Beginner’s guide to cricket betting

There are few sports that offer betting opportunities that are as attractive as those of cricket bets

cricket betting

There are few sports that offer betting opportunities that are as attractive as those of cricket bets. For starters, there is a televised match nearly every day – sometimes as many as two or three – and because the game has so many nuances, a punter that has done his research and takes a disciplined approach to evaluating bets stands a better chance of winning than with virtually any other sport.

Cricket has always been a firm favourite here in Australia and why not with the perfect Aussie summer weather and of course our British heritage. Cricket is played throughout Australia by all ages and due to this it has always had a good following within the betting world.

Australia's main competition is of course the Sheffield Shield which is competed for each year by each states representative team. The competition is contested in a double-round robin format, with each team playing every other team in two home-and-away matches. Points are awarded based on wins, losses, draws and ties, with the top two teams playing a final at the end of the season. Regular matches last for four days; the final lasts for five days.

The most famous cricket series in the world The Ashes is competed for every two years between Australia and the old enemy England, consisting of five tests the series is a grueling challenge for both bat and ball and the public interest from both countries is always huge. The Ashes series alternates between Australia and England and the fans flock to each test to hopefully watch their country get one over on their counterparts.

The Cricket world cup is another event that is always in the public's eye when it comes around as it is only held every four years. International teams compete against each other firstly in pools before they best of the best play out the knockout phase to see who will be crowned world champions.

Cricket Formats

There are five main match formats for cricket. These are:
  • Five-day Test Matches. These encounters between international teams are usually played as part of a series of up to five matches.
  • Four-day matches between English counties. The betting principles for these are roughly the same as for Test Matches.
  • Fifty-over per side matches. These usually involve international sides, and are often played as part of a series or multi-team tournament such as the ICC Trophy, World Cup or the IPL.
  • Forty-over per side matches between English counties in the CB40 Trophy. The betting principles for these are pretty much the same as for 50 over matches.
  • Twenty-over per side matches. These matches are popular around the world as part of big club tournaments such as the Indian Premier League, the English Twenty20 Cup, the Australian Big Bash, and the Caribbean T20. There is also an international club tournament known as the Champions League Twenty20 that uses this format.

The most popular markets for matches are match winner, test match end, and completed match, while the most popular markets for innings are total runs, session runs, and top team batsman.

Cricket Betting

When evaluating a cricket bet, there are a number of important factors to consider. One of the most important things to bear in mind is that certain players tend to perform better under certain conditions and formats. For example, Kieron Pollard of the West Indies is usually great in the T20 and in 50 overs matches, but tends to perform much worse in Test matches. Similarly, most batsmen from the Indian sub-continent tend to perform worse when they are touring England, Australia, and South Africa because they have learned to play the game on on slow Indian pitches with less bounce than those in other countries.

Another thing to bear in mind is how a pitch will play, and whether it will deteriorate. In many cases, the pace of the pitch, how much it helps the bowlers, and how quickly it will deteriorate can sometimes have a bigger effect on the outcome of a match than the form of the players themselves. You need to form an opinion on the type of players that it will favour, how it will play later in the day or in subsequent days (in the case of test matches) and what the run-rate will be in the short term and over the course of the innings and match. In order to do this, you need to study the statistics and past results for each ground, and also for the teams and players involved.

Finally, you need to build an understanding of how weather can affect the outcomes of cricket matches. For example, swing bowlers are at a distinct advantage when it is cloudy, while these faster bowlers have less of an advantage in sunny conditions, handing an advantage to the batsmen. However, if the sun is out all day, then the ground can dry up and crack, which gives spin bowlers a greater advantage.

Head To Head

This is a general win - lose - draw bet placed on either of the two cricket teams competing in a single match, all three options are popular due to the nature of cricket and how it can unfold with teams getting on top and knocking the other off quickly but also both teams digging in and holding the bowlers at bay, the weather also plays a big part in cricket matches especially abroad due to cricket not being played in the rain or bad light.

Most Runs Betting

Pick a player to score the most runs, there are several markets that you can choose from usually most runs in the match or innings by either team or most runs in the match or innings by a player from a single team.Example - Steve Smith to score the most runs for Australia first innings or Steve Smith to score the most runs in the match between Australia v England. The first option only pits Smith against his own team in a single innings so it does not matter what the English players score nor does it matter what he scores in the second innings of the match. The second option however means Smith has to score more runs than any other player from either side during the match for the bet to be a winner.

Most Wickets Betting

You can pick any given bowler to take the most wickets during the match and as the runs market this can be either by team or teams competing. Quite often this bet will result in a tie, if so the odds are halved.

Cricket World Cup

Another popular betting event for punters as it is the only international tournament that is worth winning. top betting options are tournament winner, highest scoring batsman and leading wicket taker.

Sheffield Shield winners
ICC world Cup Winners 2021

Sheffield Shield

Competed for each season the Australian domestic event is a favourite with punters who love the game, the most popular bet is the eventual competition winners.

Sheffield Shield winners
Sheffield Shield Cup Winners 2021

Live Cricket

Cricket is not just a game but a religion. makes it easy for fans to religiously follow and stay updated about everything connected to cricket.

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Features of Predcitions

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