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France lotto predictions with 6 lucky numbers. With three chances per week to win millions in the France lotto!

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About France Lotto

French National Lottery game, officially known as Loto, launched in 1976 with draws taking place every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

French Loto tickets can be purchased online or in person from an authorised retailer at a cost of €2.20 per line.

This lotto offers great chances of winning (with a 1 in 16 chance of winning any prize) and boasts minimum jackpots of at least €2 million! It's the most popular draw in France and it gains momentum quickly with three draws per week.

What time is french lotto Drawn?

The French Lottery draw takes place every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 8:20 pm CET (France time), meaning the jackpot grows 50% faster than lottos that only offer 2 draws per week.

The French Lotto takes place 3 times a week with a minimum jackpot of €2 million and a subsequent €1 million added to the jackpot each time, allowing it to grow quite quickly. It also offers great odds of winning any prize at just 1 in 7.6.

How to play

Players are required to select five numbers between 1 and 49 plus a Chance Number between 1 and 10. The ticket holder matching all five numbers and the Chance Number wins the jackpot.

French Loto jackpots are worth a minimum of €2 million and if there is no Match 5 plus Chance Number winner, the jackpot will roll over to the following draw and increase by €1 million. It is possible for the jackpot to roll over for a maximum of 34 consecutive draws and if there is still no top prize winner, the jackpot prize will roll down and be shared between players in the next winning prize tier.

In addition to the jackpot, there are 8 other winning combinations and you can even win a prize just for matching the Chance number. The majority of the prizes are pari-mutuel so they vary from draw to draw based on the number of tickets sold and the number of winners, but there is a fixed prize of €2.20 for matching the Chance number with one or none of the main balls.

Hitting the French Lotto Jackpot

Match all five main numbers and the lucky number to hit the jackpot. The French Lotto offers eight additional prize divisions, ranging from matching just the lucky number to matching all five numbers, which is why the chances of winning a prize are so high.

Prizes and Odds

The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 19,068,840. A breakdown of all the odds for each prize tier, together with estimated returns is included below.

The French Loto winning combinations and odds are as follows:

Winning CombinationOdds of WinningPercentage of Prize Fund
5 plus Chance1 in 19,068,840Jackpot
51 in 2,118,7608.44%
4 plus Chance1 in 86,6772.06%
41 in 9,6317.43%
3 plus Chance1 in 2,0164.44%
31 in 22415.98%
2 plus Chance1 in 14412.43%
21 in 1649.22%
1 plus Chance1 in 28€2.20
Chance number1 in 18€2.20

The percentage allocated to each prize category is taken after the prize money has been distributed to the jackpot and fixed prize tiers.


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French Loto

In the french loto you need 5 + 1 crosses to reach your goal for the winning numbers. You decide on five favorites from the france lotto numbers range from 1 to 49 per field and bet on the winning numbers with them. To do this, select an additional number from 1 to 10 for the draw. The French lottery ticket offers you up to 12 lottery fields for your personal lucky numbers, so that you can enter several combinations into the race. You can also decide flexibly in which draw you want to bet and set the duration as you wish: whether it’s a single game, combination ticket or a continuous ticket in a non-binding subscription like the uk lotto.

france lotto Prediction

Exclusively at, you can now secure excellent chances of winning with "Vive la France" hot numbers since we analyse previous result statistic and determain the hot and cold numbers! For just €2.20 per lotto ticket, you can play for the guaranteed jackpot of at least €2 million – and with every drawn you have the chance to win in nine different categories! Our test winner service is always included: You submit your Vive la France ticket online and we take care of everything else. Your bets will be checked for “correct” immediately after the winning numbers have been drawn. If there are any hits, you will be notified by e-mail and SMS. And best of all: your lottery winnings will be paid out to you automatically - and if you like, they can be transferred directly to your checking account! Would you like to find out right now whether your lucky numbers were included in the draw? You can find the current winning numbers right here for french loto Numbers & Odds.

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