UFC-Mixed Martial Arts (MMA): Betting Tips for Beginners

The UFC is one of the best sports and most exciting sports to bet on.

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As a beginner, you can easily lose money betting on UFC Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Unlike other sports, making MMA predictions can be tricky as factors like the fighter’s height, reach advantage, age, and weight cuts, may affect the outcome.

You should also consider the fighters’ fighting style before wagering. For instance, you want to avoid betting against a fighter with a solid background in a mix of karate, judo, and kickboxing. Similarly, wagering against a fighter who has won multiple UFC champions by martial art is simply giving out your money.

These are among the many things that make it quite challenging to predict an accurate outcome in UFC MMA. However, you can still make money, and here are a few betting tips to get you started.

Always Pick the Younger Fighter

While this might seem counterintuitive, picking the younger fighter works in most situations. Most sports, especially soccer, arguably rely on other aspects like experience. However, in MMA, this is never the case.

Statists show that younger fighters have had better chances of winning where there is a significant age gap. But you must also agree that there could be a few exemptions as age comes with experience. Otherwise, always put this into consideration before placing a bet.

Choose the Better Striker

Wagering on two fighters with very close odds is undoubtedly a challenge. In this situation, you should bet on the best striker. Striking figures include the number of strikes landed, strikes absorbed, and the striking accuracy per minute. The best strikers have a higher win rate in UFC MMA.

Watch Out for Late Replacements

Fighters’ replacement is so common in MMA events. Late replacements mean fighters with less than a month's preparation. Historically, late replacements have lost more than 64% of their fights. Most betting bookies also have higher odds for late replacements, which should be a red flag.

Don’t Bet on Your Favorite

It may be enticing to consider betting on your favorites. Of course, it seems like a safe route, but it could be costly. Refrain from blindly betting on any fighter, even if they have a perfect track record.

Instead, look at the fighter's strengths and weaknesses and assess how likely they will win. There are evident records of big upsets in UFC, like Juliana Pena and Chris Weidman, who have cost gamblers a big chunk of their bets.

Don’t Bulge into The False Hype Train

Watching UFC and MMA is undoubtedly exciting, especially if there are many anticipated actions or backstories outside the octagon. As a beginner, you should refrain from bringing your excitement into betting. Announcers and MMA media are tasked with entertaining and hyping fans. Therefore, a big hype behind fighters with exciting stories, such as unexpected comebacks, won't guarantee a win. Always research the fighters before placing the bet.


Contrary to what most people believe, winning bets on UFC and MMA is possible. You should place your bets on a young fighter or a better striker and choose bets cautiously by not falling into the favorites trap. You shouldn’t also succumb to other people’s hype. The decision is always yours, and as always, good luck.

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