Dota 2 Betting Guide - How to Bet on Dota 2 games?

Dota 2 is nothing more than the evolution of Warcraft 3 , a real-time strategy where two teams compete to take down the opposing fortress. Complete guide for Dota 2 Betting sites, Tips and How to bet & Win.

Dota 2 Bets and Online Bookmakers - How to Bet?


What is Dota 2?

Dota 2 is nothing more than the evolution of Warcraft 3 , a real-time strategy where two teams compete to take down the opposing fortress. This eSports game generally has the same logic and setting very similar to League of Legends. Theprotagonists are the heroes, each of whom has their own characteristics and particular strengths, on which the players focus during the challenges. The game modes of Dota 2 are four: all pick; all random; captain’s mode; single draft. Eachmonth, Dota 2 boasts some 15 million unique players online and this gives a good idea of the importance that the world championship "The International" will assume, also for betting.

Dota, long established in electronic sports, DOTA 2 is a game known to millions of people with its characters and genre. In addition to betting on it worth thousands of dollars, it also has a facility that hosts major platforms that allow the kid to watch the games in HD quality. Electronic sports have attracted widespread attention especially around the world. It is seen as an easy to bet and easily understandable game among electronic sports, which has announced its name to this day.

Bookmakers have long decided to focus on eSports , considering that the growth that has affected the number of bettors and fans of these electronic disciplines. Dota 2 is one of the two eSports video games present in the schedules of themajor sports betting agencies. The Valve title has a huge community of fans, for this bookmaker like Betway, 22Bet and William Hill have begun to quote single Dota 2 battles and tournaments. In addition, by registering at one of the sites,you can receive the welcome bonus (the same as sports betting ) and other promotions related to eSports betting .

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Betting on Dota 2

Even if you don't know or play, You can make predictions based on the odds and through betting sites, You can create coupons by clicking on the betting options. How to play Dota this is certainly how? The fact that it is consistently included in the live betting content and is defined as an attention grabbing type of game makes betting lovers always show interest. In Europe, the local nation is because of the intense interest shown by the tournament for a game that has a structure suitable for thousands of players always betting.

You can also place your e-sports bets among the bets on online betting sites. Since you can perform the game process in an amateur way, this does not bring you to the state where you can make professional betting. Directly to a specific company, it makes it available to bet through the cities that represent the country.

Electronic sports competitions are broadcast, From the phone it provides to companies earning money from all betting applications, Bets can be evaluated by entering the category "Sports Betting" from the tablet or computer .. What is Dota? Match result, score prediction, Can take advantage of all betting applications with betting options like under and over betting, you can evaluate quality applications with special rates. Not only for combination bets, Thanks to its structure suitable for single spade bets, Dota 2 You can review the teams based on the status of the ranking and make predictions.

Dota 2: the most popular game for bookmakers

A $ 15 million prize pool inevitably also attracts bettors, especially attentive to the odds of the classic bets of other sports. The major bookmakers in the world, in fact, follow the eSports and the Dota 2 or Lol tournaments, also offering welcome bonuses. For those approaching this betting sector for the first time, even though there aremany betting possibilities, it is better to focus on traditional games. We are clearly talking about the final single chance result, the heads up 12, but also watch out for Under and Over.

Betway offers new members a free welcome bonus of 5 euros (just complete the registration with a valid identity document, even without making a first deposit) plus 50 euros per week up to a maximum of 250 euros to bet on your favoriteeSports. Attention, because even for this type of bets, however, the rules that Betway uses for other sports apply with their respective limitations: first of all, in the case of multiple bets, it is not possible to bet on two differenteSports, putting together, for example, Dota 2 and Lol. Furthermore, it is not possible to insert exact results relating to two different tournaments within the same game. What, therefore, are the bets allowed and which ones you shouldfocus on? Single on an event, multiple on the exact result of a single championship, or multiple on the single championship Head to Head.

How to bet on Dota 2: the favorite teams

The most important Dota 2 tournament in the world is “The International”, which we talked about more extensively above, which in the summer of 2019 was won by the Chinese of Team WINGS GAMING with almost 10 million dollars in prize. On theother hand, 18 teams had access to the 2020 edition, with 16 teams qualified for the “Main Event”.

Among the strongest teams worldwide are the British of FNATIC (fourth in the previous edition), the Americans of EVIL GENIUSES (third in 2016with 2.1 million dollars) and DIGITAL CHAOS (second in the 2019 edition with 3 , $ 4 million in prize money) and the Dutch team from TEAM LIQUID. The prize pool, worth 15 million dollars, was made up of 25% from purchases of specialfunctions (weapons, characters, expansions, levels, etc.) made by Dota 2 players online during the Battle Pass 2020 period, from May to August.

Dota 2 Types of Bets

The types of eSports predictions and odds are similar to those of classic sports betting . The bookmakers, in fact, allow you to play the ante-post winners of the individual Lol and Dota2 championships as well as to bet for one or morematches of the various tournaments. You can also bet live on eSports events, and you can combine them with other sporting events (such as football, basketball, tennis, etc.) in the play panel. For eSports matches you can choose one of thefollowing outcomes:
  • The winning team of the match
  • The winners of the individual maps
  • The team that first destroy an enemy tower
  • Under / over destroyed towers
  • The exact result of the match (the equivalent of set betting in tennis)

How to Watch matches

Dota 2 The live broadcasting platform on the betting office pages can be used to watch the matches. This service is provided free of charge. You can follow the game without interruption. Also, the platform that gives Twitch the name contests that it is and gives it to some extent may be a favorite in children's years.
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what is dota 2 bet?

Dota 2 betting is found on major bookmakers that we recomend on our esports section. Offering different betting type like match winner, total score ect. Our betting tips cover the main bet type which is the end winner for each Dota 2 Game in any tournament.

How to find dota 2 betting odds ?

Dota 2 Betting odds are one of the best from other esport games which many bookmakers offer. Our Dota 2 Tips show the best odds

Can you bet on your own dota 2 game ?

Betting on your own games is illegal to many bookmakers which is like in other sports betting. This makes it a disadvantage for the bookmaker since betting on your own Dota 2 game is quite un fair which for example make the team loose on purpose.

Which are the best Dota 2 Betting sites?

We recoment 3 main eSports betting sites which are Betway, 22Bet and 1xBet. All 3 have the best odds and the best esports free bets!

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