League of Legends strategy guide from Viva88 for potential winning

League of Legends is an extremely attractive game, so the types of bets related at Viva88 bookie. Learn the League of Legends betting strategy for profit.

league of ledgends

Betting League of Legends is a game that receives the attention of millions of gamers around the world. With a popular game like LOL, big matches like the final round is a golden time to bet and earn a big bonus. Below, Viva88.net online bookie will summarize and share with you the most useful information about betting strategies on this game.

The most popular forms of league of legends bets on VIVA88

To be able to participate in betting on League of Legends, the most basic requirement is that you need to know about the types of bets. Besides, there are ways to read the embankment to be able to place the correct bet, increasing the odds of winning your bet. Some typical types of LOL bets are as follows:

Bet on win or lose

With this bet, you need to bet on 1 of the 2 teams that you predict is likely to win. If you place the right bet, you will win the bet, if you lose the bet, you will lose money.

Previously, when participating in LOL bets, you would have 2 choices. It is traditional betting or online betting. However, nowadays, online betting is the most popular, so you just need to register a game account at a reputable bookie like Viva88, make a deposit, then you can start placing bets.

Over and Under bets

Over Under is also a popular type of bet in league of legends betting. This type of bet has a very simple way to play, the odds of winning are relatively high.

With this bet, the bookie will give a random number. You will proceed to bet on whether the score of the 2 teams will be greater or less than the number given by the bookie. In addition, when participating in betting on the world finals as well as major tournaments, there are many other types of bets. As follows:
  • The team that won the first match
  • The team with the first victory
  • The winning team in each match
  • The team with the most kills
  • The team that scored the first blood
  • The team that scores the first 5 lives first
  • The team can eat Baron first.

LOL World Finals Betting Strategies on VIVA88

The LOL world final tournament is the biggest sporting event for those who love this cult esports game. This is the time when gamers can witness the top-notch competition of the teams.

league of ledgends gameplay

Besides, this is also a golden opportunity for betting enthusiasts to place bets and bring home big wins. If you want to participate in the League of Legends final round betting with a high win rate, you need to pay attention to applying the following strategies:
  • Get accurate information about each team's playing time. This is the most necessary and important thing to avoid the status of the Viva88 bookie having expired to receive bets. You need to know so that you don't miss the time to bet.
  • Detailed analysis of all the most basic information about the 2 participating teams.. To bet on the correct door, you need to analyze carefully the forces, individual skills and achievements of each team. After collecting all the information, it will be analyzed to place the correct door bet.
  • Choose the right betting method. Each form of LOL betting is based on the analysis of the participant group. Therefore, you need to choose the form that is right for you.
  • Choose a reputable bet bookie to be able to play safely, fast deposit and withdrawal operations like Viva88.ws.


Above is the general information about betting on League of Legends that Viva88 wants to share with you. To be able to play successfully and win big, you need to master the above basic strategies.

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