Horse racing betting strategies for beginners from Trangbongda

Horse racing betting strategies are always updated to the latest to be able to promptly help players get certain winning strategies.

Horse racing betting has been developed into an online horse racing game and is now available at online bookies. After a long time to be able to come to players, the online horse racing betting game is one of the games that attract a large number of players to participate daily. Therefore, equipping yourself with horse racing betting strategies at is essential for those who are new to the game.

Horse racing betting factors you need to know

To be able to bet on horse racing effectively, you need to understand the factors that can affect the outcome of the match as well as the way you choose your bets.

hourse race finish line

Predictable horse racing betting elements

  • Horse Mass: The mass of a horse is officially determined and shows signs of growing up or down. These factors should be considered before placing them on that horse.
  • Horse level: Usually a professional racehorse will start his or her career at the age of 2. Trainers will assign specific grades to their horses based on several factors such as the type of horse they have, the number of race wins and many more. Level 1 horses are the best and level 7 is the worst.
  • Jockey: Sometimes jockeys have different favorite race tracks. Some prefer short distances while others prefer long distances.
  • Trainers: Trainers play a paramount role in preparing horses for specific races. Sometimes the combination and understanding between the trainer and the jockey makes all the difference.
  • Racecourse and arena: The racecourse plays an important role in both the decision and the subsequent performance of the horse. The racecourse can be soft, very soft, dry and very dry which will affect the horse's performance.
  • Distance: Like jockeys, horses all have preferred distances. Some birds have good results in the short range while some are in the long range.

Unknown horse racing betting elements

  • Horse performance on race day: Horse performance on race day is paramount in betting.
  • Luck: Luck is an unknowable factor in horse racing. A jockey will do his best but still need the spice of luck to win.

Winning online horse racing strategy for beginners

Race track analysis

One secret that players need to always keep in mind is to analyze the factors on the track that the horse will participate in. As there will be a few horses on tracks with no familiarity with the terrain or a dominant terrain.

hourse racing

Compared to new horses that do not have much racing experience, it will be difficult to win when they cannot adapt to the environment; from there, bettors can eliminate weak horses.

Choose a good horse for yourself

To be able to choose for themselves a horse to participate in online horse racing is something that players always face when participating in betting. Usually, the old horses will have a more durable running power than the new young horses, but the ponies have their own youthful strength, so they have a very fast speed.

In this case, the player needs to analyze the advantages in the racetrack, whether the current weather affects or not to be able to choose a good horse.

Analysis of horses participating in the round

When players participate in Horse Racing betting sites, it is important to find out information about the horses participating in this round.Players need to consider information such as weight, health, form or whether they are injured or not. The fact that players learn will help players make decisions about whether to bet or not.


Above are the basic strategies for playing effective online horse racing betting for newcomers of online bookies. Hopefully you will master these basic strategies, and from there build advanced strategies to increase your chances of winning when betting on horse racing online.

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