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What is Over Under betting? Experience playing this bet at Fun88

Over Under bet is one of the simplest forms of bets and has a 50% chance of winning. Learn this betting experience at Fun88 to win.

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Most betting players will know the term Over Under betting. However, for a newbie who does not know what Over Under is, it is necessary to spend time learning. Read the following article about what Over Under bets are shared from the experts of the reputable online FUN88 bookie.

over under betting

What is an Over Under bet on FUN88 Online Bookie?To put it simply, Over Under means that when participating in the Over Under bet type, you will bet based on the final score of the match.

Players only need to compare the total number of goals of the match with the results given by the FUN88 bookie. And there is no need to care about which team wins and which team loses like other sports bets.

The FUN88 home betting expert will give football betting odds for the bet. This is the total number of goals of the match divided into over or under.

Bettors will rely on their own judgment and analysis, then predict whether the final result will be higher or lower than the number given by the bookmaker. Lower is Under, higher is Over. When the match ends, the result will be used and the reward will be paid.

Keep in mind, Over Under only counts the total number of goals scored in the official 90 minutes of the match and note that extra time is not counted.

Instructions for playing Over Under on FUN88 online betting

winning bets

Over Under bets sound quite simple, but in fact, it is not as easy to win as you think. If you want to win, you need to understand the rules of the game and the symbols that the FUN88 betting offers from Fun88az official.

Specifically, the letter U means the symbol for the Under door, and the letter O means the symbol for the Over door. In the case of playing Over Under, then you definitely need to distinguish two types of bets to be able to choose, which is the bet on the first half and the bet on the whole match.

Calculation for FUN88 Over/Under bettingIn general, all players when participating in betting have the ultimate goal of making big winnings. And this is also the reason that players need to know how to calculate the amount they win or lose. Here is the calculation:

over under calculation

  • Over and under tie: Apply in case the total number of goals in the match matches the odds offered by the bookie.
  • Over bet: For the case where the total number of goals in the match is greater than the odds offered by the bookie.
  • Under bet: In case the total number of goals in the match is less than the odds offered by the bookie.
  • Win half money or lose half money: When the total goal of the match is 0.25 difference with the odds offered by the bookie.
  • Win all or lose: When the total number of goals in the match is 0.5 different from the bookie's odds.

In addition, Over Under bets also have O/U 1, O/U 1.25, O/U 1.5, O/U 1.75, etc. Each of these rafters are different, so you need to find out clearly before placing a bet on the FUN88 betting bookie.Over and Under betting experience shared by FUN88 experts

over under calculation

  • If anyone plays Over betting, they should play OVER HT, they should not play Over FT because when determining the match is Over FT, when betting on HT, they will win money faster, of course, combine a number of conditions to consider whether OVER HT is possible.
  • If anyone is betting Under, they should play UNDER FT and should not play Under HT because the probability of 0-0 HT matches is quite low, while the risk of scoring 1 goal will result in a tie or loss, preferably Under FT. If you score 1 early goal HT, you can bet on Under FT.
  • In case when Over HT is not down to 0.75 but there is a goal before the 10th minute, usually 70% will have a second goal in the first half, so you can wait to enter the bet.
  • The case of losing all 3 consecutive bets can still happen, so you should choose carefully which tournaments usually have many goals, avoiding the tournaments that usually have few goals.


Above is all the information about Over Under bets at the prestigious FUN88 bookie. Besides, there are effective Over Under betting experiences shared by experts, surely when applied you will win.

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