The outstanding Lumpy Stevens

Edward Lumpy Stevens was an British professional cricketer who played first-class cricket in the 18th century.

Edward Lumpy Stevens

Edward "Lumpy" Stevens was a professional English cricketer who lived from 1735 to 1819. In addition to cricket, basketball is another great sport to make live wagers on, and the best opportunities are available at the website.

He was well-recognized for being an outstanding bowler. In fact, many people have gone as far as to claim that he is the first great bowler in the history of the sport.

Details regarding the beginnings of Stevens’ career are not precisely known. This is because back in the 18th century not many records regarding professional cricket in England were kept. You can now visit the 1xBet website if you want to wager on other players whose records in the sport are quite clear.

Before the introduction of scorecards

It is known that Stevens’ career lasted between 1768 and 1789. Most of his professional career was spent in Surrey. The player was one of the first to carefully study the trajectory of cricket balls. Make sports betting for mobile through its exceptional app, which features hundreds of cricket matches.

By dedicating time to understand the behavior that the ball displayed while flying, he was capable of coming up with his own bowling technique. He realized that by varying a few things in his bowling, the ball could be far more predictable for batters. These variations were made in aspects like:
  • pace;
  • length;
  • and direction.

You can get the sports betting app from 1xBet for mobile devices to wager on other fantastic cricket bowlers too. It is also known that Stevens was part of an early version of the English national side late in his career, which played against various other cricket clubs in the country.

Choosing characteristics of the pitch

Currently, the dimensions of cricket pitches are completely standardized. However, this was not the case at the moment when Lumpy Stevens played. You can review the live score for cricket matches to see how other players are doing on the pitch.

In fact, during the 18th century while Stevens was an active player, generally the leading bowler decided where the wickets would be located. This altered the length and direction of the pitch. Currently there are many other exceptional cricket bowlers, and at 1xBet you can find live scores for cricket matches where they play.

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