The most controversial whistle blowing incidents by referees

This is an interesting question in the football world. In this article, we will learn about the concept of whistle-blowing and the most controversial whistle-blowing situations by referees.

What is honking?

Whistle blowing is a common term in the field of football, but not everyone understands its correct meaning. Understanding this concept helps you recognize and evaluate football situations more meticulously. Let's 6686bet learn about What is honking? and the most controversial whistle-blowing situations by referees in Vietnam and around the world.

What is honking?

Blowing the whistle is a familiar concept in football, referring to changing the referee's decision in situations where they realize they have made a mistake. Typically this happens through support from a VAR (Football Assistant Referee), who monitors the referee's decisions using video and live communication.

It is worth noting that the majority of decision changes occurred before the official start of the match, when the ball was not yet in play. This means that the referee retains full authority under the rules, and is not bound by a decision that has previously been made.

Understand well What is honking? not only helps football fans better understand the refereeing process, but also helps them evaluate match situations more fairly and objectively.

Comment on the situation referee Vo Minh Tri blew the whistle

In Vietnamese football, a notable event recorded was that in the match between Thanh Hoa and Hai Phong in round 9 of the 2012 V-League, FIFA referee Vo Minh Tri made a controversial decision.

Mr. Tri initially disqualified a Hai Phong player and gave the penalty kick to Thanh Hoa. However, after learning that the assistant referee raised the offside flag, Mr. Tri "cleared the judgment" and decided the match to continue without a penalty.

This incident not only attracted the attention of domestic fans but was also noted by international electronic newspapers, emphasizing the class of FIFA referee Vo Minh Tri. This clearly shows the importance of understanding the concept clearly What is honking? and correctly apply the principle of breaking the whistle in football.

Referee Tran Van Lap's whistleblowing situation caused controversy

Referee Tran Van Lap's whistle blowing situation caused a stir in public opinion

In the match between Binh Duong and Quang Ninh in the V-League, referee Tran Van Lap had a controversial whistle break. He gave a red card to Quang Ninh player and awarded a penalty kick to Binh Duong after a player was hit in the face.

However, in the last minute of the match, after a collision, the referee only issued a yellow card to each player instead of disqualifying a player who had previously received a yellow card. This is an example of how blowing the whistle in football can create controversial situations.

Referee Truong Hong VubreakHorn cause Jar Positive the seventh lose

In the match between Viettel and Binh Duong in V.League 2019, referee Truong Hong Vu created controversy when he decided to blow the whistle in the 4th minute of injury time. This decision canceled Tien Linh's equalizer, causing Binh Duong to lose 1-2 to Viettel and causing a reaction from the away team. The referee later accepted responsibility and apologized for his decision.

Referee Wingman's whistle blowing situation

The match between Mainz and Freiburg in the Bundesliga (Germany) witnessed a memorable whistle break by referee Wingman. After the whistle ended the first half, the players left the field but had to return because it was discovered through VAR that a penalty was missed.

This intervention changed the score of the match even after the first half had ended, creating a new and more tense development for the match. This is testament to the importance of VAR in ensuring fairness and transparency in football.

Referee Felix Brych's whistle blowing situation

Referee Felix Brych has had many whistle-blowing situations in his career

In the Nations League semi-final between Portugal and Switzerland, referee Felix Brych surprised everyone by deciding to take away the penalty to Portugal and instead award the penalty to Switzerland.

In the 57th minute, after Portuguese midfielder Bernardo Silva was fouled in the penalty area by Swiss defender Fabian Schar, Brych initially gave Portugal a penalty kick. However, after the Swiss players surrounded the referee and forced him to review the situation via VAR, Brych changed his decision.

He stripped the penalty to Portugal and instead awarded it to Switzerland for Semedo's foul on Zuber. This situation shows the importance of knowing the concept clearly What is honking? and VAR technology in supporting referees and ensuring fairness in soccer matches.

Our article above has clarified this What is a crack? Breaking the whistle is a decision that must be carefully considered by the referee. A wrong decision can lead to severe consequences such as being suspended from a few matches to being suspended permanently. Don't miss the high quality football matches only available at watch live football 6686bet.

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