Argentina's number 10s in Tango football team history

Argentina's number 10s throughout this country's football history. Roll call of those who have and currently wear the number 10 shirt of Argentine men's football.

Sebastian Veron, Maradona, Messi or Riquelme...It's all Argentina's number 10s throughout the country's football history.

Argentina is like the "cradle" of legendary number 10s because they always have quality attacking midfielders. Famous players demonstrated their ability to control play to lead Argentina to historic success. Together Colatv Find the top 5 quality numbers 10 in Tango football history.

Player number 10 Juan Sebastian Veron

One of Argentina's successful number 10s is Sebastian Veron
One of Argentina's successful number 10s is Sebastian Veron

The number 10 who created the famous Albiceleste's gameplay in the 2000s was Veron. This talented midfielder born in 1975 deserves to be called an artist and master of the field. He possesses excellent ability to read the game, good technique and extremely flexible ankles.

Veron is a number 10 that makes every opponent's defense wobble with his "deadly" shots. Sebastian Veron has glory but also many hardships in his career. Failure in the Mist is a typical example of this player's failure.

No. 10 Juan Roman Riquelme

Riquelme is the last classic number 10 in world football
Riquelme is the last classic number 10 in world football

Riquelme's ball control and distribution skills are a 10 for quality. Sharp shots brought Riquelme into the temple of Argentina's number 10 ssuccess. From Boca Juniors, Barcelona to Villarreal, Riquelme is still the classic number 10 that carries all the essence of football. After Riquelme retired in 2014, the classic number 10 was probably completely lost.

No. 10. Diego Maradona

Argentina's most famous number 10 -Diego Maradona
Argentina's most famous number 10 -Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona is one Argentina's number 10s But not classic. He is not simply a "trequartista" but also a spearhead striker. Maradona has countless goals scored and solo goals through a series of players and goals.

Maradona became the breathing rhythm of every team he played for. During Maradona's time, there were many true spearhead strikers, so his role as number 10 was clear. Diego Maradona's superb performances with the Argentina national team at Mexico 86 said it all.

Many people judge that Maradona is the one who brought the Tango team to overcome everything to win the world championship for the second time. Although the summer four years after 1990 did not have much success. But this legend born in 1960 still showed that he was an extremely important number 10 in the runner-up that year.

Number 10. Lionel Messi

Messi is the most successful number 10 in Tango football history
Messi is the most successful number 10 in Tango football history

Currently, Lionel Messi may be the best in the world with his number 10 position and shirt number. But with the constant changes in football, he is no longer a true number 10. Not the ones who really regulate the ball and control the game like before.

With Lionel Messi, Argentina's current No. 1 superstar shows his ability to operate more widely and score goals. The current number 10 has been intercepted by anchor midfielders, so it no longer shows its value as before. A current number 10 like Messi is wide open, playing the ball, being a bridge and scoring goals.

At the 2014 World Cup, Messi wore shirt number 10 and carried Argentina's hope to get a third trophy. But it was not until 8 years later that Messi with number 10 had quality satellites around him. The third star was officially placed on the shirt of the Tango team.

Number 10 Sergio Aguero

Sergio Aguero once wore the number 10 shirt
Sergio Aguero once wore the number 10 shirt

Key striker Sergio Aguero of Man City and Argentina over the past 10 years has been excited about his mission with the number 10 shirt. After Messi announced his retirement and did not compete for the Argentina team, Sergio Aguero was trusted to take over the role. for this shirt.

But after Messi returned, his close friend Sergio Aguero returned that important task. Referring to the time when Sergio Aguero wore the number 10 shirt as the leader of the game. Obviously, Kun Aguero's style does not match the playing style of this shirt.

Therefore, after only a short period of wearing the number 10 shirt, Kun Aguero returned to that mission. Unsuccessful and not getting what you imagined. Kun's number 10 shirt can be considered unsuccessful.

In addition, Argentine football has many other talented number 10s in its history, including Pablo Aimar, Andres D'Alessandro, Ariel Ortega,... names that can be mentioned. But because there are so many legends in the squad, the names mentioned above are not known to many fans.


Argentina's number 10s Throughout Tango's football history has been listed. Cola Together with you, we have found the most prominent number 10s that fans know in this South American national football. As for any names we missed or not, we would like to receive suggestions from fans.

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