Ban Of Gambling Ads On Football T-Shirts: Pros & Cons

Over the years, football has evolved to be much more than just a form of entertainment. With billions of worldwide fans, it is an industry altogether

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Over the years, football has evolved to be much more than just a form of entertainment. With billions of worldwide fans, it is an industry altogether. Major gambling companies and online casinos look forward to investing in football for sponsorships since the most promising clubs require continuous funding to maintain the status of their players both on and off the field.

Through these major sponsorships, the top football clubs playing the league matches wear jerseys flaunting logos promoting betting companies and sportsbooks. However, this situation has its pros and cons as it affects the problem gamblers and the youth in a negative way as well.

Pros Of Gambling Sponsorships

Every occurrence has its own set of pros that are beneficial for both parties as a whole. Football club players wearing gambling company logos on their t-shirts bear its benefits too:

Football Being So Popular Can Support GamStop

Sponsorships have been widely popular for years. Football is used as a marketing tool to promote awareness, sales, market share, and brand image for multinational brands. Earlier, tobacco and alcohol companies were widely sponsored but have been ruled out due to the rising negativity around the subject. Betting companies have taken over their space which is far more acceptable than the other options in the past due to moral issues and stigma.

There are various football clubs that work with gambling companies and nongamstopslots websites not on GamStop reviewed those organisations. Certain jurisdictions have banned sponsorships as well, thus leaving these clubs to seek out profitable yet lucrative offers that these gambling companies provide. They can also promote Gamstop which is a great initiative for helping problem gamblers.

Taking Care of the UK Punters

If one looks at a commercial perspective approach, gambling companies and football clubs are intertwined and have a relationship where both parties need to work with one another to benefit in the market. Betting companies invest funds in the football clubs in order to reach out to more people which would eventually escalate their business.

Football is a sport loved by a worldwide audience and thus betting companies provide financial backup to these clubs. Shirt sponsorships and advertisement boards are the two main forms of promotion. UK punters are being taken care of due to the major exposure of the aspects of the industry. They are not forced to play under Gamstop norms and can gamble via offshore casinos as well.

Helps In Supporting The Increasing Football StandardThe standard of football clubs in the major leagues is high maintenance and needs sponsorships. Gambling companies invest huge funds which help in improving training facilities, creating modern stadia, and providing financial support to the team players and community. Many football clubs run local youth clubs for picking up more players in the future and invest large amounts of money in this. This indicates that without significant sponsorships. Many football clubs would not have financial freedom whatsoever.

Cons Of Gambling Sponsorships In Football

Fans have always had mixed reactions to the relationship between football and gambling. Gambling sponsorships in football have a series of negative outcomes in various aspects. There is a long history of football t-shirts even in the UK, they evolve and change their main sponsors because of the laws, trends, and moral principles. The relationship between football clubs and gambling companies conveys that gambling is the same as watching sports. Image transfer might occur and football fans may feel that gambling is worth taking up as it is being portrayed as a normal and fun activity. The other downfalls include:

Fewer Funds for Club Development

The football clubs have to promote gambling as much as they can via advertisements that are expensive. The funds for club development and players are decreased due to that. It doesn’t help them make major profits out of these sponsorships.

The Need To Find Additional Sponsors

The children who watch football come across gambling sponsorships and might get triggered. They tend to try out gambling platforms due to their exposure of it to the fields. This can be very harmful and worrying because betting becomes a part of the football culture.

There are plenty of gamblers in the UK who are severely addicted to gambling and many more are on the edge of it. Most of the gambling associations that sponsor football jerseys have an application or online website which makes it even more convenient for the customers. This leads to gambling problems at times.


Gambling sponsors have a lot of disposable money to invest in sports that can provide them with their desired outcome and increase their business. Football on the other hand encourages sponsorships as they need to maintain their status and keep upgrading their club as a whole. Thus, gambling sponsorships on football jerseys can be both good and bad depending on the crowd it engages. However, some football clubs like Crystal Palace do not work with gambling companies because of various reasons. Sponsorships must be made in such a way that it curbs down the negative side of it while promoting business and welfare simultaneously.

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