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If you think putting your money on who will win a match or game based on who you like the most, you're walking into dangerous waters.Although most people bet in this manner on their favorites, this doesn't generate any profit and will likely slowly drain your money.

Therefore, we'll walk you through the right way to make your betting selections and discuss what is essential to consider in the first place.

Look for Value, Not Winners

You may have a winning betting record with more wins than losses and still be in the red, while with a losing betting record with more losses than wins, you can be making a profit. The key is all bets don’t pay the same.

If you're betting on the big favorites, you're going to win many of your bets, but you would not be making much money since you get very small odds. Therefore the amount you win is not that huge.

On the flip side, if you bet on underdogs, you’ll win less often but get paid more when you do so. That said, it is much easier to find extra value in these situations since bookies are more likely to underrate the changes of week team than vice versus.

Therefore, you should look to find value in the form of poorly priced odds and take advantage of this situation by placing smart bets on matches where you can get an edge. Many sites specialize in overseas markets, and Asian bookies like UFABET are known to offer better odds, so it might be worth checking it out.

You Should Have a Predictive Strategy

betting Predictive Strategy
Betting Predictive Strategy - Selecting odds

Betting isn't throwing crud against the wall and seeing what sticks. It's not a guessing game but rather an approach with a well-formulated and carefully crafted strategy to find which bets to make.

This clearly correlates with the first point of looking for value, so you must have a systematic way to evaluate matches rather than blindly guessing who will win. Here are a few ways to consider the match you want to bet on.
  • The first "eyeball approach" is quite a simpler one. Rather than looking at the game as a single match, you imagine that the 2 teams will play 100 times. Decide what percentage you think one team will win against the other out of those 100 times, which will give you the approximate success percentage you put on this event.
  • In the mathematical approach, you come up with a formula based on stats and factors that you put into it. You come up with criteria that you think are important to decide how likely a team will win and rate that team based on that. While this is a much more advanced approach that requires a lot of preparation, it can also yield better results if you can identify the correct criteria and apply them to the games you evaluate.

Both of these approaches take some time but help you make better-informed decisions and detach from the emotional state you might find yourself in due to the excitement of the coming match or other factors.

Be Rational, Not Emotional

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When making bets, you want to think with your head, not your heart. Once you toss in the added stresses of winning or losing money, you'll find that emotions can interfere with your judgment.

The easiest thing you can do is avoid betting on your favorite team since most pros agree it can cloud judgment.

On top of that, you should not make rushed decisions and only evaluate potential wagers when you are in a good mood rather than when you feel tired or angry. Put yourself in the right position from the get-go, which will be a big long-term step forward.

Final Thoughts

Betting isn’t easy, and it doesn't matter how sharp or smart you are. If you want to do things the right way, you would like to follow a structured approach, put in the time and research, and stick with your system and rules.

Just remember, betting isn’t a sprint to the finishing line but a slow, methodical, and calculated move towards profitability. Don’t rush anything. Give yourself and your expertise time to grow, and it will shine through.

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