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This article contains information on popular betting on the NBA, why bettors love this team and the secret strategies that will help you win.

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Features and Benefits of Betting on the NBA

Basketball is consistently one of the five most popular sports for bettors. Indeed, it is the most dynamic ball game! And the NBA is widely regarded as the best league in the world by a wide margin.

Number of Game Segments

In football there are only two, with halves of 45 minutes each. In hockey there are three 20 minute periods. In professional basketball four quarters are played, although their length varies. In Europe they are 10 minutes, while in the USA and Asia they are 12 minutes.

This gives more options for betting: quarters, halves and of course the whole game. Unsurprisingly, basketball is seriously popular for in-play betting. Lots of short-lived sections give you the chance to win relatively quickly. Or to win back immediately.

As a rule, a quarter in the NBA takes about 15-20 minutes. The exceptions are endings with a lot of time outs. By comparison, a period in hockey with all the stops takes 33-37 minutes and a half in football takes at least 45 minutes.

A huge Number of statistics

Team and individual. Points, steals, assists, interceptions, turnovers, blocked shots, fouls, three-pointers. In the minor basketball leagues, you can't bet on all of these markets, but the NBA is another matter. The selection is huge.

A huge amount of statistics in the public domain

Personal and team, regular and advanced. While in football or other team sports it is difficult to assess the degree of influence of a particular performer on the game with numbers, in the NBA it is enough to look at the statistics. It appears in real time. It's very handy. And it's useful for betting.

Lots of matches

No free windows for national teams and no weekly breaks between games, that even the top clubs sometimes have. In the NBA regular season alone teams play 82 games. In general, they play every other day and rarely have more than two days off. There are 30 teams in the league and therefore five to ten games are played almost every day.


Even in an NBA outsider's game, there are plenty of highlights. Teams average around 100 possessions a game and the high level of skill and athleticism guarantees plenty of spectacular overhead shots. In football and hockey, goals can take a long time to be scored, even in the top games. In the NBA the ball doesn't get stuck in the middle of the field and nobody is stalling.

The draw

In basketball, there's no such thing as a tie and the teams go into overtime for five minutes. This is played until a winner is decided. Of course, if the performance is high, the probability of a draw in regulation time is low.

Popular NBA Betting Options

Popular NBA Betting Options
The peculiarities of basketball lead to a huge number of betting options. Here are the top five most popular ones.

Total bets

There are at least three totals with different scores on the line before the game begins. Totals for the whole game, half and every quarter are available. The classic over/under options are not limited to a specific scoreline. For example, it is possible to bet on the gap. For example, between 190-200 points per game. Or on the fact that in each interval (quarter or half) will be scored more than a certain amount. For example, a total of over 48.5 points in all quarters will be played if the teams score a total of at least 49 points in each quarter.

Betting on the outcome

This is a wager on the winner of the game, either in regulation time or overtime. You can also bet on the result of a quarter or half.

Betting odds

There are several different handicap lines in the basketball leagues, and bookmakers will offer a number of options to choose from. Due to the high efficiency of handicaps in the NBA the values can differ significantly. For instance, depending on the respective standings and the current status of the teams before the match, bookmakers may offer (- 1.5) for one of the teams or (-31.5) for the other side.

Betting on Match Play Comparison

Here the player can bet either on a single team's performance or on the total score of a match. The bettor offers to guess in which quarter (or half) the indicated figure will be greater in comparison with the other quarter. The most productive fourth (or half) of the match is also popular. For example, the first half will be more productive than the second, and the third quarter will be the most productive over the course of the game.

Bets on individual stats

It is possible to choose the performance of a specific player in one of the statistical components or their sum for example total more than 18.5 points, total less than 2.5 three-point shots or total less than 7.5 rebounds. Also popular bets are comparisons of players' statistical performances.

NBA Betting Strategies

Basketball betting has similar features to other team sports. The NBA attracts players with its frequency of matches and many betting options. Not surprisingly, bookmakers are meticulous with their lines, closely follow the news and make virtually no mistakes. Still, there are a few tricks:
  • It has been found that long winning streaks in the NBA are rare because of the high level of competition and the packed schedule. Experienced players wait for one club to win several times in a row, and then bet against it using a strategy of overtaking. It is important to be able to calculate your options, so that you have enough to win the pot;
  • Betting on overtime. Statistics show that around 7-9% of NBA games end in overtime. The exact figure varies from season to season. The odds for overtime in pre-match often approach 20.0. If one of the teams has not gone into extra time for quite some time, you can safely catch a draw in one of the next meetings involving it;
  • The zig-zag theory can produce results. The system consists of betting on the team that lost to the outsider in the previous encounter. As a rule, play-off-level clubs avoid bad luck and react well to defeats against weaker opponents. Especially if the next encounter is with a major championship contender;
  • However, betting on play-offs outsiders is rarely a winning proposition. Statistically speaking, a team that loses the series 0-2 advances around 6% of the time. In the NHL, a knockout game after a bad start is much more common;
  • Deteriorating results in playoffs and in important games. A common trend in most team sports. Defence in the regular season is considered bad form, but things are different in the playoffs. The goal total for these matches is usually set lower.

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