Rating the Top NZ Football Players Right Now and Their Futures

New Zealand are not a big fan of football, but they have produced many players over the years who play abroad. We run you through a list of them

kiwi football players

New Zealand, a nation more renowned for its rugby prowess, has been steadily making its mark on the global football stage.

Among the vanguard of Kiwi talent propelling this rise are several players who have not only made a name for themselves at home but have also ventured abroad, showcasing their skills in some of the world’s most prestigious leagues.

This article profiles five of these outstanding talents, assessing their current impact and potential for future success.

1. Chris Wood - Nottingham Forest, Premier League

At the forefront is Chris Wood, a striker whose journey from West Bromwich Albion to becoming the all-time leading goal scorer for New Zealand is nothing short of remarkable. Currently performing in Nottingham Forest, he was able to make a name for himself with his success when playing in Leicester City, Leeds United, Burnley and Newcastle United as well.

Wood has been an amazing addition to any club he has played in. This is pretty easy to see based on his 33 goals in 70 caps for New Zealand.

His recent move to Nottingham Forest, despite limited first-team chances at Newcastle, speaks volumes about his resilience and adaptability.

With a knack for crucial goals and a robust presence in the attack, Wood's future seems bright as he continues to be a pivotal figure for both club and country.

Thanks to this relative success, Chris has become sort of a celebrity back home, with fans cheering and watching the Premier League very much because of him. Her’s been invited to film numerous promotional content.

Most of all he’s been quite pestered by the local entertainment industry, trying to improve their public relations with the Kiwis. Based on numerous NZ casino reviews, these types of celebrities are always in the crosshairs of these companies because of how good of an access they can gain on the younger population with their help.

2. Joe Bell - Viking, Eliteserien

Joe Bell, a defensive midfielder for Viking in Norway, represents the quintessential blend of youth and leadership. Beginning his professional journey with a three-year contract at Viking in 2020, Bell's career trajectory took a sharp turn with a move to Brøndby IF in Denmark in 2022, only to return to Viking in 2023.

His international debut against Ireland marked the start of a promising international career. Bell's ability to control the midfield, combined with his maturity, positions him as a future captain for New Zealand.

His recent return to Viking is a strategic move, likely to offer more regular playing time and development opportunities, crucial for his growth and contribution to the national team.

3. Winston Reid - Formerly West Ham United

Winston Reid, a defender who captained the New Zealand national team, is a testament to Kiwi grit and determination. His significant tenure at West Ham United in the Premier League was characterized by solid defensive performances and leadership.

Reid's journey at West Ham, culminating in mutual consent departure in 2021, was a mix of highs and challenges, notably his role in the club’s defense and occasional captaincy.

Post-West Ham, Reid's future in club football may be uncertain, but his experience and leadership continue to make him an invaluable asset to New Zealand's football aspirations.

4. Sarpreet Singh - Hansa Rostock, 2. Bundesliga

Sarpreet Singh’s ascent from the Wellington Phoenix Academy to Hansa Rostock in Germany is a narrative of talent meeting opportunity. His move to Bayern Munich in 2019, following impressive performances for New Zealand in the U-20 World Cup, marked a significant milestone.

Though primarily playing for Bayern's reserve team, Singh's promotion to train with the first team and subsequent Bundesliga debut underscore his potential.

His recent permanent move to Hansa Rostock in 2023 indicates a desire for regular first-team football, a crucial step for his development. Singh, with his creative midfield flair, is poised to be a pivotal figure for both his club and the New Zealand national team.

5. Ryan Thomas - PSV Eindhoven, Eredivisie

Ryan Thomas, a midfielder for PSV Eindhoven, completes this list of top New Zealand football talents. Although his journey has been somewhat rocky due to injuries, Thomas is still a player to be reckoned with.

He is the perfect midfielder both the New Zealand and Eindhoven teams could ask for. And he has nowhere to go but up as he recovers from his past injuries.

His technical prowess and vision on the field will be crucial in elevating the team's performance in international fixtures.

What the Future Holds

These players, while already having etched their names in the annals of New Zealand football, are not merely resting on their laurels. They continue to push the boundaries, striving for greater heights in their respective careers.

Chris Wood’s role at Nottingham Forest, a club with a storied history and renewed ambition, presents an opportunity for him to further solidify his status as a top-tier striker. His experience and goal-scoring ability will be crucial for Forest, especially as they navigate the demanding landscape of the Premier League. For the New Zealand national team, Wood remains an indispensable asset, a player capable of turning the tide of a game with his goal-scoring instincts.

Joe Bell’s return to Viking symbolizes a strategic step in his career. At Viking, Bell is likely to receive the consistent playing time necessary for honing his skills, an essential factor for a player still in the developmental stages of his career. His leadership qualities and on-field maturity bode well for his future, both at the club and international level. Bell is poised to play a pivotal role in the midfield for the All-Whites, potentially captaining the side in the years to come.

Winston Reid’s journey, while currently at a crossroads following his departure from West Ham United, is far from over. His wealth of experience in one of the world’s toughest leagues, coupled with his leadership skills, makes him a valuable mentor for the younger generation of Kiwi footballers. Whether he continues his club career or transitions into a different role within football, Reid's impact on New Zealand football will remain significant.

Sarpreet Singh’s move to Hansa Rostock is a stepping stone towards achieving greater success in European football. His technical skills, vision, and ability to create chances make him a unique talent in New Zealand’s football arsenal. Singh’s future seems bright as he continues to adapt and thrive in the competitive environment of European football. His journey will be one to watch closely, as he has the potential to become a cornerstone for the New Zealand national team.

Ryan Thomas at PSV Eindhoven represents a story of resilience. Overcoming injuries and maintaining a spot in a top European club is no small feat. Thomas's ability to control the game from the midfield and his versatility make him an asset for both his club and the national team. As he regains his best form, Thomas is expected to play a key role in New Zealand's footballing endeavors, especially in high-stakes international fixtures.

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