Soccer-Themed Roulette: How Sports Fans Can Play Roulette Without Missing Any of the Action

Imagine placing your bets on a roulette wheel with soccer-themed numbers or competing in a poker game featuring soccer-themed card decks.

soccer players on attack

Soccer fans now have many ways of following games, from live streaming to mobile alert services and fan forums. The rise of football-themed roulette games provides an intriguing new way of keeping up to date with the latest scores while enjoying a different kind of game, so what does it involve?

What Are Soccer Roulette Games?

These are among the games you’ll find when you play roulette online. This genre has embraced technological advancements and uses live-streaming technology that allows players to take part by interacting with a live human dealer on the screen in front of them. Football Studio Roulette by Evolution and Football Roulette by Playtech are among the options, with both games set up in soccer-themed studios. Other ways of playing include Lightning Roulette and Immersive Roulette, with each version based on a different theme and features.

The key aspect of these soccer-themed roulette games is that they give score flashes and updates on the latest goals that have been scored. In some cases, the dealer will talk about the sport’s latest news and rumors, while others will be more heavily focused on the casino game and briefly mention the score updates between roulette rounds. Look out for a screen behind the dealer that lists the games being played.

The Playtech game mentioned earlier is part of their Let’s Play studio, where they’ve added a selection of sports-themed table games for fans to check out. They cover all the major soccer games from around the globe, including the Champion’s League, opting for a highly immersive experience with dealers that comment on the games taking place.

How Does This Game Work?

The basic game of roulette sits at the heart of these soccer-based versions. We see a physical wheel that’s divided into numbers from 1 to 36, with either one or two zero pockets depending on the version you choose. You need to decide which number you think the ball will land in and place one or more chips in that space on the betting table during the betting round.

The dealer then spins the wheel and releases the ball. When it finally comes to rest in one of the numbered pockets, they announce the winning number and any players who got it right get their prize awarded instantly. If you’ve ever played roulette before, you’ll recognize this as the classic type of gameplay that’s been used for many years in casinos around the world.

The soccer aspect of these games is mainly reflected in the theme rather than the way the game is played. Additional features like goal side bets and animated shirts have been added in some cases to make the games more appealing to fans, but there are generally few soccer elements included in the actual games themselves. While other online roulette versions use themes like an art deco studio or a stylish Vegas casino, these games make soccer their main visual attraction.

roulette table

Who Might Want to Play?

The kind of person who wants to play a soccer roulette game will be someone who enjoys this sport and doesn’t want to miss any of the news as it happens. However, they feel comfortable exploring casino games while keeping an eye out for the latest scores. There’s no need to focus solely on the current soccer games if all you need to know are the latest goals being scored and the results.

Let’s say that you’ve checked out the latest soccer tips and placed a bet on the outcome of a game that doesn’t particularly interest you. You’re only interested in seeing if your wager wins, so it might not make sense for you to follow the game live on your screen. In this case, playing roulette and watching as score updates appear could prove to be a way of playing that makes sense to you.

Expect to see this sort of sports-themed casino game continue growing in popularity, as it fills a gap in the market for fans who want to stay up to date with the current games while playing something else at the same time.

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