The Impact of Skill-Based Gaming on iGaming

Skill-based gaming allows people to do what they love and potentially make money doing it, without the element of gambling.

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In an industry as dynamic as online gambling, the rise of skill-based games is generating a significant buzz and sparking many discussions about their potential to shape the future of iGaming. Unlike traditional casino games, where outcomes are primarily determined by luck, skill-based games introduce an element of player proficiency, strategic thinking, and decision-making into the equation.

If you wanted to try out iGaming for a while now, now is the best time because there are so many options available! In this article, we’ll talk about the impact these skill-based games are having on the iGaming industry and how the future looks at this point.

Why is iGaming becoming so popular?

The key driver behind the rise of skill-based games is the changing preferences of players, especially millennials, who seek more engaging and interactive gaming experiences. Unlike traditional gambling, these games offer players a chance to showcase their skills and compete against others. This adds a whole new dimension of excitement and challenge to the activity that goes beyond mere luck.

Moreover, skill-based games align with the broader trends towards gamification and eSports, Tapping into the growing appetite for competitive gaming across different platforms. By integrating the elements of strategy and skill, these games appeal to a broader audience looking for entertainment and more serious gamers seeking a more competitive experience. If you’re looking to try your hand at online gambling in a safe space, go ahead and check out Gclub for all your favorite games.


From a regulatory perspective, the rise of skill-based games presents opportunities and challenges. While traditional gambling regulations may not fully account for the unique characteristics of skill-based gaming, regulatory bodies are increasingly recognizing the need to adapt and evolve to accommodate these new forms of entertainment.

What we need now is a clear and flexible regulatory framework to foster innovation while making sure customer protection always remains the top priority.

Is skill-based gaming the future?

Even in games based on random number generators (RNGs), players crave the opportunity to choose their lottery ticket and actively participate in the gameplay. This inclination is mirrored in skill-based games as well. It serves as motivation for them to hone their skills, striving to improve with each session.

As players improve over time, their interest in the game grows, creating a desire for greater achievements. Considering millennials are the first generation to grow up with video games, integrating skill elements into slots appears to be a natural progression for establishing a connection with Casino products.

Millennials are already used to games that blend skill with randomness. Games such as Tetris and Tamagotchi were built using algorithms that presented random in-game tasks that challenged players to devise optimal solutions. Another good example is loot boxes, which allow players to purchase virtual in-game items with real money without knowing their contents beforehand. This element of unpredictability has significantly increased microtransactions from 8% to 86% and bolstered player retention rates.

The success of such mechanics worldwide just goes on to show the effectiveness of combining randomness with skill. So, we can safely say that skill waste elements have tremendous potential for propelling the growth of the iGaming industry.

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