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Casino in the 21st century, has gained immense popularity. With the development of technology, also developed and online casinos. Now you can find casinos of different types and with different functionality (games and features). When choosing a casino, the player is often faced with the fact that there are casinos with and without verification. In this article we'll look at the benefits of verification in casinos.


When registering at a casino, a new user is often required to verify. In our time, user verification, present in nearly all legal online casinos, as it is required by the regulatory authorities, to identify dishonest players. Verification is a process of checking the authenticity of user data, which is often carried out with a document that proves the identity of the player. That's why casinos may ask not only for a pastor, but most often, trustworthy regulators also ask for proof of residency, bank statements, and many other documents to verify your identity.

How to get verified

In most cases, the verification process at online casinos australia takes no more than a day. In order to be verified, the player must register, that is, create an account. Before registering an account, the player should become familiar with the casino's functionality, make sure they are not cheaters, and read the rules of the casino. To register, a player usually needs to think up a password, enter his personal details (year of birth, first name, last name etc.) and enter his email. After all these steps, he needs to confirm he has read the rules of use of the casino. After that, the player must confirm his e-mail (usually with a letter that comes in the e-mail). Then the player must provide the necessary documents by taking a photo (usually a list of required documents can be obtained from customer service or consult the website). Then the player sends the necessary documents and waits for confirmation.

Verification period

Verification can take different time, depending on the casino, as data verification can be either automatic or manual. It's considered that the casino verifies the account and user account within one day. However, this time may vary and take longer. In order for verification to proceed quickly, the player must read the list of required documents and provide them, besides the need to register an account so that all the data was correct (converged with the data in the document), as well as to provide high quality copies of their documents.


Security is one of the reasons why people are reluctant to provide authentic personal information and documents. First of all, the player should familiarise himself with the casino before providing any data. If the casino the player is registering at is licensed, meaning it has a license, then the player can submit all information without fear. A licensed casino means the casino is responsible for the safety of its users. In secure casinos, data is stored on secure servers, to which no unauthorized person has access. Also, having a license means that player's data won't be used for personal purposes. So, playing in a legal casino is virtually anonymous, which means that your data will be completely sealed and, without your access, it won't be shared.

As usual, you may get acquainted with the license (its number, where and when it was obtained) on the casino's official website.

The benefits of verification

The main benefits of verification, will relate to the benefits to the online casino itself. Since verification is made for the casino to work honestly and correctly. The benefits to the casino itself would include:
  • Tracking multi-accounts, that is, those accounts that belong to the same person. Due to the fact that verification is tied to ID, users simply cannot verify their second account.
  • Prohibition of financial fraud by users. For many years, dishonest users have been using online casinos to transfer money to third parties without hindrance. Verification prevents players from withdrawing money to accounts that don't belong to them; that is, a player can only withdraw money to accounts with his/her initials; moreover, if the casino suspects something, it may ask for a bank statement and, in case of financial fraud, block the account without further possibility of refund.
  • Confirming the age of the user. Because of the fact that based on the law, in most countries, the age of a player who may gamble for money must be over eighteen. Verification allows casinos to verify the age of the player and, if found, block accounts of underage users.
  • Protection against rule evasion. This protection mostly refers to multi-accounts, because players who know that they can create a new account and continue playing, don't follow the rules. For this reason, verification means that the player will follow the rules that the casino demands.
  • Legality. Casino, would not be able to get official status, that is, a license, without the presence of verification, since it is a prerequisite for obtaining a license.

For the user, there are also advantages to using the casino with verification (licensed):
  • The player will be assured that he is playing in an official casino that adheres to the rules and also runs an exceptionally fair game.
  • Seamless withdrawal of funds. Most often, in the licensed casinos with verification, the player will have an increased amount of funds to withdraw or deposit in the casino. Additionally, in such casinos, there's no need to verify the card each time, since it will be checked against the document provided by you.
  • Increased bonuses. Since verification removes multi-accounts, almost always, at legitimate casinos, bonuses are better than at unofficial ones. Bonuses may vary from deposit bonuses to free spins register card uk.

Bottom line

Before registering an account, a player should always research the casino and find out if it's legal. One should never give any confidential information to any illegal casino, as they could be cheaters. Moreover, the casino rules and the documents required to verify an account, which can always be found on the casino's official website, as well as on the casino's customer service.

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