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Esports Betting Guide | betting on eSports

Expert written guide to betting on eSports in 2020. So what are eSports? And how do bets on eSports work?

by Admin

Posted on 8th April

Currently, betting on eSports is enjoying great success. This (relatively) new type of betting has taken off slowly, but has gained wide acceptance in the past two years. Growth has been so explosive that the global eSports betting market is estimated to be worth nearly $ 30 billion by 2020 .

It's a huge figure, especially if you consider that eSports are, to a certain extent, still "in the shadows". Nowadays, the eSports fan base is huge, but it is not comparable to those of traditional sports such as football, basketball and tennis. Most people - outside of this fanbase - don't have a clue what eSports are, and obviously don't know anything about betting on eSports.

So what are eSports? And how do bets on eSports work?

You will find the answers to these questions (and more) in this comprehensive guide to betting on eSports. It was written by our team of experts with extreme attention, to help anyone interested in betting on eSports. There is a dedicated section that illustrates every aspect of eSports and another that explains how bets work.

There are also some basic betting tips for beginners, along with some more advanced strategic tips. We recommend the best websites to bet on eSports, and there is a section with all the latest news, as well as data on upcoming events.

Surely, thanks to our suggestions, you will have a lot of fun with this form of betting, and our tips will even help you make some extra money. You can scroll the page for more information on the contents, or use these links to directly visit the topics that interest you most.


This section of our eSports betting guide is aimed at absolute beginners: here we explain everything about eSports. Let's start with a quick overview that will illustrate what exactly eSports are.


The term eSports is an abbreviation for electronic sports, and refers to playing video games competitively. So basically, it's about people playing video games against each other in a competition. Of course, it is nothing new, because, at home, you play competitively from the very first computers and game consoles.

Millions of people around the world enjoy playing their favorite video games against friends and family.Millions of people around the world enjoy playing their favorite video games against friends and family.In the past, the only way to play video games against "real" opponents was by sitting in front of the same machine. However, nowadays it is also possible to play on the Internet. This means that we can play against an opponent who is anywhere in the world from the comfort of home.

According to some statistics, more than a million people play video games in some way. This is an amazing statistic and shows how popular video games have become. Obviously, not all of these players play against other players (some people continue to play alone) but there is no doubt that many prefer to play against real opponents.

"Most of these players are so-called casual gamers."

Casual players tend to play video games solely for fun. Many of them sign up for online tournaments and play in organized competitions, but they play for fun after all. Although these informal competitions are still technically classified as eSports, the term is generally used to refer to the professional scene.

Yes, there really is a professional video game scene. You might be surprised if you don't know anything about eSports, but that's right, and it's also an important scene. If you are a player, you will surely know that casual play can be very competitive; however professional eSports are another story: in some of the major tournaments teams and players compete for prizes of millions of dollars.

esports betting

Bets on esports for beginners

Once you know all about eSports, you will be ready to explore the betting part: we suggest starting with the following article, which explains all the basics of eSports betting that you really need to know.

There are several ways to bet on eSports. Here is a list of the most popular options.
  • 1. Real money betting
  • 2. Skin betting
  • 3. Social betting
  • 4. Fantasy betting
  • 5. Challenge betting

Here is a brief overview of each of these options.

1. Real money betting
This is the form of betting on eSports that is more similar to traditional sports betting: they work more or less like betting on soccer games, boxing matches or golf tournaments. We bet real money at agreed odds and win if our selections are correct. We can bet on any type of outcome, including individual game winners and overall tournament winners.

We describe eSports betting with real money in more detail in the following article.

2. Skin betting

skin betting

Skin betting, also known as object betting, is very popular with eSports enthusiasts. Many modern video games have virtual currencies and other items that can be transferred between players: these properties are often highly sought after by experienced players. As a result, there are many auction and exchange websites where players can buy, sell and exchange items and currencies from many of the most popular video games.

There are also betting websites where players can use items and currencies, both to replace real money when betting on the outcome of eSports competitions, and for other forms of gambling: for example, there are websites where items can be used to play games of chance such as roulette or even a simple coin flip.

Some websites organize jackpot games where a series of players put their skins in a container and the winner is chosen at random. Find out more about this form of betting on the following page:

3. Social betting

social betting

Social bets are quite common in the eSports community, where friends or online contacts make informal bets on the outcome of events. You can bet for real money, but usually you bet on skins or other items. The terms are agreed between the two parties and winnings are subsequently received.

It is not a form of betting that we particularly recommend, since rarely betting with "real" friends is a good idea, as it can lead to small discussions. And betting with people you only know online is risky, as you won't be able to receive your winnings.

4. Fantasy betting
Technically this is not about betting, since they are just like traditional daily fantasy sports, only the fact that you create your own teams using eSports players changes.

Not familiar with daily fantasy sports? Don't worry, it's not necessary. Just read the following article and everything will be clearer to you.

5. Challenge betting
Also known as a head-to-head bet: players compete against each other for real money or items and skins. Many players organize the bets between them, and then settle the accounts once the competition has ended. There are also websites that organize things in a more formal way, where players and / or teams pay dues to participate in a competition and the winner or winners are rewarded with the proceeds from those odds.

It is worth exploring these different options, although some may be more suitable for some than others: for example, it doesn't make much sense to get involved in challenge betting if you are not a great video game player.

For most people, betting on eSports for real money represents the best chance of making regular and ongoing profits. Precisely for this reason, in this guide we focus on this option. The strategic tips and advice we offer in the next section apply primarily to this form of betting on eSports.

Betting tips and strategy tips

Knowing how to bet on eSports is an account, but knowing how to EARN with betting on eSports is another matter entirely. If you want to challenge bookmakers and make a profit overall, you will need to know a lot more. You will also need a lot of patience and you will have to be willing to put a lot of time and effort into it.

Are you ready for the challenge? Fantastic! We can definitely help you. Just remember that betting on eSports is not the same as earning: there is absolutely nothing wrong with betting just for fun.

With that said, let's see how we can help you. The first thing to remember is that bets on eSports and bets on traditional sports have many similarities. For this reason, we recommend reading some articles from our main guide to sports betting. They are listed below, and although they are all written with traditional sports betting in mind, the information and advice they contain will certainly help you bet on eSports.

Recommended websites for betting on eSports

At one time, finding a good eSports betting website was a real challenge, simply because there weren't many around. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. A LOT of new eSports betting websites have been launched in recent years and several existing sports betting websites have also started offering eSports betting.

Although the increase in the number of websites is a positive aspect, it has also created a different type of challenge: which websites to use? There are so many to choose from that it is difficult to decide.

A tip that we repeat throughout our website is to be careful in choosing game websites. This applies both to an eSports betting websites, and to an online casino or online poker website.

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