Bet Like a Pro with a Few Simple Tips

Want to up your betting game? Even becoming a pro doesn't have to be complicated. The key is finding an area you know well, like a particular sport or league, and focusing your bets there.

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Sports betting has grown exponentially in a very short period of time. While it has been around in some way, its recent growth shows just how many people take interest in it. If you count yourself among them, sports betting can be quite fun.

The key is to know how to properly approach the situation and put yourself in the best position to get the win. If you are just getting started and aren’t sure how to proceed, having a few simple tips at your disposal will go a long way.

Learn How Odds Work

At Whop, an online sports betting community Cook the Books offers the opportunity to tail some of the sharpest bettors in the industry. While it is simple to follow the best picks, it helps when you know how the odds work. Sports betting can feel like a bit much when you get started, so take the time to learn the odds, how to read them, and what they mean for your wager.

Odds are divided into two categories: + and -. Anything that has – odds tell us that this is the more likely outcome. Anything with + odds means that the action is less likely – the underdog. When you bet + odds, payouts tend to be much larger than with – odds. Odds play a critical role in your bet-making, so get to know them intimately.

Shop the Lines

Speaking of odds, they aren’t universally the same. There is a litany of sportsbooks to choose from and the odds can shift ever so slightly depending on where you look. While they might not seem much, even a small shift in the odds can add up to serious value over time.

Take the time to look around at odds for a particular game. Even if you find a small difference – say +125 instead of +110 – that’s the kind of difference that can really add up. Hit enough of those and you will see a real value that would not have been achievable otherwise.

Manage Your Bankroll

At the end of the day, you can’t bet if you don’t have any money. The key to ensuring that you don’t bust out is to manage your bankroll properly. Far too many bettors get sloppy with their wagers, resulting in the need for another deposit sooner rather than later.

A good rule of thumb is to limit your wagers to roughly 1-2% of your total bankroll. Though the wins may not be all that exciting, there is a point. If you hit a cold streak, those small bets will ensure that you still have money left over. The goal is to make money and keeping conservative wagers will help keep you from putting even more of that money into your account.

Avoid Parlays

If there is one popular trend in sports betting right now, it is parlays. They are fun wagers, stacking one pick on top of another in order to achieve huge odds. It is the potential of a massive payout that keeps bettors coming back to parlays again and again. The fact of the matter is that parlay bets are among the worst you could make if you are serious about it.

The inherent nature of parlays puts players in a position to fail. Even a two-pick parlay is more likely to fail than your average straight up pick. One or two parlays may hit from time to time, but they are more likely than not going to fail. It’s fine to do them sparingly or for small increments, but don’t invest any real increments into parlays. You will find yourself on the losing end of things more often than not.

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