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The Best Horse Racing betting sites

Betting on horses represents a very important chapter in the history of legalized gaming in Europe.

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Best Horse Racing betting

Betting on horses represents a very important chapter in the history of legalized gaming in Europe. However, with the proliferation of online bookmakers, a slow decline led to its demise in 2007. Since then, horse racing has mainly been played on the web . On this page dedicated to the best horse betting sites you will find out how.

The top bookies for horse racing betting

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Not all bettors have the same priorities, and of course this also applies to horse bets. For this reason, it may be useful, in addition to the list of the absolute top bookies for this sport, also to present a shortlist divided by categories of operators that we recommend the most. So here is the short list of the best horse racing betting sites .

In our discussion, the odds argument will be developed first, explaining the difference between totalizer and fixed odds . Then, the national and international races offered daily. There will be no shortage of paragraphs dedicated to markets and live streaming. Virtual bets will also be discussed, as well as the promotions applied to horse racing by UK operators, to close with some useful tips to increase the chances of winning.

Horse racing: totalizer and fixed payouts

Unlike other sports on which it is allowed to bet legally money like betting on football , betting on tennis or betting on eSports , horse racing in the applied rates are not only fixed odds, but also tote. In fact, if the former guarantee a certain win at the expense of a specific investment, the totalizator ones depend on the flow of bets and the amounts played on a single event .

In practice, what is collected is then redistributed to the winners based on the amount of their bets and after the bookmakers have subtracted a percentage that represents their earnings. Only at the end of the race will it be known how high the winnings will be. The table above refers only to the payouts applied by the best horse betting sites by calculating them on the fixed odds applied by them.

Trot, gallop, Tris bets and important races

Talking about competitions in horse racing is certainly different than in any other sport. When it comes to horse racing there are no groups, series, playoffs or the like, but there are more or less important races. A first distinction to be made concerns the categories. The best horse betting sites offer harness and gallop races . In the first case the jockey sits on a gig called "sulky" in technical jargon, while in the second case the horse is normally mounted to run on flat or obstacle courses. At a morphological and genetic level, the horses used for both disciplines are different. The racetracks on which you compete can be both international and european.

Some of the famous racecourses in the world

Venue City country Surface Area (in km2)
AscotAscotGreat BritainGrass0.7
Lingfield ParkLingfieldGreat BritainPolytrack1.8
CapannelleRomeItalySand / synthetic1.6
Côte d'AzurCagnes Sur MerFranceGrass / sand0.6
Arawa Park RacecourseGlenholmeNew ZealandGrass1.6
Kempton ParkSunbury on ThamesGreat BritainGrass0.8

Above we have grouped together just some of the tracks which are popular by punters. In terms of events, one of the most important events on the scene is Royal Ascot , which is held in England every year in June and which is also attended by members of the royal family.

Tris bets must then be named , those races on which a national competition is based that rewards those who guess the first three horses on arrival in the exact order. Tris can be played both online and in the betting shops. In the case of New Zealand racing board, TAB NZ it is a statutory monopoly for New Zealand sports betting, including betting on horse racing and greyhound racing.

Virtual races

Virtual races

For some years now virtual sports have been enjoying increasing success. On the best betting sites, users are given the opportunity to bet on simulated football, tennis, car and motorcycle races and, indeed, horse racing. Also in this case the categories are divided into trot and gallop. At the market level, you can play on the winning horse or placed in the top three. On some portals it is also possible to bet on pairing and trio .

If you are unfamiliar with these types of bets, just read the next paragraph dedicated to horse racing markets. Depending on the policy of individual online betting operators, the frequency of virtual competitions also varies significantly. In fact, it ranges from a few minutes to a few dozen between one departure and the next. Clearly information such as a horse's form state or statistics on previously obtained victories do not exist in the virtual , because they are irrelevant. In fact, simulated races have no links with reality.

The most used types of bets

In horse racing the markets are focused on the order of arrival of the horses. The classic bets are those on the winners or on the placed (i.e. on the fact that a horse will finish the race arriving in the first two or three). In addition to these, however, there are other types of bets and the possibility of creating systems. Below we will try to explain the most requested options. The difference between national and international horse racing should also be emphasized. Both refer to totalizator bets, but the former are based only on the collection of the amounts played in europe, while the latter also consider those of other European countries to form the prize pool.

The most classic bet: the one on the winner
The most common game on horse racing is one that requires you to guess which horse and jockey will cross the finish line first at the end of a race. This type of bet is offered both at fixed odds and totalizator. Interesting is the V7 competition proposed by Lottomatica which rewards those who can guess the first seven classified in as many races.

Place: the other bet at fixed odds
In addition to the bet on the winner, the bet on the placed horse is the second type of bet on horse racing that is offered both at totalizator and at fixed odds. When four to seven horses show up at the start, you win if you hit the one that comes first or second . From eight horses up, even third place allows you to close the bet positively.

Placed on three (Trio)
On races with at least six horses that show up at the start, it is possible to carry out a series of systematic bets on the first three classified . However, this only concerns totalizator bets. They are divided into Trio in order, in disorder, with one placed, with two placed, with winner or with two winners.
  • Example: The untidy trio requires you to guess the top three in no particular order. In practice, three or more horses must be chosen that will potentially rank on the podium without having to indicate the exact positions. Of course, the more horses selected, the greater the amount to be paid.
  • Use: This type of bet is suitable for those who do not have a lot of experience in horse racing betting, but still want to try to win a decent amount. The chances of winning are higher than having to hit the exact positions and compared to other options such as Trio with placed or with a winner it is certainly much easier to understand.

Horse racing betting tips

Are there any winning strategies for betting on horse racing? Certainly not 100%: we are still talking about gambling, after all. In any case, there are some useful tricks to ensure that our coupons have more chances of winning. Of course the most important is to study . You will find others in the list that you find below.
  • Create a database with the names of horses and jockeys and their statistics
  • Don't always bet on favorites: the odds are lower because everyone does it
  • Consider the surface on which you run: horses "feel" it differently
  • Play the ticket one day before the start: the odds will be even more competitive
  • Manage your budget well, alternating safer bets with more risky ones
  • Some bookies have blog sections dedicated to horse racing with very competent opinions: take advantage of them!

These tips, we reiterate, will not give you the mathematical certainty of success in horse racing bets, but they will certainly allow you to place your bets with greater awareness. Experience, then, is acquired as you go, and consequently you will gradually refine your tactics and strategies in accordance with your style of play and your priorities. Always remember to try to adopt good budget management .

The future of horse racing betting is online

At the end of this page dedicated to horse racing betting, all that remains is to conclude by saying that in the UK the passion for this discipline is still able to attract many people of all ages . It has been said that the physical agencies have gradually moved to online and how now most of those who bet on horses do so on one of the best betting sites in circulation. 888 sports and 22bet undoubtedly stand out for their offer of events, for the quality and quantity of the streaming service and for the bonuses offered. And if real races are not enough, there is still the possibility to play on virtual races.


What are the best horse racing betting sites?

Among the reviewed betting sites from feedinco, 22bet and 888 betting sites are probably the best ones that presents the best offer for horse racing. However, there are also other excellent bookmakers for horse racing .

How does horse betting work?

Betting on horses includes different competitions and types of play. It is possible to play on trot and gallop races, bet on the winning horse, placed and on the trio.

How to win horse racing bets?

To win a bet on horses it is advisable to follow some strategies and advice for horse racing , such as carefully studying the characteristics of the horses and jockeys, their previous results and the surfaces and favorite racetracks.

What does Each way mean in horse betting?

The term Each way means a method of betting on horses which involves dividing the stake of one's bet on the Winning bet and on the Place of the same horse.

Is it possible to bet live on horse racing?

No, due to the very short duration of the races it is not possible for bookmakers to offer real-time odds on events. At the time of the closing of the collection of bets on a particular race it is no longer allowed to bet money on it. However, virtual bets on horse racing are available .

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