GD lotto prediction

We provide GD Lotto prediction (Grand Dragon Lotto 4D) based on the number analysis. Find out what numbers draw more often than others for Cambodia most famous lotto.

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Time Until Draw: 17 hours, 20 minitues

About Grand Dragon Lotto 4D

With so many lotto's, Cambodia is one place who enjoy games of luck. If you’re one of these people, but you’re seeking an opportunity that’s familiar and comfortable, Grand Dragon Lotto 4D may be the one for you.The Grand Dragon Lotto follows the traditional 4D style that is very popular in Asia (like singapore and malaysia). Also Grand Dragon Lotto 4D is one of the 4d prediction that we offer as a lotto prediction site. If you have experience with another four-digit game, you will get comfortable with the Cambodian Grand Dragon pretty quickly.

The lotto is organized and held by an entity called the Grand Dragon Lottery. It is the only authorized live 4D lottery organizer in Cambodia, as per its official presentation. Every single drawing occurs live in a Kandal Province casino, and it’s broadcast via the their official site.

Grand Dragon Lottery operates games of luck in four countries apart from Cambodia – Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. The game itself is the same, regardless of your location. Learning how to play Grand Dragon Lotto is relatively simple if you follow a couple of steps.

Grand Dragon 4D (abbr for 4 digit) is a popular lottery game in many Asia countries like singapor and malaysia. Players are choosing any 4-digit number from 0000 to 9999, and we will have total twenty-three (23) set of 4-digit number in the end of the game. These 23 sets of 4- digit winning numbers are drawn to determine the winners in each draw and if your selected number matches any of the winning numbers drawn, a prize is won.

What time is Grand Dragon Drawn?

GD Lotto is daily lottery, draw start everyday 6pm at Cambodia time (GMT +7).

How to play Grand Dragon Lotto

Grand Drago Lotto is a standard four-digit game. This means that players have to select and submit a number in the range from 0000 to 9999. Some or all of the numbers can be repeated. Your ticket could look like this – 1856, or it could have the following format – 2293. It’s really up to you to decide.

On top of that, you have freedom and flexibility in terms of betting. You can choose one of five different bet types, and you can also determine what sum you’re going to place on the bet. The sum will determine your payout in the event of winning.

The betting options include 4D Big, 4D Small, 4D Single A, 3D ABC, and 3D A. The 4D Big and Small are very much the same as in other countries. 4D Big has consolation prizes on top of the primary awards. 4D Small doesn’t – it only offers a first, second, and third prize. To compensate players for the fewer possibilities to win, however, 4D Small offers bigger payouts.

4D Single A provides just one top prize. The 3D ABC bet allows players to win a prize by only matching three of the numbers drawn. Finally, the 3D A bet provides just one award and has players matching only three out of the four digits.

GD Lotto Prizes and Odds

With the Grand Dragon Lotto 4D odds of 10,000, it means that there are 10,000 possible numbers that can be drawn in the next draw. It is extremely difficult to accurately predict the exact 4-digit number that will be drawn in the next Grand Dragon Lotto 4D draw.

There are 5 different type of prizes to divide all 23 set of 4-digit number, and below is segmentation:
  • 1st PrizeOne (1) set number for First Prize
  • 2nd PrizeOne (1) set number for Second Prize
  • 3rd PrizeOne (1) set number for Third Prize
  • Special PrizeTen (10) set number for Special Prizes
  • Consolation PrizeLastly ten (10) set number for Consolation Prizes


GD lotto prediction

Grand Dragon Lotto 4D

Lotto 4D Prediction

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