What are the World Cup soccer competition rules?

World Cup football competition rules are a topic that receives a lot of attention from the audience. FIFA is helping players to win the world championship become more fair and attractive.

A ticket to the World Cup finals is the goal of every one country family

The World Cup is always the most prestigious tournament in soccer. Following the development of the king's sport, the World Cup rules have introduced many amendments to create a quality, fair and attractive playing field for spectators. Together 6686 bet Learn about the rules of World Cup soccer competition.

Laws on tickets to attend the World Cup

World Cup football competition rules are a topic of interest to many audiences. It is known that the World Cup is the largest football tournament in the world, gathering the strongest national teams from every continent. The tournament has been nearly a century old since its inception in 1930 with the first champion being Uruguay.

Initially, the World Cup playground did not have many representatives participating and was only organized in a knockout format with a maximum of 16 teams. Following integration, the World Cup has expanded its scale and changed the way to win tickets. In the summer of 1982, the World Cup was expanded to 24 teams. In 1998, the World Cup continued to improve with 32 representatives.

Accordingly, the 6 regions Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, CONCACAF and South America will have their own number of participating slots. Qualified countries will participate in regional qualifiers that take place within 3 years before reaching the official finals held every 4 years. Since 1938, the team chosen as the host country will win tickets directly to the final round without having to participate in qualifying rounds.

World Cup Finals

The World Cup is always about the spirit of sportsmanship

After determining the representatives to win tickets to the World Cup finals, FIFA will conduct a draw to divide the group. World Cup football competition rules stipulate that representatives from the same region will not be in the same group except Europe. However, there will only be a maximum of 1 group with 2 teams from the old continent.

4 teams in the same group will play round robin. The 2 teams with the most points will have tickets to the knockout round. In case two representatives have equal points, the law stipulates the priority criteria in the following order: goal difference, number of goals, direct confrontation difference, goal difference with the same opponent, number of goals scored against the same opponent, fair play index and finally the draw.

When entering the knockout round, teams from adjacent groups will clash, for example, first place A meets second place B, first place B meets second place A, first place C meets second place D,... The knockout match takes place. out in 90 minutes. If there is a tie, the two teams will determine the winner in extra time and finally a penalty shootout. The representative who wins the last match will win the championship. In addition, the World Cup also holds a 3rd place match.

Innovation at the 2026 World Cup

The 2026 World Cup officially increases the number of teams participating in the final round to 48

FIFA continues to improve the tournament when the 2026 World Cup will have up to 48 representatives participating in the final round. This is to create more opportunities for many countries from different regions. Besides, the largest World Cup tournament is held in 3 countries including the US, Mexico and Canada. The above 3 representatives will win direct tickets to attend the 2026 world championship.

In addition, the knockout round will take place from the round of 32 teams. The participating representatives include the 24 strongest teams from 12 groups and an additional 8 teams finishing 3rd with the best results. This will be the key point to create the most explosive and surprising World Cup.

At the present time, regions such as Asia and America have conducted qualifying campaigns for the 2026 World Cup. Big players such as Japan, Iran or Korea are all proving their bravery. Meanwhile, the Brazilian team is facing countless difficulties without many stars. On the European side, UEFA will organize the world championship qualifying framework after Euro 2024 ends.

Meanwhile, the Southeast Asian Golden Dragons are not having an advantage after losing 2 consecutive matches against Indonesia. Vietnam is ranked 3rd in the table, 4 points ahead of its direct competitor and must wait for a miracle in the final 2 matches. Hopefully the Vietnamese players will learn more experiences to move forward with the next opportunity.


World Cup football competition rules are a topic discussed by many fans. The World Cup is the most attractive football tournament on the planet and FIFA is also contributing to building a more fair playing field. Audiences who love the king sport can choose the transmission line 6686 bet.

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