Casemiro - 'Scanner' in the midfield

Nicknamed the 'scanner' of the midfield, Casemiro is known for his excellent defensive ability and great influence on the team's playing style.


From his youthful days with an endless passion for football, Casemiro quickly shone and attracted attention with his talent.. Let's truc tiep nba come back This player's journey to conquer the peak, from his first steps on the field to affirming his current position.

Casemiro - Model of a classy midfielder

Carlos Henrique Casimiro Ferreira, born on February 23, 1990 in São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil, has become a familiar icon to football lovers. With a height of 1.85m and right foot, he also takes on the position of defensive midfielder on the field.

Journey from youth academy to legend

Casemiro showed his passion for football from a very young age. Starting to play football at the age of 8, he quickly showed his talent and potential. Realizing this guy's qualities, São Paulo FC's youth training center opened its arms to welcome him. Here, he received thorough training and developed his skills comprehensively.

With great effort and determination and excellent performance, this player has gradually asserted his position in the São Paulo FC youth team. In 2013, he moved to Real Madrid for a fee of 6 million euros. This was a major turning point in his career that brought him to one of the most prestigious football stages in the world.

Represents the safety of the midfield area

Casemiro is known as the "scanner" of the midfield because of his comprehensive defensive ability and great influence in the team's play. His ability to effectively intercept and steal the ball is the key to helping the team neutralize the opponent's dangerous attacks.

Besides, he also has excellent ability to judge situations, helping him always choose the right position to cut the ball and support his teammates. His ability to pass the ball accurately and wide tactical vision are also important factors that help the team deploy effective play.

Enthusiastic football - Casemiro's style

He not only shined on the field but also became a perfect replica of commitment and determination. With his desire for success and constant hard work, he quickly attracted attention from football fans around the world, including xoilac and top European clubs.

Personality and fighting spirit guess

Decisive personality and fighting spirit

Not only is he a talented player but he also possesses a strong, decisive personality and tenacious fighting spirit. On the field, he always plays hard, is not afraid of collision and always puts the collective interests first. He is a fierce warrior, always ready to fight to the end to protect the goal and bring victory to the team.

His tenacious fighting spirit is an inspiration to his teammates and a terror to his opponents. In addition, Casemiro is also a leader on the field, always inspiring and motivating his teammates. He is someone who always stays calm and makes wise decisions in important moments.

Solid and intelligent defensive midfielder

His ability to effectively intercept and steal the ball is the key to helping the team neutralize the opponent's dangerous attacks. Besides impressive defensive abilities, Casemiro also has good passing skills. He often makes accurate long passes to launch attacks from the midfield.

This player plays an important role in implementing the team's playing style. His long passes often create opportunities for strikers to score. It can be said that he is a comprehensive defensive midfielder, possessing all the qualities of a world-class star.

Spiritual leader and solid fulcrum in the midfield

Spiritual leader and solid fulcrum in the midfield

With extensive playing experience and battle prowess, Casemiro always stays calm and makes wise decisions in important moments. His leadership ability is demonstrated through signs of encouragement. , words of encouragement and reasonable tactical decisions.

With great influence in the team's playing style, Casemiro is a solid fulcrum in the midfield. His presence on the field gives teammates and fans like Xoilac peace of mind and confidence because they know that they always have a leader by their side and fighting with them to the end.


Casemiro is not only an excellent player but also a symbol of fighting spirit and will to win. Don't miss the latest news about Casemiro - the classy "scanner" of world football and watch xem nba with top quality in Vietnam on xoilac's sports waves!

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