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When players visit a cryptocurrency betting platform, they always check the betting market before placing a crypto bet. Bet markets are specific outcomes of an event that a player can bet on. A rule of thumb is to place a Bitcoin bet on the betting market that you’re most confident about.

Punters have started migrating over to crypto sports betting sites because there are lots of bet markets to choose from. If you’re not clear on the various types of sports wagers available at Bitcoin staking sites, then you’re in luck. This article covers some of the sports stakes on which you can place your Bitcoin bets.

9 Bet Markets Offered at Cryptocurrency Wagering Websites

Popular sports today offer numerous wager markets for fans of the game. These staking markets are chosen specifically to provide players with multiple angles of the game to place Bitcoin bets. However, many punters are unable to take advantage of this due to their ignorance regarding betting markets.

Below are some of the wagering markets where players can place their crypto bets:

Over/Under Bets

This type of crypto bet requires the punters to predict the outcome of a match between two winning teams. The prediction doesn’t need to be precise, however, as players are only required to pick a winning team. So, you can say that it's a very simple crypto bet that offers a high chance of winning.

The spread for over/under bets ranges from over/under 2.5 goals, over/under 1.5 goals, etc. However, the one that you’re more likely to see is the over/under 2.5 goals, as it's the most popular.

Both Teams To Score

This is another popular crypto bet that you’ll find when you want to wager with cryptocurrency. Similar to over/under bets, this Bitcoin bet doesn’t require you to be too accurate with your predictions. You just need to be sure that both teams will score in that match.

In this case, you also get to choose between two options:
  • Yes: Choosing this option means that you’re certain that both teams are going to score.
  • No: Choosing this option means that you’re certain no team will score.

Both teams to score is a Bitcoin bet that’s mostly found in ball sports, like football. Such sports require players to score in a net to win.

Asian Handicap

Have you ever had to spectate a game where the winner is apparent to anyone familiar with the sport? Placing stakes on such games might look pointless since everyone knows the winner already. However, Asian handicap make things more interesting.

This Bitcoin bet offers a handicap to the stronger team, while the weaker team is at an advantage. So, punters that bet on the stronger team would have to surmount that handicap to get a profit. This evens the playing field and makes it possible for punters to win on either team.

Asian handicap Bitcoin bets are also notorious for their ability to prevent draws. So, regardless of the match scores, there’ll be winners and losers among bettors.

European Handicap

This crypto bet is another handicap wager, but one where a side starts with a goal advantage. Contrary to what you might think, this handicap bet doesn’t favour the stronger team alone. Sometimes, the underdogs are also given a handicap as well, if they might win.

An example of a handicap bet could be in a football game between Manchester United and Bayern Munich. Many fans would be certain that Bayern Munich would win; as such, they would start with a 1-0 disadvantage.

So, for Bayern Munich to win, they’ll have to score two goals, while Manchester United is at zero. If you’re hoping for a draw, Bayern Munich would have to score one goal, to equal the handicap. While this is risky, the payouts make the risk worth it.

Correct Score

This is another high-paying Bitcoin bet, as it’s dependent on accuracy. Here, bettors would have to select the final score of the teams that they’re betting on. Of course, this is very hard to predict, but the odds are very high, and the payouts are always tempting.


These are some of the most straightforward Bitcoin bets out there. They just require you to choose the winner of that league or that championship.

While outrights pay well, they also carry a fair amount of risk. That’s because anything can change in a competition. However, if you’re confident in the capability of your favourite team, this is the Bitcoin bet for you.

Final Result

This is one of the wagers that you encounter when you’re placing a crypto bet on a football game. Final result is another definition of simplicity as it requires you to predict a home win, away win, or draw. This Bitcoin bet is one of the biggest tests of football knowledge, as it requires complete confidence in your football instincts.

However, many bettors steer clear of final result bets, preferring to go for an accumulator bet. That’s because final result bets don’t pack much excitement with their simplicity.

Double Chance

This Bitcoin bet is another form of final result betting. However, instead of simply choosing a win or draw between the home or away team, you choose two bets:
  • The home team wins or draws
  • The away team wins or draws

It might look risky, but the payout for this Bitcoin bet makes the risk worth it.

Accumulator (ACCA) Betting

This is the riskiest Bitcoin bet on this list, but it's also the most rewarding. In this bet, multiple wagers are compiled into one option. To win, you’ll have to get all the bets right; a single wrong choice can cause you to lose everything.

Although accumulator bets are very risky, they’re also very popular among many sportsbooks. Such Bitcoin bets come with a minimum or a maximum number of wagers that can be placed in one accumulator bet. Nonetheless, this number isn’t fixed but is dependent on the crypto sportsbook.


Visiting a crypto sports betting site presents you with numerous crypto bets to choose from. This is an advantage that comes with cryptocurrency staking platforms, and the digital currency payouts are worth it.

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