Is It Important to Know League of Legends to Bet Successfully?

It's important for people to know that even if they are above average skill level for their rank, it doesn't mean they will rise instantly.

lol tournament

Cybersports and regular sports have hundreds of millions of fans worldwide. Some only play, some watch the games of their favorite streamer, and some watch their favorite team at major championships. The system of cybersports is similar to regular sports in terms of organization. Each team has an organization for which they play, coaching staff, training plan, tournament schedule, communication with fans, advertising contracts, and so on. It's very similar to regular sports in terms of disciplines. There are single sports like Fortnite or Grand Tourismo or team sports like Counter-Strike, Dota, and League of Legends.

Many fans are on fire with their favorite game. In our case, League of Legends can increase interest in watching matches and make money by betting on games. The main question for every fan is: "How to bet on games?" There is no single answer. It is different from going to an online essay writing service and asking them to write you a great essay. There is no simple answer because betting on cybersports and regular sports requires a certain knowledge base and preparation.

League of Legends Main Tournament

The main tournament of the year in League of Legends is the World Championship or Worlds. The tournament takes place once a year. The strongest teams participate in it, having the most prestigious status and the biggest prize pool.

main tournament of the year in League of Legends

However, to participate in the tournament, teams must earn a certain number of points and succeed in their leagues.

Regional Championships

The Riot company owns and develops League of Legends and organizes leagues among teams in countries or regions where the game is particularly popular. The best of these teams qualifies for the World Championship. Currently, the regional leagues include:
  • Champions Korea - Republic of Korea
  • Master Series -Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau
  • North American Championship Series - North America
  • European Championship Series - Europe
  • Pro League - China
  • Circuito Brasileiro - Brazil
  • Turkish Champions League - Turkey
  • Japan League - Japan
  • SEA Tour Southeast - Asia
  • Liga Latinoamérica - Latin America
  • Oceanic Pro League - Oceania

Traditionally, the strongest teams are considered to be those from China and South Korea. In 13 World Championships, held since 2011, Korean teams have become champions 8 times, and teams from China 3 times. And teams from these regions always make it to the playoffs.

What You Need to Know About League of Legends to Bet Better

League of Legends is a MOBA game. The battle of champions takes place on three main lines, a forest, and a river. There are 163 champions in the game, each with a unique set of skills and mechanics. It is quite a complex game regarding play and interaction between champions. It has a lot of tactics and strategies that players try to implement in fairly short games. The average League of Legends game lasts about 30 minutes. The team that is the first to destroy the opponent's base wins. Riot makes regular changes to the game, strengthening and weakening certain champions and items in the game, so the balance is always shifting. You don't need to know every single one of the over 160 heroes. You don't need to delve into all the tactics and learn strategies. You only need to learn a few parameters to get started confidently.

League of Legends

Find out which patch of the game is running the tournament game you want to bet on.

See which champions are in the meta (popular) at the time of the game and which have the highest win-rate.

Find out which championships the players of the opposing teams are playing on.

Evaluate the peaks of heroes' bans at the beginning of the game.

Many people rightly compare MOBA games to chess. There are many articles and studies on this topic. Studying the impact of cybersports is seriously considered in universities. After perusing through the essayusa review, many students have already chosen this topic for their sociology and business research. You, too, can delve more into this topic if you want even more confidence in your knowledge.

Is It Safe to Bet on League of Legends?

There is a famous phrase of sports commentators: "It's a sport, which means anything can happen." This means that the match's outcome is not determined from the start. However, the probability of chance in League of Legends is not as high as it may seem initially.

1. If you want a safer bet, it is best to place your bets in the regional championships in the middle of the season, when a team or a group of leaders is already clearly defined. In this case, you will certainly not lose by picking the dominant team as the favorite. League of Legends is not soccer. There is no timer, and a random goal at the last minute will not change the result. Suppose the favorite team managed to choose strong champions. In that case, the game will probably be played under their dictation from start to finish. Riot has long been trying to tweak the game's comeback system by setting up a system to mine extra gold for the lagging team. Still, these innovations haven't made any critical changes.

2. If you want to take a chance and make a profit, then your choice should be the best of 1 game, not the classic best of 2 or best of 3. This is really the case when an outsider can beat the champion on one map. It all depends on the peak of the teams. If you see that the underdog team has recruited several strong heroes who can single-handedly turn fights, and you are confident that the team will be able to implement their strategy and surprise the leaders, then this is your choice.

The Most Popular Bets in League of Legends

The most popular bet is the bet on the winner of the match. The odds of this bet are not the highest, but there are fewer options to lose. Other popular bets include:
  • Betting on first blood (who will make the kill first)
  • Betting on the score in the best of 3 games (2:0, 2:1, 0:2, 1:2)
  • Betting on match time
  • Bets on Roshan's kills
  • Bets on Roshan's kills
  • Drake Kills
  • Soul Bets
  • Bets on the number of destroyed buildings

These are more advanced bets. They are based on the principle of high risk - high reward. You need to analyze the teams' strategies to succeed in them seriously. The odds of these types of bets are usually higher than standard win/loss bets.

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