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betting on cricket

Beating the bookmakers is not easy. But you can certainly increase your chances by betting on different sports. Football is probably the most popular sport for punters to bet on. The problem is that bookmakers know this and they invest heavily in a large team of traders to make sure they get their prices spot on.

If the bookmakers odds are correct and their margin is factored into the prices, then your chances of making a long term profit on football are slim. No matter how knowledgeable you think you are, the chances are the bookies team of traders are smarter than you.

So what if you turn your attention to a different sport. Let’s consider cricket matches in the ipl match prediction. Far fewer bets are placed on cricket and so bookmakers will have a much smaller team of traders. Having been in this industry for 15 years I’ve met a few odds compilers and discussed how the bookies work. For these less popular sports they may have a team of just 1 or 2 traders, depending on the size of the bookmaker.

So betting on a sport like cricket, you are investing against the opinion of 1 or 2 experts, 10 or more like cricfrog prediction. But what if you don’t know anything about a sport like cricket? Well this is when it’s time to seek advice from free betting tips websites. There are plenty around and some excellent ones at that. boasts some of the best cricket betting tipsters on the internet. DRS is their most profitable tipster across all sports with over 550pts profit (at the time of publication). He’s posted over 3500 tips and has a ROI of more than 10%. Across such a big sample that is an impressive return.

What DRS does well is he finds the main variable from one match to the next. That being the state of the pitch or wicket. The conditions of the wicket can affect which type of bowlers are likely to excel and thus playing into the strengths of certain teams. India have been known for producing poor wickets to suit their spinners, which can lead to low scoring test matches and a nightmare for the touring teams.

DRS has an excellent track record of predicting the wicket pre match which gives him an advantage over the bookmakers and their small team of traders. So if you want to bolster your betting bankroll then you should consider following a free betting tipster like DRS.

He’s not the only tipster with good stats at bktips. They have a team of free betting tipsters offering previews and picks on a number of sports including horse racing, darts, snooker and football. So rather than relying on your own knowledge, use tipsters insight to give you an edge. If you were to follow 3 cricket betting tipsters, then suddenly you have an advantage over a bookmaker who may only have 2 cricket traders in their offices.

Cricket betting isn’t the only sport either. I know a golf trader who once revelead that the bookmaker he worked for only offered golf odds as a service. They were happy to lose money on golf, knowing that their customers would then gamble that money on football and eventually lose. So be smart, broaden your range of bets and get advice from free tipsters. It could make a big difference to your betting bankroll.

Cricket Tipsters - a helping hand

prediction software used by tipsters

There are two main types of tipsters: professional and amateur. Professional tipsters are typically former gamblers or journalists who have a deep understanding of the sports they cover. They use their knowledge and experience to analyze past results, form trends, and identify undervalued or overvalued teams or athletes. Amateur tipsters are typically just fans of sports who enjoy sharing their thoughts and predictions with others.

Some of the professional tipsters that we represent:

The success rate of tipsters varies widely. Some tipsters have a long track record of success, while others are less reliable. It is important to do your research before subscribing to a tipster service.

Here are some of the ways that tipsters work:
  • analyze past results and form trends.
  • identify undervalued or overvalued teams or athletes
  • use their knowledge of the sport to make predictions
  • may have inside information or connections that give them an edge
  • may use statistical analysis or other methods to make their predictions

It is important to note that there is no guarantee of success when following the tips of a tipster. The outcome of any sporting event is unpredictable, and even the best tipsters can have losing streaks.

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