Jackpot Slots vs Regular Slots: What Is The Difference?

Standard slots will pay out much more frequently than jackpot ones. But, when a jackpot slot pays out, it will reward you with more money than you could've ever won at a regular slot machine.

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The slot machine is a game that is synonymous with the casino floor. It is usually the most common machine you can find. When Charles Fey first constructed the Liberty Bell slot machine, he would have been astonished to find that his creation is still widely played almost 130 years later.

Of course, the initial invention differed from the highly complex, computer-driven algorithms you can find today. Slot machines today implement the best graphics and host dozens, sometimes hundreds, of different titles. You can find a mix of classic slot machine games, TV-themed and adventure slot machine-themed games.

As the market continued to expand throughout the 20th Century, businesses were looking to corner a niche in this particular market. Whether it was the type of slot machine game, the amount you could win, or the choices of slot machine game titles to could choose. Today we will explore the key differences between jackpot slots and regular slots.

Before diving into this article today, it is important to remember that gambling must always remain fun. If you’re in a position where you are losing more money than you initially planned, or you find yourself chasing losses, you must stop playing and speak to a professional.

Regular Slots

Regular slots work similarly to the Liberty Bell machine Fey first created in San Francisco in the late 19th Century. On a regular slot machine, you will usually choose different titles. However, the most recognizable and iconic feature of the slot is pulling the lever or pressing the button, hoping to match the symbols.

Initially, this was just the three symbols. However, as advances in technology and computing began to have a bigger grip on the casino industry, it grew to five symbols, with multiple lines and chances of winning.

As developers in the industry began to think of more creative ways to increase their customer base, one of the methods they touted was jackpot slots, which proved to be a hit with both land-based casinos and digital casinos.

Jackpot Slots

The idea of a jackpot is that you win a bigger prize than you usually can on your chosen game.

For instance, with a jackpot slot machine, you will have your prize multiplied by ten or sometimes one hundred. In Las Vegas in 2003, one jackpot slot machine winner won over $30 million.

This huge prize would not have been available on a regular slot machine, which is the biggest difference between these two casino games. Another difference is that jackpot slots are much less likely to payout. Nowadays you can find jackpot slot machines online easily, for example, if you look for jackpot on mbitcasino.io.

You will usually have better luck on a regular slot machine as they pay out more frequently.

However, if you receive a prize or payout on a jackpot slot, because of the nature of the game, you will receive a much larger jackpot than you would if you were playing regular slots.


As we have pointed out in this article today, the two key differences between jackpot slots and regular slots are that you can win much more money whilst playing a jackpot slot machine. However, you are much more likely to win a prize in regular slots, as they are programmed differently due to the nature of the game being more low risk.

Of course, any slot machine gaming or gambling is high risk. As it is a casino game, you always run the risk of losing your money. However, from a purely mathematical and probability perspective, the numbers favor you if you are a regular slot machine player instead of a jackpot player.

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