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Crash gambling are pretty simple games โ€” consists of a line that keeps going up and up, multiplying your bet โ€” until it crashes. During this time period, you are free to cash out whenever you want, even auto cash out. If you cash out before the random crash, you keep your winnings โ€” otherwise, you lose your whole bet until the next round. More about Crash gambling read our article.

crash game gambling

Best crash gambling sites

If you are looking for platform options to play Aviator games, you will find several available in the market of online casino.


To run the game Aviator you will need to register and verify your personal account. You can then start betting and winning big. Creating an account and depositing your balance takes a minimum amount of time. You can also use a bonus code when registering which will give you a bonus for your first deposit.

aviator game 1xbet
aviator game 1xbet


Due to the high chances of winning, casino guests appreciate Spribe's game of chance. Another advantage of Aviator at 1win is considered to be cost-effective accessibility. You can bet money without verification. This makes the crash game accessible to players of all ages, no matter where they live.


This online casino is relatively young, but it is quickly becoming popular. Aviator is one of the novelties of the gaming site. Experienced players who have been registered with Mostbet for a long time have already paid attention to the crash game and are already earning good sums.

You can play Aviator right now by going to a licensed casino, creating an account and funding your account. Even with minimal luck, the player can count on a good cash prize, as the manufacturer had a high return rate on a rumble game equal to 97%.

These are all recommended and high quality operators. After all, it is important to always choose a safe platform, in addition to checking the other games available.

All crash casino games

Lucky Jet

Lucky Jet crash game

Lucky Jet is the new version of the original aviator made by a fairly new gaming studio founded in 2014 that goes by the name of Gaming Corps. They have several different Slots machines, multiplier games and much more coming soon. Lucky Jet is a Multiplier Game that is only for the brave. As in this crash game you will either need a lot of luck or then nerves of steel. The game starts from the ground and then once you have made your bets, the game starts and then it is all about you!


Aviator crash game

In Aviator, you play a daring pilot whose earnings come from how high they can fly the plane. A multiplier will be applied to your original bet based on the altitude you win. The secret is not to overdo it and stop at the right time. You usually know it's time to press the repurchase button when the plane starts to approach its peak height.

Your potential earnings are doubled or tripled when you win. When you lose, the bet money disappears. You will only succeed if greed doesn't take over and you don't mind doubling or tripling your fee.

Useful tips:
  • The plane's win multiplier starts at 1x and goes up with the aircraft as it goes up.
  • Your odds of winning are what your current odds are. The odds must be multiplied by the amount of money you bet to calculate your winnings.
  • Each round, the plane starts at a different pace that is determined by an honest random number generator. If you want, you can use the game's extra features to check and see if each round is fair.
  • Install Aviator Predictor app to earn easy money. The artificial intelligence behind Aviator Predictor is amazing. It is capable of producing predictions that are 95% accurate. Just follow the app's predictions and fill your pockets with cash.


SpaceMan crash game

Pragmatic Play is blasting players into gaming outer space with its new and exciting crash-style game โ€“ Spaceman. With this latest release, Pragmatic Play is once again establishing itself as the leading online casino provider by pushing the industry borders and giving players exactly what they want.

The new RNG multiplayer game Spaceman provides players with a fast-moving and highly entertaining gaming platform. The studio has kept the simple crash game mechanics but has improved the visuals significantly with vibrant colors and smooth and cute animations, making the whole experience even more immersive. Pragmatic has also added a social aspect to the release by placing a chat box at the top right part of the screen where those betting on Spaceman can talk and have fun.


Zepplin crash game

Countless slot titles are being introduced nowadays, but most of them have the same gameplay. Luckily, Zeppelin kicks it up a notch by giving you a slot experience like no other. Rise above the clouds and bag big wins by reading the Zeppelin slot review here at!

Offering innovative features such as chatting, live statistics and a whole new unique gameplay, Zeppelin is unlike any other classic titles you mightโ€™ve played before.There are no reels, rows, paylines, or symbols. Instead, all you have to do is pay attention to the blimp flying across the screen and try to snatch the jackpot before it explodes!


Jet-X crash game

The game is very simple and similar to the popular crash game aviator. The player may set his winning goal to whatever he wishes, up to 999,999x his bet. What happens visually is a space ship takes off at an altitude of 1. Every second, the spaceship either increase in altitude at an exponential rate or explode. The pilot will set a certain altitude to eject. If the pilot ejects at that altitude, before the spaceship explodes, then the player will win the product of his bet and the altitude the pilot ejected.

Cash or Crash

Cash or Crash game

Cash or Crash by Evolution Gaming is a unique Live Casino Game Show game set in a blimp cruising high above the skies. Your ticket is your bet, using it to climb the 20-step ladder-style paytable as high as possible.

The fate of your ride (you either cash or crash) depends on the colour of the balls drawn. For each green ball drawn you face 3 decisions:
  • Continue
  • Take Half
  • Take All

Thunder Crash

Thunder Crash game

The concept of Thunder Crash is simple. You will make a bet in the hopes of increasing it through a multiplier. The multiplier starts at 1x and steadily moves up until the ship crashes. You can bail out of the ship at any point from 1.1x and up. If you bail out of the ship before it crashes, you win your bet times the multiplier.

At the start of each session, you will pick an avatar that will represent you on the ship. Next, youโ€™ll set your bets. You can set the Bet Amount and you also have the option to set the Auto Cash Out. This is a multiplier where you want to automatically cash out to avoid a crash.

F777 Fighter

F777 Fighter Crash game

F777 Fighter is a real revolution in the world of online crash games! Just look at these details: a launching shooter, a folding landing gear, a fire cutter, radio communications and a pilotโ€™s catapult!

The game F777 Fighter is very captivating and has an original design that will not leave you indifferent. The game is dynamic with a variety of bet amount options and the opportunity to win a jackpot.That is, during the game, in addition to the classic growth of multiplayer, the player can receive bonuses, instantly increasing his winnings. The game also has a hidden jackpot, thanks to which the user can hit a real big cash prize. These bonuses and the presence of the jackpot increase the playerโ€™s level of interest in the crash game Fighter.

Space XY

Space XY Crash game

Get ready to venture into uncharted territory. The BGaming team is pleased to present something revolutionary - Space XY! This exciting new game transports you into a virtual space rocket and launches you on an intergalactic journey where the sky is the limit. Enjoy an exhilarating experience like no other!

Dare to take off into the unknown and roam the galaxy! Take risks, bet on yourself and reach untold multipliers as you climb through the X and Y coordinates. But don't stay on board too long - get out before your rocket disappears! Chart a route to success with strategic moves designed for massive payouts. So don't hesitate; jump into your spaceship and aim for infinity - the rewards are out of this world!

Crash game Betting

Although Crash is a game of chance, it is possible to adopt some strategies to maximize the chances of winning or even an aviator predictor. Many players, however, bet based on luck and even manage to win money, but the chances of losing are much greater.

The bettors that earn the most on the platform, in turn, place their bets following some methods that can increase the probability of winning. To help you start your betting, we explain the two most used methods.

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