatans who sell training courses without having ever earned even 5000 eur with betting, always focus on statistics. We are practically talking about the information that bookmakers make available to practicing bettors. Information that has very little value and often leads to losing money.

But besides this mistake, evidently gross of these charlatans, it is interesting how none of them ever talks about the psychological aspect of tennis players. >On the one hand we have our mental condition , that of the punter who has to invest money to win tennis bets. On the other hand we have the psychophysical condition of tennis players, essential for conducting a high level betting. The only thing that differentiates the 2 psychological systems is very simple.

If with the increasing experience of the professional bettor, the importance of our psychological condition has a lesser impact on our analyzes, on the other hand, the psychophysical condition of tennis players becomes more and more relevant and incisive for winning at tennis bets. The more the professional becomes expert the greater his attention must be on the psyche of the tennis players. In tennis, psychology plays a fundamental role for a simple big reason.

With tennis we talk about an individual sport, where only in a small part of the cases the psychological support comes from the tennis player's corner, that area of the stands where Mental Coach and all the sports technical staff are present .

Knowing how to read body language is crucial in order to win and live on tennis bets.

I have always been sincere with myself and I am aware of how useful my skills in human psychology have always been.

Live Tennis Betting - Bet in Play

Observing the behavior of tennis players is a fundamental requirement . Whether you understand psychology or not, watching tennis matches is essential to winning at tennis bets.

Man is an empathic animal, that is, he has the ability to recognize and share the emotions and thoughts of another human being. Basically this means that we are able by nature to "put ourselves in the shoes of others" thus sharing the feelings of those in front of us.

This explains why when we see a child laughing out loud we are making you laugh accordingly even if we don't know why.

We can say that we do things by reflection without even realizing it, this allows us to know how to interpret and read possible human behaviors, in tennis betting this is fundamental.

Even without knowing anything about Human Behavior, you have the opportunity to understand the possible evolution of a tennis match by simply observing the match itself. For this reason I always recommend watching the matches live before placing any bets.

As for such a trivial thing, there are times, let alone betting. I observed after years of testing that there is a perfect timing for winning tennis bets . The secret is to observe the match for a period of time ranging from 15 to 25 minutes.

During this time your mind will be able to direct you to the correct bet. Obviously this does not guarantee you 100% reliable results, but by far optimizes your chances of generating profits with tennis.

Win Tennis Bets Strategy

tennis betting strategy
Many novice bettors are constantly looking for strategies to win at tennis bets. I have to say with confidence that there are no strategies for obtaining mathematical gains with betting .

The strategies that some charlatan tries to sell you not only don't work, but they will certainly make you lose a lot of money. Whatever you want to do to win at tennis bets you have to put this in your head: There are no replicated strategies that can make you earn with bets.

Every professional is aware that winning at betting is a matter of discipline, mindset, money management and analysis system.

As you can well see, all these things cannot be correctly summarized by a silly betting strategy.

At the same time I developed this blog in open contrast to all the cracks that I read as authentic charlatans. Those who contradict what my results can constantly testify are invited to face me at the public level.

My strength is that I can demonstrate what I say, while many others cannot even claim € 500 in assets with betting, Tennis tips and Tennis predictions is what we give for free.

Tennis betting strategies always leave the time they find, often they have no mathematical foundation, other times they still show obvious technical gaps.

Tennis betting professionals have systems capable of generating mathematical gains thanks to the use of intelligence and experience gained on the field.

In this guide I clearly show you how we betting professionals mathematically win at tennis bets. Concrete evidence of results obtained with professionalism.

Strategies like the bank of the favorite , or the bet of the tennis player in the service will not help you. Winning a betting salary depends on reading the next few lines.

Winning Tennis Bets - Mathematical Calculation

Tennis Bets - Mathematical
Each professional uses a personalized analysis system to win tennis bets. This system processes an agglomeration of data for each tennis match considered.

The data that are usually categorized by order of importance offer the professional a detailed overview and prepare him for possible scenarios.

The prowess of a professional combined with that of his system is the main weapon to win at tennis bets.

For decades, professionals have tried to attribute the value of each individual data with particular precision to all the others.

In fact, the data are in a continuous relationship of interdependence, one depends on the other and vice versa.

However, there are data that have a greater specific weight within the analysis system. These are nothing more than the foundations of the system, pillars so important that if compromised they can blow up the whole analysis.

For this reason, a PRO to win tennis bets must constantly have the data of a match in Live close to him. A variation of the same could cause a variation in the final decision on the analysis.

Also for this reason it is important to watch the matches in Live .

Register & Watch

The analysis system generates possible scenarios of the outcome of the match, when the game starts the system looks for confirmations to allow the bettor to make the best possible decision.

This is how a professional tennis analysis tool works.

The most important data are the same, like the rest of the system, which I use to generate my analyzes. It is no coincidence that among the first 2 categories of data in the system we find data concerning the mental and physical condition of tennis players . Feedinco make use of this preliminary analysis to select the matches within a schedule. And this is no coincidence considering that the information I am sharing with you comes from one of the highest and most confidential betting schools in the whole world.

If you do not have an analysis tool of this type you can always rely on my advice that you find in this guide. First you need to focus on the ambitions that could push the tennis player to win the match. This is one of the main skimming of the schedule that I do, especially when I don't like the matches offered by the day. If I don't find something to my liking, I often decide quietly not to bet. My betting consists of very few bets but with a high win rate potential.

Often I am pleasantly surprised at how the commentators are much more attentive to the precedents face to face rather than to the variables just mentioned. You should know that direct matches punctually have less weight than tennis players' motivations. Furthermore, this data must always be contextualized. A very strong tennis player may have lost a precedent because he was not physically well or because he was going through a bad family or psychological period, or he was still too young to face the pressure of a great tournament.

As you can see, each data item must always be looked at in its overall context, otherwise we run the serious danger of relying on statistics and not data, with all the necessary problems. Another thing I always do. I bet exclusively on tennis players that I know from top to bottom, never ever dreamed of throwing myself on sportsmen whose history or path I did not know.

Tennis Bets - Safe Bets

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A betting professional uses a few simple, proven markets to win tennis bets.

In this fantastic sport safe bets are often on the agenda. Authentic bookmakers mistakes allow those who intend to mathematically earn large sums of money. All done in full legality.

Usually bookmakers make these mistakes on tennis because this is a very dynamic and constantly evolving sport. Tennis tournaments are often interrupted, postponed matches, tennis players' packages, last minute substitutions and more.

In short, tennis represents a real safe booty for betting professionals. Often the professional sports trader makes use of the participation of several bookmakers. The bets made on different platforms generate a real mathematical gain. Safe bets in tennis are usually found in the Antepost section of tournaments. Some bookmakers are so slow to update the odds that it can happen to find authentic gifts in mathematical terms. One of the most famous recent cases has seen customers grind thousands and thousands of euros in minutes.

Winning at safe tennis bets is not very easy. You need to know the markets, be able to seize the opportunities and be quick to place your bets, bookmakers give you just the time for an aperitif.

Surebet on Tennis - Always Win

sure bets
In tennis odds vary quickly due to sudden changes in scoring. Winning with Surebet in Tennis is possible by taking advantage of the winning tournament or obtaining information of great relevance for the outcome of the match.

It is the case in which we have certain information on the complicated physical conditions of a tennis player. It may happen that the sportsman on duty may have taken food poisoning, or may simply be affected. All this information if obtained before the match has clear repercussions on the trend of the prematch odds.

Having this information available, the professional bettor waits for the change in odds and promptly hedges the transaction thus obtaining a high value sure bet.

At the end of the season we then attend the ATP Finals a tournament that in this sense can give satisfactions.

In fact, it may happen that a tennis player has a sudden change in altitude because he faces another tennis player who is already qualified for the SF and who therefore has no interest in winning the match.

Winning at Tennis Bets: Winning Systems

The pros use winning systems to make profits from tennis betting. As I said before, each professional develops the system he considers best for his way of operating on the markets.

However, all professionals have in common the same way of analyzing and categorizing data following units of value. The system is thus created to allow the professional to be as precise as possible in his analysis.

Obviously, each analysis system is constantly looking for the value shares , the so-called Value Bets . It is essential for every pro to always guarantee a mathematical advantage on the quotes offered by the bookmaker or by the Betting Exchange platform .

My betting is also made up of this particular analysis structure. Strategy that I do not hide is aimed in most cases to determine the real probability that a match will occur.

For this reason, in the last decade of tennis betting has been created with different variations " The Analysis System " which is used mostly by all professionals.

The system is characterized by a dense network of data which, if combined, are able to provide a definitive analysis of the match in progress. All the professionals I have known use the prematch system and then confirm the analysis when the match is in progress.

The system is divided into Macro & Micro Variables

Macro & Micro variables have a well-defined force ratio. Variable macros have a greater influence on the system and deeply determine the analysis of the match.

Micro Variables, on the other hand, have less specific weight, but their role is still very important. With their data they form and structure the Macro Variables.


How do you always win in tennis betting?

Below we have listed the six elements that cannot be ignored when deciding to bet on tennis . It should be immediately specified that believing that the approach is the same to be used as when betting on football is a mistake not to be made. First of all because the football games foresee three possible outcomes, given that the matches can also end in a draw. Tennis also lends itself more to a statistical study, a factor that should never be underestimated when it comes to betting. Find out the rest by reading the next points.
  • type of surface
  • ATP ranking and calendar
  • characteristics of the players
  • reliability of the data available
  • Head-to-head statistics
  • odds proposed by the betting sites

Is betting on tennis easy?

In tennis it is always better to limit the bets that are made, choosing only the best ones regarding the odds. When you are in a sports tournament, it is natural that our bookmaker publishes a lot of odds for every single match.

How often does the Favourite win in tennis?

It consists in betting on the winner of the tournament. Usually bookmakers offer "each way bets", with ⅓ of the odds going to your favorite and the rest if your player finishes in second or third position.

Always keep in mind that in tennis tournaments the opponent is established according to the draw and it is always important to know the opponents before deciding on which player should bet. The draw can go against a good tennis player and to the advantage of a lower one, who will compete with particularly weak opponents with more chances to continue in the tournament.

How do you bet on tennis odds?

In our tennis betting guide, we will show you how to make a long term and profitable bet on tennis.Tennis bets offer a large number of possibilities, with the sport now second only to football in terms of worldwide popularity, with an infinite number of tennis bets every year.

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